Leaked audio implicates Sierra Leone vice president Foh and mines minister Minkailu Mansaray in Hajj scam

Report by Platinum Media

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 August 2017

(Photo: Mines Minister Mansaray is overseeing the sale of a $50 million diamond). As the public awaits police enquiry into the recent Hajj scandal, Platinum Media is now in possession of a leaked audio that appears to implicate both the Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh and Minister of Mineral Resources, Minkailu Mansaray.

The audio accuses Minkailu Mansaray (Photo) of using his position as a top Hajj Committee member to unduly influence the inclusion of over 150 names – in contravention of the approved selection criteria for Muslim groups across the country.

From the audio, we also learnt that Vice President Foh had earlier instructed that he gets 80 spaces on the list.

In spite of this, the Vice President later ensured over 150 names were included under his name, possibly at the detriment of bonafide beneficiaries.

*”Minkailu and Victor Foh had stuffed people into the system….so they had to remove genuine pilgrims for their own people…. If we get to the bottom of it,  it will not augur well… how on earth can you alone have  have 150 people under your name for scholarships that should be awarded to genuine deserving pilgrims?”

The voice in the audio also said the Special Assistant on Social Affairs, Sheka Kamara (Shekito) is poised to make damning revelations on the whole Hajj saga. *”If this happens, both Minkailu and Victor Foh (Photo) will be seriously implicated”* the voice said.

According to the audio over 500  pilgrims’ passport were processed by special computers at the home of one Alieu Malador and that the latter’s mother was part of the syndicate that collected money from unsuspecting intending pilgrims.

We are yet to confirm the veracity of this allegation but if this is true, then it is clear the police have got to open their net wider for a potentially dangerous criminal ring at the corridors of power.

We also learnt that  computers inside the office of sacked Minister of State in the office of the Vice President, Alhaji M.A Bah may be holding vital information on the Hajj scam. We are yet to know if the police had been proactive enough to posses such potentially valuable pieces of evidence.

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