We remain firmly focused – an Op-ed

Tamba Lamina: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 January 2019:

As someone representing the interest of Sierra Leone, I understand why some would prefer that I sit back and quietly enjoy the comical drama unfolding around my corner of the country, instead of voicing any opinion.

But as a patriotic Sierra Leonean and a bona fide Kono man, I believe that my diplomatic position does not exclude me from expressing my personal opinion on issues hinging on the vital interest of my people.

It needs to be said that this New Direction government won’t be distracted by intriguing shenanigans and empty shows. We remain firmly focused, and at all points, only the interests of our people will continue to really matter to us.

Those with overtly demonstrated selfish interests have had their chances to show whether the interest of the people really do matter to them or not. The evidence for that is there and clear.

What Sierra Leoneans are fed up with is the blatant dishonesty that has pervaded our society for so many decades.

As a matter of fact it is undeniably insulting to see those who have never meant well for our nation, colluding and embracing each other in an obscene effort to keep their loot intact.

Corruption, greed and the shameless accumulation of ill-gotten wealth has held sway for far too long.

We all have the opportunity to put an end to what has been a malignant cancer affecting the growth and development of our small but rich nation.

A single over ambitious Kono man cannot wreck the opportunities coming our people’s way. Personal aggrandisement to the detriment of the many is callousness.

There is no proof that it will be well for Kono with this particular brother at the helm, if ever such a hazy dream is anything to go by. (Photo: Tamba Lamina).

The total lack of integrity as evidenced by the pictures in Makeni yesterday, further diminished any hope of Sam having any positive impact on the political landscape of Sierra Leone. We remain focused.

About the author

Tamba Lamina is the Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the UK and Ireland.


  1. SURPRISE! SURPRISE SURPRISE! Is what we are hearing and seeing in the pictures true? I am dumbfounded. But that is politics. However let us wait and see how things unfold. Thanks a lot Bra Lamina for not sitting down quietly and enjoying the comedy show as you rightly said.

    To be honest, I have always had great respect for Chief. If what we are hearing is true, then why did chief leave the APC to help establish the C4C? Does it mean that he was trying to gain support to cover his problems by fooling the Kono people? I hope not.

    Chief knows that God will never forgive anyone who betrays his people. If Chief wants to resign from the C4C and join the APC, then that would be his decision. The only problem is that most Konos will be disappointed.
    Also, the SLPP and all the other political parties will have to re-calibrate their political strategies with this bombshell.

    This will be a political bombshell if it is true that Chief wants to return. Is it a political strategy that the APC want to use come 2023? Is the APC trying to tell the Kono people that see, your son is leader of the APC and your daughter is the wife of the former APC leader? So Vote APC? Will that strategy work? It remains to be seen. It could be a smart idea.

    But president Bio could counter that strategy by bringing major developments (agriculture, health and energy) to the people of Kono. He could also argue, see, you had the VP, first lady and second lady in government for years, but no major development was brought to your district.

    With this bombshell, we shall see. But for now, president Bio should continue with his agenda. As I always say, president Bio should make the next election a referendum of his rule and not party. The president should consider this idea more than ever seriously with such political events popping up. Thanks once more Bra Lamina for not staying silent. We are with you Bra.

  2. This is not confirmed news. If it’s true, then I am sorry for Sam. I don’t think he knows the inner workings of the APC. He should ask the lates Mr. Minah, JB Dauda, Hindolo Trye, etc. APC will retaliate on him. They missed him one time, but this time they will not. Greed and pride is luring him back to a party he helped defeat. When the grave is calling him, he is becoming obstinate. Farewell to him. APC will teach him a hard lesson, he will not live to learn. Lonta, SAM!

    • This is unbelievable for a man I respected so much. Thank God Konos are one of the smartest and they always made wise decisions. I hope Maada will not let this distract him. APC is not coming back to power anytime soon.

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