Priscilla Schwartz – Sierra Leone attorney general 3

Priscilla Schwartz – Sierra Leone attorney general 3

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  1. Sacked former Attorney General, Ms Priscilla Schwartz there. The recklessness and vengeful political manoeuvre of this bungled, cooked and botched up treason trial, which led to the unlawful arrest and detention of Ms Isata Saccoh, must now face its consequences. Ms Isata Saccoh must take legal action against the Bio SLPP government for the disastrous failure of justice under his watch. Bio SLPP government must pay a high price for this super botched, cooked and bungled revenge treason trial, both financially and politically. Nice that the most unsuccessful and unpopular Attorney General in the history of Sierra Leone has been sacked by the Fountain Head of Honor and Justice.

    However, Sierra Leoneans must be prepared to dehire the present Fountain Head of Honor and Justice at State House, President Bio when that position becomes vacant. Do they understand what damage that has done to the reputation of Sierra Leone globally? Finally, my advice to both the Conteh and Saccoh family is to stay strong and console each after this unnecessary trauma, caused by some heartless bunch of Bio SLPP operatives and activists. I believe the almighty God is behind you people. Stay safe and have a peaceful recovery. God bless you all. Amen and Amen.

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