Why everyone should take the COVID-19 vaccine

Dr F Thomas: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 December 2020

A big announcement today is the approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the British Medical and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for use. Whilst today’s news is being celebrated as the beginning of the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, an opinion poll published by YouGov – a global public opinion and data company shows that 20% of people are unlikely to take the vaccine.

The question therefore is, does the whole world need to take the vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic to be brought to an end?

The Coronavirus has become a nightmare for billions of people the world over, since it started in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Since then, there have been 63 million cases, of which 41.1 million have recovered and 1.48 million have died.

People all over the world have had to change their habits during this coronavirus pandemic and continue to do so. Almost everyone now wears a mask, uses hand sanitisers, as well as observing social distancing and lockdown measures – all in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus.

Scientists, WHO and World leaders, say that a vaccine is the only answer to ending this pandemic, as once the lockdowns are lifted, the cycle of infection and transmission continues.

Several countries have been working on producing vaccines, including the UK, USA, China and Russia. Today the British government said that it has approved and will start rolling out the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine as early as next week in the UK.

Due to the urgent need to get life back to normal across the world, the research, clinical testing, production, and assessment of the safety of this vaccine has been done in the shortest possible time, causing some concern for many.

It has been declared safe for use and effective against the virus, after a study involving 44,000 people showed a 95% success rate. It is hoped that 800,000 doses of the vaccine will be available for immunisation to commence as early as 12th December 2020.

A total of 350 million doses have been ordered by the UK government.


Studies show that having only one dose of the vaccine gives 70% protection against the coronavirus. However, taking two doses will give 95% protection. It would seem logical therefore that everyone may have to take both doses of the vaccine for the world to return to normal once again.


During the trials, some volunteers experienced swollen, sore arms, slight fever, muscle and joint pains and headaches, which lasted 12 – 24 hours. No deaths have been reported for the Pfizer vaccine trials.


According to scientists, the vaccine must be kept at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Centigrade. When it is moved to a normal fridge with a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Centigrade, it lasts for only 5 days. So once it is taken to a medical facility, vaccinations have to take place as soon as possible.

It is worth noting, that the Ebola vaccine which was used sparingly in Africa during the outbreak in 2014, was also stored at minus 70 degrees.


The vaccine will be given in two doses, 3 weeks apart. It should ideally be given at least seven days before or after any other vaccine such as Tetanus, Hepatitis, and Typhoid.

The vaccine can be taken by people who have previously tested positive for coronavirus and a COVID-19 swab test will not be required before receiving the jab.


According to health officials, first in line will be elderly residents and staff in care homes. Next in line will be people over 80 years old and healthcare staff.  The vaccinations will filter down to those aged below 80 years down to above 50s. Last in line will be the 18 – 50 year olds.


Pregnant women, children and under-18s will not be offered the vaccine.


Clinicians will carry out the vaccinations at designated centres.


It is not compulsory to take the vaccine. Many people are going to take it, but a few are still on the fence. However, studies have shown that about 80% of people said they will take the vaccine if offered. Understandably though, many are also scared of side effects.

Many elderly people are very scared of venturing out of their homes even after lockdown is lifted, and do not accept visitors. They are therefore keen to have the vaccine, to give them protection and go back to pre COVID times.


According to the British government, richer countries of the world will pay for the vaccine, to be given to people in developing countries.


  1. I hope the antigen(s) in the vaccine will be safe for our people as there are majority of us living below the required average living conditions. If yes, We’re waiting for the vaccines in Sierra Leone.

    • Again a small warning. This new vaccine is fresh on the market with small experiences and no long term examination. You have to take it more than once, for it doesn’t makes you resistant against this covid virus. It is not like a vaccination against measles.

  2. Now that the long awaited vacine is finally here with us, one can not underestimate the human knowledge in understanding how to solve complex issues that threatened the very existence of the human race. Congratulations to all the scientists, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Bio tech teams, and all those scientists that collaborated to make this happen. At long last there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pfizer should allow the use of their patent for the manufacture and distribution of this vaccine, be suspended on a temporary basis, until every human being on earth is vaccinated. Otherwise, given the richest Western countries have already started hoarding the vaccine for their populations, poor countries in Africa will find it difficult to compete to source the vaccine.

    A country like ours will be last in the queue and when we finally roll out the vaccination programme, I will suggest President Boi and the entire members of his government, get vaccinated on national television, so they not only lead by example, but also reassure a sceptical population about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Failing which every elected member of Parliament should be vaccinated in their communities.

  3. I think we should all take the vaccine as this is the only way to get rid of covid. In fact I hope it will be made compulsory everywhere in the world. Those who refuse should be locked up and denied overseas travel – period.

  4. And who is surprised or at a loss for words that “Big Pharma” has achieved the sensational,impossible dream so decisively once again. Pfizer Inc, a Fortune 500 American multinational Pharmaceutical corporation with a net worth – market cap of 210 Billion Dollars has finally been able ,against all odds, and in startling record breaking time, to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Bravo! Folks, do not stop believing. Hope is still alive for millions who have been in the unforgiving grips of Covid 19, exhausted millions who had thrown in the towel and concluded that the end has finally come (lol). But in truth Existence knows no retreat or defeat; Pfizer’s success is a testament to the untainted love that omnipotent heaven has for a faithless and twisted generation.

    Again, we must also not forget to applaud those whose sincere efforts that were hatched out of consideration and empathy for the well-being of humanity, fell painfully short in their gallant pursuit of a sustainable herbal cure for Covid 19, like the visionary President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina. Well done Sir! Yours was an inspiring and truly outstanding effort Signor; with barely enough qualified medical experts and financial support you were able to muster the courage to become a torchbearer of Hope for millions who watched with exhilaration, as you bravely ascended with firm resolve towards the breathtaking heights of Everest. Gracias!

  5. Please be cautious, this new mRNA covid-19 vaccine is the first of this kind for human beings and still in the phase of tests. There are lots of critical voices of doctors and virologists not only in Germany and about the interest of the pharmaceutical industry we had not to talk.

  6. My wife aged 81 years and myself aged 88 years will gladly take the Covid-19 vaccine. It is a safe vaccine and I hope the majority of people will take it resulting in herd immunity. Sierra Leone will get the vaccine ex gratis and the people should get it free of charge (for nattin).

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