Wife of Sierra Leone’s opposition politician Dr Kandeh Yumkella has passed on

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 June 2022:

The Sierra Leone Telegraph regrets to announce the death of Mrs Philomena Yumkella, who passed away this morning in Austria after a short illness. The news came this afternoon when a senior member of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) Party – Oushey, who serves as Personal Assistant to Dr Kandeh Yumkella, wrote on social media:  “We regret to announce the demise of Mrs Philomena Kandeh Yumkella which sad event took place today Sunday 26th June 2022. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.”

And this is what Dr Yumkella himself posted on his facebook page this afternoon:


  1. I am shocked of hearing this bad news, she is a great and dedicated mother of the nation as well.

    Mrs Yumkella will continue to live through us. She was a people centered person and devoted her life to the vulnerable of our society. May her memory blossom!!!

  3. Mrs Yomkella came by without asking. She has gone by without asking. She had nothing to do with her arrival and departure. The Almighty was/is The Time Keeper. We are all subjected to this unique time keeping whether we like it or not.

    We have lost the unique face, smile, voice, gait, of Philomina Yomkella forever as far as this side of existence is concerned. However, through her philanthropic work and love for others, she has gone nowhere , she is resting in the arms of the Almighty and experiencing the type of peace that is second to none.

    We pray that her immediate family, especially her husband, Dr Yomkella, will take heart in knowing that Mrs Yomkella’s good deeds have followed her to the other side to further give her perpetual peace. She would have been a first class First Lady – very effective in the background like a central defender in a football game, who is always tidying up things when they are at their most dangerous and shouting encouragement to the rest of the team. If you didn’t know she was coming, you would not she was here. Rest In Peace Mrs Yomkella.

  4. I am very sorry to hear that your dear wife; our sister Philo has passed away. My condolences to you and your family for this massive loss. May her soul rest in peace.

  5. To the Almighty God we belong and to Him we shall return, may that divine Supreme have mercy on her gentle soul. It is not an easy time for Hon. KKY and the rest of his family members at this of moments, be patience and hold heart. Rest in peace Mrs. Kendeh Yumkella.

  6. ” If we live, we live for the Lord and if we die, we die for the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die we are for the Lord”.

  7. Sad news for the Yumkella family and the nation at large. I could only imagine the trauma and psychological impact this will have on Dr. Yumkella, one of the finest and brightest son of the land. May the soul of Mrs. Yumkella rest in perfect and may our creator forgives her misdeeds on earth. Have faith Dr. Yumkella. The lord giveth and takes at the same time.

  8. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to my dear brother Kandeh and my dearest daughter Binta , her sisters , family and friends for the great loss of our dearest sister and friend, who will be greatly missed by many not a few.She was a great woman with a heart of gold and always reached out to those in need of any kind of support. May you rest in eternal peace my sister Maha Osman – Vienna

  9. “A broken heart can mend”.
    May the Soul of this beautiful and faithful wife continue to Rest In Perfect Peace. Amen and Ameen.

  10. I am very sorry to hear that your dear wife Philo has passed away. My condolences to you and your family for this grievous loss. May her soul rest in peace.

  11. May the soul of Mrs Philomena Yumkellla rest in peace. She was taken away from us by the angels in heaven too soon .Through her good works and selfless support to her husband and sharing him with the republic of Sierra Leone and it’s people this couple have showed us what is possible in our country.United we stand , divide we fall . And opened our eyes on how to always fight for what you believe is right and how to go about to achieve those universal human rights for everyone not just for the privilege few in our societies .A friend of the poor and under dog in Sierra leonean society .A great loss to her family , our country and it’s people .Indeed she is a great Mother , Sister and daughter and a true friend and defender of the under privilege in Sierra Leone. May the soul of this daughter of the soil rest in peace.

  12. My deepest condolence to Dr. Yumkella and families for the passing of his beloved wife., aunty Philo.

    May her gentle soul Rest In Peace. Amen!

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