Election Watch

Sierra Leone constituency 066 Bye election – An analysis

Concerned Citizen (Culled) Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 February 2017 Constitution 066 has unique attributes, and the tussle there cannot be applied to the nation in general. The ruling APC party must be reeling at having been made to work so hard in a constituency that has traditionally given them the [Read More]


Edward Babatunde Blyden – Gone too soon but not forgotten

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 February 2017 The Edward Blyden family regrets to announce the passing away of their patriarch – Mr. Edward Walter Babatunde Gustavus Blyden in London, UK, on the 14th of February 2017, aged 74. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Sylvia Blyden; his children – Pastor [Read More]


Our case for change in Sierra Leone

Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 February 2017 Sierra Leone, the motherland has had its share of tragedy in recent years. It suffered an eleven years internecine war and lately an Ebola epidemic that has today resulted in an unprecedented economic hardship that has further deepened poverty and unleash [Read More]


President Koroma announces election date – March 7th 2018

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 February 2017 President Koroma has finally yielded to strong demands from civil society groups and the media for the 2018 elections date to be announced. It is not clear as to why the president, who is not known for good decision making, has dithered and wasted [Read More]


Sierra Leone loses one of its most remarkable sons – Mr Edward Babatunde Blyden

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 February 2017 The Sierra Leone Telegraph has been sadly informed tonight of the passing of Mr  Edward Babatunde Blyden, the father of the country’s social welfare and children’s affairs minister – Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. Mr. Edward Babatunde Blyden died peacefully in London at 7:30pm this [Read More]


Abdul Fatoma versus parliament of Sierra Leone – the death of civil liberty in Sierra Leone

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 February 2017 For several days now, the civil society activist and human rights campaigner – Abdul M. Fatoma (Photo), has been the centre of ugly news in Freetown. He is the latest victim of political intimidation and harassment in Sierra Leone – [Read More]


The wheels of the Sierra Leone opposition SLPP peace process are now fully engaged

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 February 2017 The members of the newly formed peace committee of Sierra Leone’s main opposition SLPP party (Photo) have gone to work in earnest. Since their appointment last Wednesday, they have been hard at work trying to consolidate the party’s hard won peace settlement. But more [Read More]


An appeal to all my SLPP brothers and sisters for sustainable peace and unity 

Abdulai Braima Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 February 2017 Let us please come together and push the Peace Process with the strength of fanatical zeal that was on display during the sad stretch of our factional “warfare”. Right now SLPP needs champions of peace, not heroes of war. The energy that [Read More]


Sierra Leone opposition SLPP presidential aspirants vow to strongly hold APC government to account

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 February 2017 There is a renewed sense of hope across Sierra Leone today, after the leaders and presidential aspirants of the opposition SLPP party met on Wednesday to discuss their differences. They have agreed to bury the hatchet and focus their energies on building a strong [Read More]