SLPP’s Robin Farley sees RED

Andrew Murphy

28 September 2012

This ‘tit for tat’ switch-over or cross-carpeting, does not engender a polity of cohesion, but plays out into moral decadence. It is nothing but sheer greed and a gross lack of foresight for one to abandon his founding moral principles, for gimmicky political games.

Although political switch-over is a common phenomenon in the body politics of Sierra Leone, the stake precariously heightens whenever the APC (ALL People’s Congress) party takes over the business of government.

A lens-analysis of this immoral politicking suggests that unlike other governments, APC governments always deploy intimidation, blackmail, bribery, libellous and deceptive buy-over tactics to lure political switch-overs.

APC believes that politics is more about numbers, than it is about moral integrity, and therefore uses this flawed ideology to debase vibrant democratic valeus in our national politics.

This is what has befallen morally weak politicians like – honourable Arthur Harvey, honourable Fatmata Hassan, honourable Sidi Tunis, honourable Musa Tarawalli, Banki John, Syl Fannah, Lansana Fadika, Mohamed Bangura, Dauda Bangura, Lamin Ngobeh, Borbor Sawyer, Moijueh Kaikai, John Leigh, Usu Boie, Madam Jabie, Tom Nyuma, J. B. Dauda, and now Robin Farley – and so the list goes on.

Because of their lack of firm moral principles and political conviction, they easily fall prey to the whims and machinations of rival political parties.

As it all starts with seeking the self, the delusive actions of these dishonest politicians seed considerable disillusions, divisions, confusions and uncertainties in not only the parties they leave behind, but also in the parties they head to and society at large.

Instead of stately principles and deeds, dishonest politicians are the architects of state destruction.

These switch-over politicians are the concocters of the recipe for moral decadence, bad-blood politicking and national disintegration, which sometimes consume even their very beings.

How many more analysis do we need to put out there, before this clique of crooked Sierra Leoneans can put moral integrity above all else?

Unlike the SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) party, which is built on rock-solid foundation of moral integrity, the APC party is morally very handicapped. This is widely indicative in APC’s boastful brags of the “99 tactics” in its political arsenal.

Those who have ears have heard about these immoral APC traits, those who have eyes have seen these divisive APC traits, those who have feet have matched against these destructive APC traits, and yet those who have moral integrity have resisted against these devilish APC traits.

These are the very traits that have turned once a prosperous Sierra Leone into the second poorest country in the world.

APC often deploy this trove of regressive political tactics to phish out the morally weak, politically spineless and ethically insane politicians in rival political parties. It is usually  the heartless, self-centred and morally insane who always fail to heed the divine call to serve the powerless masses in their communities and societies.

Collectively, this clique of politicians who wander the political landscape in search of that sweet-tasting nectar is called “butterfly” politicians.

More often than not, we have heard these so-called “butterfly” politicians citing flimsy excuses as reasons for switching over. Which excuse is comparable with failing to uphold the founding moral principles and integrity of man?

Which excuse is comparable with the destructive and terrible governance of Ernest Bai Koroma’s APC government? Which excuse is comparable with the seasoned and relentless corruption and naked thieving that threatens us today as a nation?

Which excuse is comparable with the political violence, use of human faeces as weapons against the commoners? Which excuse is comparable with the tsunami of sacking of more than 680 south/eastern intellects and technocrats?

Which excuse is comparable with the national embarrassment of denying our President and First Lady entry visas to China?

Yes indeed, which excuse is comparable with the accusation of our Vice President stealing from a fellow foreign criminal investor?

Great stately people always stand up to anything whatsoever, when it comes to upholding the founding moral principles and integrity. Visionary and people-oriented leaders always stand up for their people, make their countries better places worthy of conducive human living, and yes indeed invest all they can in human development.

Such stately visionary leaders would rather forfeit their lives, than to betray the course of the people, let alone mortgage their integrity.

The greatest human rights activist, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., died for it; the greatest liberationist, Mama Gandhi, died for it too; the greatest living statesman, Nelson Mandela, equally served decades of imprisonment for it; the great liberty defender, Chief Hinga Norman, equally died for it; and even the great warrior, Bai Bureh, so fiercely fought it out with the British in the hot-tax war.

So, what degree of excuse is actually comparable with the founding principles of man’s being and staying the course of liberty and freedom?

Are these gimmicky politicians oblivious of the fact that their reckless switch-over actions are recipes for political hatred, bitterness and division in our society today?

Are these “butterfly” politicians unaware of the fact that their selfish actions debase not only their integrity, but also that of the very people they so deceptively profess to serve?

What sort of legacy do these bad-blood politicians want to leave for posterity and Sierra Leone? Is it morally right for one to refuse to be what she/he wants others to be?

Then if these visionless politicians expect people to serve under them, why then do they refuse to serve under the people who put them where they are?

Such flimsy excuses have been given by an array of political defectors including Hon. Robin Farley, who charged (as a reason for switching over) that Maada Bio is too proud and that SLPP leaders have turned their backs on him.

Even if one should assume for argument’s sake that Farley’s allegations were true, a truly visionary, people-oriented, God-fearing and caring leader would use such points as compliment to his/her statesmanship and stay the course of the party.

But, again, is there anything wrong with being proud? What we know is that people who are proud always stay the course and never waver in moral principles and integrity.

So if indeed Maada Bio is a proud man as alleged by Farley, then Bio could only be the right leader Sierra Leone craves for today; to deliver the people and nation from the senseless bondage so created by the Koroma-led APC government.

Visionary and people-oriented leaders take pride in hard work, diligence and self-reliance. That is the more reason why Maada Bio never-ever switches political parties. When he loses, as he did to Solomon Berewa in 2005, he honours his loss and stay the course of the party into which he was born and bred.

Bio is never a gimmicky politician like Farley and the other “butterfly” politicians.

The point is that, like butterflies, this clique of politicians only always seeks the sweet nectar without helping to grow/nurture the flowers. To do this, this they make up all sorts of excuses to try to justify their faceless actions, from which they hope to gain the sympathy of the exploited masses.

Contrary to selfless service, which is desired of all public servants, this clique of bad-blood politicians parochially seeks the self, which only serves their wanton greed and selfishness.

The democratic system of Sierra Leone is evolving and all responsible political parties and governments must adapt the existing laws or enact new ones to deal with the emerging challenges. Party switchers are treacherous traitors of national integrity and development.

Among other vices, “butterfly” politicians seed division, hatred, confusion and uncertainty among political parties, tribes, families of the society. No wonder they often meet dead-ends in the parties to which they switch over.

They are often greeted with disgrace; insulted as spent forces, beaten as dissidents, and marginalized and treated as rogues. What a shame! It is better to die poor than to trade one’s moral integrity for gimmicky political gains.


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