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Vote for change that will restore trust and confidence in the police 

Lamin Costo Daramy: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 March 2018 A catalogue of allegations have been levelled at the Sierra Leone police in recent times. Most importantly, with general elections taking place this Wednesday, 7th March, the ban on vehicular movement on voting day ordered by the police is further raising [Read More]

Election Watch

Sierra Leone Bar Association calls on police to rescind polling day vehicle travel ban

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 March 2018: As calls for the Sierra Leone police to rescind what human rights activists and groups refer to as serious breach of civil liberty grow, the country’s Bar Association has today thrown its weight behind the pressure that is now mounting. Most of the political [Read More]

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Don’t let your guard down – the struggle is not over yet – says Dr Yumkella

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 March 2018: Election in Sierra Leone is in three days and counting. Most of the parties and their presidential candidates are hard at work on the campaign trail, some hustling for votes, and as evidence suggest in the case of the ruling APC – paying cash [Read More]


Tribalism – the bane of development progress in Sierra Leone – vote wisely

Lamin Costo Daramy: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 March 2018: Tribalism, regionalism and sectionalism in Sierra Leone politics, are some of the key reasons why our beloved Mama Salone is still in the doldrums, hindering development in communities and regions across the country, and manifesting in social injustice, marginalisation, nepotism, favouritism, violent conflicts [Read More]

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Another adjournment of Yumkella’s Supreme Court hearing

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 March 2018: Sierra Leone’s Supreme Court hearing of the petition brought by the ruling APC for constitutional interpretation of the laws governing citizenship and the right to contest elections, was brought to a halt today, as lawyers for Dr. Yumkella raised serious legal questions about the [Read More]

Election Watch

“No election violence in Sierra Leone please” – international community pleads

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 March 2018: With general and presidential elections just five days away, already there are several reports of serious violence in various parts of the country. A joint Statement has been issued by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), the United [Read More]