Road to Sierra Leone’s development: Changing our thinking and mindset

Mohamed C. Bah – NDA Presidential aspirant 31 July 2012 I will continue to be an advocate for a better Sierra Leone, where everyone enjoys the wealth of our nation. I will continue to introduce the psychological and hidden problems – the one we never discuss openly – about the [Read More]

News in Perspective

The unhealthy cost of Sierra Leone’s 2012 elections

31 July 2012 Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commissioner – Christiana Thorpe is never too far away from controversy. If she is not being accused of rigging votes in favour of the ruling APC party as she was in 2007, she will be accused of administrative manipulation of the voter registration [Read More]

News in Perspective

Sierra Leone government’s statement on the joint Yenga communiqué

Sierra leone Telegraph: 30 July 2012: After almost five years in office, pondering how best to retrieve Yenga – a Sierra Leonean territory, annexed by a territorial hungry Guinean authorities, president Koroma seems to have given up all hope. He is now caught in a diplomatic muddle. He has signed [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

High we exalt thee – is Yenga now truly free?

Dr. Sama Banya – Puawui 30 July 2012 Thanks to the unique efforts of President Ernest Bai Koroma, the Guinean and Sierra Leonean governments have agreed to demilitarize Yenga, and to withdraw all military presence from the area. Last Friday, a joint communiqué was signed by our own Foreign minister [Read More]

Economy & Business

‘African economies are being sabotaged due to massive tax avoidance and evasion by foreign investors’ – says AU Report

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 July 2012 A report has chastised multinational corporations for the illicit transfer of most of the $ 1.5 trillion they make in Africa each year, back to the developed countries, draining hard currency reserves from the continent. This according to the African Press Organization (APO) is [Read More]

Economy & Business

Sierra Leone’s dodgy mining deals – Someone is sharing the loot

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 July 2012 In the wake of allegations and counter-allegations of corruption involving the vice president of Sierra Leone, a renewed focus is being turned on to the manner with which the government has been entering into agreement, with foreign companies to exploit the country’s mineral resources. [Read More]

In Focus

Is celebrity activism in Sierra Leone good or bad for the country’s Global image?

Fuambai Sia Ahmadu Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 July 2012 Famous actresses like Angelina Jolie have become the butt of many jokes, because of their humanitarian or “good works” in Africa and other parts of the developing world. In Sierra Leone alone, a few of the Hollywood A-listers have taken up [Read More]


“Whether taking a New Direction towards Prosperity – The foundation is still faulty” (Part 2)

Raymond Dele Awoonor-Gordon 25 July 2012 Sierra Leone’s 2012 elections are the final frontier for transcending the assumed limits of our fears and perceptions; our ethnic tendencies; our political prejudices. It is a new horizon awaiting. The message which each and every one of us should be passing on to [Read More]