Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara – Attorney-General and Minister of Justice attends memorial for flood victims

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 August 2017

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, Attorney-General and Minister of Justice represented president Ernest Bai Koroma at the Joint Prayers of Believers, Bethel  Outreach Mission, Circular Road, held in memory of the victims of the mudslides and flooding in Sierra Leone.

Attending the service were Bishop Sam’Jolly, Bishop Laggah, Apostle Lake, Rev. Andrew Kanu, Dr Lionel Betts, Bishop Ajasafie, Apostle Abednego, Rev. Martha Chigozie, Rev. Josephine Kamara and Rev. Peter Kargbo.

Hon. Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara in delivering the Special Message on behalf of the President, expressed deep sorrow as the President mourns  with the nation at this moment of grief.

Hon. JFK reported that the Government has secured the services of an Independent Fiduciary Agent to establish a Disaster Financial Management System overseeing funding, procurement and distribution of relief items.

This venture is designed to promote accountability, and transparency in Disaster management.

Development partners including the UNDP have offered experts to study the disaster and the entire Freetown Landscape, examining vulnerabilities and disaster prone areas, the Hon. Minister of Justice added.

The Minister closed by expressing gratitude on behalf of the President to the organizers and the people of Sierra Leone for fortitude and support at a difficult time. Sierra Leone will rise again above the dust and debris, leveling on a tarmac towards a mid-level developing country he concluded in hopeful tone.

Editor’s Note

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  1. The Attorney General of Sierra Leone Joseph. F.Kamara has all absolute rights to contest for flag beareship for the presidency position. In fact he is the right man for that position.

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