Economy & Business

Women-led tech startups on the rise in Africa

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 August 2018: The African tech sector is dominated by men, despite mounting evidence that women entrepreneurs are high achievers. Why are African women finding it difficult to engage in tech startups? Fibarr Toesland examines the barriers women face in business. On the surface, sub-Saharan Africa boasts [Read More]

Education and Health

Sierra Leone free education programme – ‘my scholars need quality education’

Andrew Keili: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 August 2018: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. Education is [Read More]

Economy & Business

British Prime Minister Theresa May in Africa

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 August 2018: As China’s Africa conference – FOCAC, gets underway in Beijing, African leaders will no doubt be pinning their ears back to take note of the huge promises being made by British Prime Minister Theresa May to increase Britain’s economic interests and partnership with Africa. [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s Dual Nationality – Tapping knowledge and resource of Diasporans

Anthony AK Kamara, Jnr.: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 August 2018: Kandeh Yumkella’s “Thank You” tour of the United States has gone well. He has covered an additional four states – Philadelphia, PA, where he attended joint events organized by NGC supporters of New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Boston, MA [Read More]


Opposition APC rejects SLPP government’s parliamentary procedures

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 August 2018: Sierra Leone’s opposition APC party has rejected the parliamentary procedure used by the government in establishing its proposed Commission of Enquiry. The purpose of the proposed Commission of Inquiry is to investigate all former Ministers, Deputy Ministers and senior government officials who were in [Read More]

Economy & Business

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission gets tough with operation eagle’s claw

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 August 2018: After just five months in office, the elected SLPP president Julius Maada Bio and the country’s Anti-Corruption Czar – Francis Ben Kaifala, are beginning to make life difficult for those involved in corruption at all levels of public life in the country. They are [Read More]

Economy & Business

Sierra Leone innovation challenge competition

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 August 2018: Innovators across Sierra Leone are being encouraged to send application to enter a competition, which will see millions of Leones in prize money being won by successful candidates. The call for application is part of the Africa Science Week initiative, targeting innovators with sound [Read More]

Economy & Business

Diaspora investment forum for Sierra Leone in New York

Development Pathfinders LLC: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 August 2018: An Africa-focused development think tank – Development Pathfinders, in collaboration with several co-sponsors, including the Metropolitan College of New York and the United African Congress is organizing an investment conference on Sierra Leone. The event is scheduled to take place on [Read More]


Former head of Sierra Leone Immigration Kholifa Koroma wanted by police

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 August 2018: An order for the arrest of the former head of Sierra Leone’s immigration service – Mr Kholifa Koroma, has been issued by police in Sierra Leone to INTERPOL. The order for his arrest comes amid accusations of widespread fraud and corruption at the immigration [Read More]