All change in Freetown as UN closes office and IMATT becomes ISAT

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 March 2013: Ten years of civil war in Sierra Leone took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, leaving more than 5,000 amputees, whose lives have been shattered. And as evil and terror were unleashed on a population of 5 million, few ever believed that [Read More]

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ECOWAS talking tough on West Africa’s energy needs

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 March 2013 ECOWAS is working with stakeholders to improve access to energy in the region, which is currently under 50 percent, an official of the regional organization has affirmed. Briefing visiting President of the ECOWAS Commission, His Excellency Kadre Desire Ouédraogo in Praia, last week, [Read More]

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Energy subsidy reform: The way forward

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 March,  2013 David Lipton – First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund Thank you for giving me an opportunity to present the key findings of a new IMF study on energy subsidies. That study will be published today on the IMF’s website, including in Arabic [Read More]

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African countries need the BRICS to build strong economies

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 March 2013 South Africa – the only African member of the new global economic block known as the BRICS, has been hosting a two day summit in Durban. Politicians, industrialists and other stakeholders, met in the South African city to discuss the impact of the [Read More]

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Minister Alpha Kanu lauds President Koroma’s visit to White House

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 March 2013 Dennis Kabatto President Ernest Koroma’s invitation to the White House, joining three other African heads of state – Cape Verde, Malawi and Senegal, to discuss democracy and economic opportunities with President Obama is causing a stir. Critics say that president Obama is likely [Read More]

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Privatisation of Freetown International Airport is good for the country

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 March 2013 Three years ago, the Sierra Leone Telegraph called for the privatisation of the management of facilities at the country’s international Airport. Crime, corruption, low staff morale and disrepair, had made the airport unwelcoming and unsafe for passengers. (Photo: Lungi Airport under refurbishment). Although president [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s decentralization programme – are we getting there?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 March 2013 The end of the war in Sierra Leone in 2001, saw the introduction of a plethora of initiatives and strategies aimed at building and consolidating the peace. But perhaps the most profound of  policies aimed at returning the country to a democratically governed [Read More]


Is Rwanda’s economy the envy of Sub-Sahara Africa?

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 March 2013 With a strong fiscal and monetary policy management and governance performance last year, the Rwandan government is showing that it is prepared to take difficult and painful decisions to get the country out of poverty. The latest IMF figures show that poverty in [Read More]