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Can a stock exchange harness economic growth in African countries?

30 September 2012 As European economies struggle with a debt crisis and sluggish growth expected in the US and elsewhere, investors are looking for opportunities in Africa – thanks to the continent’s surging economy and positive growth estimates over the next few years. But the challenge is to identify the [Read More]

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UN Women launch joint initiative to empower Rural Women

Dennis Kabatto 30 September 2012 Discriminatory social institutions, formal and informal laws, added to norms and practices that limit their social and economic opportunities, women are all fired up and are demanding change. Barely three days after co-hosting UN General Assembly high level event on the rule of law, focusing [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

Sierra Leone’s ruling APC party will never confound its critics

Dr. Sama Banya 29 September 2012   When it comes to their insatiable quench for power the APC will never confound their critics; on the contrary they will always do exactly as predicted. The former opposition Member of Parliament for constituency seven, which comprises Njaluahun chiefdom in the Kailahun district [Read More]

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SLPP’s Robin Farley sees RED

Andrew Murphy 28 September 2012 This ‘tit for tat’ switch-over or cross-carpeting, does not engender a polity of cohesion, but plays out into moral decadence. It is nothing but sheer greed and a gross lack of foresight for one to abandon his founding moral principles, for gimmicky political games. Although political switch-over [Read More]

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The African Development Bank to lever $22 Billion “Marshall Plan” for Africa

27 September 2012 The African Development Bank (AfDB) has proposed plans to float Africa’s first infrastructure bonds to member nations. It will raise up to $22 billion for investments in much needed infrastructure projects such as ports, railways, roads and energy, across the African continent. This brings to reality an [Read More]

Dr. Sama Banya - Puawui

Is the malevolent political virus spreading in Sierra Leone?

Dr. Sama Banya 26 September 2012 “Using official government issued jeep….ex-president Kabbah solicits support for Maada Bio.” That was how the awareness times newspaper reporters – Michael T. Kamara and Augustine Samba, prefaced their report of the visit of the opposition SLPP flag bearer Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio to [Read More]


Is Sierra Leone’s ruling APC an extraordinary party with destructive tendencies?

Andrew Murphy 24 September 2012 Is it totally inconceivable that a single political party can so destructively subject its people to so much inhumane conditions for so long? In Sierra Leone today, everyone wonders why the country is in such appalling condition. Will the ruling APC ever learn good political [Read More]

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More money needed to tackle cholera in Sierra Leone as more lives are lost

20 September, 2012 Latest report from the African Press Organization (APO) says that with cholera cases now reported in all 13 districts of Sierra Leone, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have launched an emergency appeal to help contain the spread of the disease within [Read More]