David Moinina Sengeh

David Moinina Sengeh

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  1. Folks, please, please stop the name callings and put him/her down syndrome in discussing important institutions as the two education ministries. There is a lot at stake here where it affects generations to come.We should not treat it lightly. Has anything really changed compared to the previous administrations? Why the rot? When did the rot start? What changes to be applied to stop the rot.

    Maybe there is a need for a national commission to address the rot and to get rid of it forever. Most of the PhD holders in the administration may not know how to work in a chaotic environment such as ours. Most of them sudied at prestigious universities and I am sure they earned their degrees.

    So let us not belitle them. My take on this is that the previous administrations neglected education priorities by not properly funding schools and used the students as political insurgents to traumatize their political opponents. Most school properties were in decay and the teachers trying to make a leaving by selling exam questionnaires to students. In a commision, you will expose all of the sickening things that are taking place even at college level. God bless the children of Sierra Leonem.

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