Former Anti-Corruption Czar of Sierra Leone speaks at the United Nations

Dennis Kabatto 12 July 2012 Many Anti-Corruption Commissions have been “set up to fail, however they could succeed if they were given the right mandate and the right powers.  In many cases those elements were lacking,” said former Anti-Corruption Commissioner of Sierra Leone – Mr. Abdul Tejan-Cole. Tejan Cole addressed [Read More]


President Koroma’s infrastructural projects in trouble as the country’s debt mounts

10 July 2012 Unconfirmed report says that auditors of the African Development Bank (ADB), which has loaned the government of president Koroma hundreds of millions of dollars for infrastructural development, have uncovered huge discrepancies in the accounts. It is understood that millions of dollars earmarked for capital projects, such as [Read More]


“We can minimize political violence in Sierra Leone”

Abdul M Fatoma 5 July 2012 The culture of Political violence is not new to Sierra Leoneans. The country’s historical narrative – before and after 1977, and to date is characterised by politically motivated incidents of violence, torture, intimidation and false imprisonment. This culture of political violence is a gangrene [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

Arms shipment to war torn Syria – the Sierra Leone connection

Dr. Sama Banya – Puawui 5 July 2012 Wow! Danger ahead! Did you hear the alarming news on the BBC yesterday morning? A ship carrying Sierra Leone’s national flag was seized in Lebanon carrying arms, which the authorities believe were meant for war torn Syria. Obviously it is one of [Read More]


Another huge salary increase: Electoral Commissioner’s pay rise is an electoral bribe

3 July 2012 When the World Bank and the European Union, just weeks ago, gave funding to the government of Sierra Leone, amounting to $23 million to help boost the country’s public sector, there was overwhelming suspicion that the money will only end up in the pockets of a few [Read More]


“Africa needs to do more to meet all the targets agreed in the MDGs document”

2 July 2012 Africa has made significant progress in poverty reduction, primary education, women’s empowerment and in its fight against HIV/AIDS. This is the conclusion of a new report to be released on 15 July, 2012, by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the African Union, African Development [Read More]