Lawyers in Sierra Leone challenge legality of commission of inquiry at Supreme Court

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 January 2019: The body representing Barristers in Sierra Leone – the Sierra Leone Bar Association, has today filed a 20-page Supreme Court action, seeking an interpretation of the country’s Constitution with regards the rules governing the establishment of commissions of inquiry in Sierra Leone. In a [Read More]

Economy & Business

Sierra Leone government reduces fuel pump price as inflation bites

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 January 2019: The removal of government subsidy on fuel – very often in response to IMF structural adjustment conditionalities, is one of the most controversial policy decisions any government can take in Africa. It is a decision fraught with huge political risk and has the potential [Read More]

Education and Health

New partnership to help tackle climate change and deforestation in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 06 January 2019: The Sierra Leone Schools Green Club (SLSGC) and the Society for Climate Change Communication (S4CCC) have formed a collaborative action-oriented partnership, to implement a climate change mitigation capacity building project for schools and communities in the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone. The project [Read More]


Democracy works best with checks and balances on executive authority

Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 January 2019: I wish all Sierra Leoneans a happy and prosperous New Year. Though 2018 was a challenging year, our people emerged as winners. They were able to exercise their democratic rights to vote and elect a new government. As we look [Read More]


We remain firmly focused – an Op-ed

Tamba Lamina: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 January 2019: As someone representing the interest of Sierra Leone, I understand why some would prefer that I sit back and quietly enjoy the comical drama unfolding around my corner of the country, instead of voicing any opinion. But as a patriotic Sierra Leonean [Read More]


Did Sam Sumana receive $2 million to lead APC?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 January 2019: There are unconfirmed reports of the former sacked Vice President of Sierra Leone in the Koroma-led APC government – Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, receiving $2 million from former President Ernest Bai Koroma in Makeni yesterday Friday, to take over the leadership of the opposition [Read More]


Bio gets tough with ministers – housing minister faces corruption investigation

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 January 2019: Since his election in March 2018 as president of Sierra Leone, critics of president Julius Maada Bio, especially the opposition APC, have accused the president of tribalism and selective justice, in his pursuit of public officials alleged to have misappropriated public funds or abused [Read More]


Sierra Leone needs urgent judicial reform

CHRDI: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 January 2019: The Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI) is calling for an overhaul of Sierra Leone’s Judiciary; and immediate action to be taken by government to ensure that the long list of delayed matters before the courts are addressed with the speed, [Read More]

Economy & Business

New Year’s address to the people – president Bio answers critics

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 January 2019: New Year’s Day is always an opportunity for the president to speak to the people of Sierra Leone about the solemn promises he has made and the challenges ahead for his government. President Julius Maada Bio was elected ten months ago in a close [Read More]