Did Sam Sumana receive $2 million to lead APC?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 January 2019:

There are unconfirmed reports of the former sacked Vice President of Sierra Leone in the Koroma-led APC government – Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, receiving $2 million from former President Ernest Bai Koroma in Makeni yesterday Friday, to take over the leadership of the opposition APC.

APC lost the presidential election last March, which Sam Sumana himself contested as leader and presidential candidate of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party.

Since losing the election, Sam’s relationship with C4C has hit rock bottom, after reports of the APC bribing Sam to help the APC win the 2018 election, which they lost.

It is understood that the $2 million allegedly paid to Sam by former president Koroma is in consideration of Sam Sumana’s return to the APC and to lead them into the 2023 elections.

According to unconfirmed reports, Sam Sumana is now expected to resign from the C4C party in the next few months, and is to use some of the $2 million received from Koroma to lure C4C supporters in Kono to join the APC party.

But not surprisingly, news of president Koroma’s $2 million payment to Sam Sumana is said to have angered supporters of Dr Samura Kamara – the defeated 2018 presidential candidate of the APC, who is hoping to lead the party again into the 2023 elections.

Neither Koroma nor Sam Sumana, or their staff,  have so far commented on this story. But there have been angry reactions from supporters of both the APC and C4C, about the alleged payment of $2 million to Sam Sumana by the former president.

They are accusing both men of behaving dishonourably, and of undermining the country’s democracy.


  1. If this is true, Ernest Koroma has started his manipulative antics again, why can’t he let the people choose a candidate of their choice. It’s high time he keeps aside for the benefit of the ALL PEOPLES PARTY (APC).

    • Where was Mr Alimamy K. Jan – Bangura over one year ago, if not ages, when this peace mission started? Good night Mr Alimamy K. Jan-Bangura and may God bless you.

  2. Politics is dirty and is a numbers game. The APC’s strength lies in their ability to skew the numbers in their favour and in their propaganda machine. To win the next elections the ruling SLPP party will have to prove convincingly to the electorate that they are better at uniting the people, running a clean government and uplifting the well being of the majority irrespective of tribe or region.

    Sierra Leone WILL only truly have meaningful and sustainable development by input from every sector/region of the country. I believe there are people of good will in every region of the country, whose only desire is to see a better Sierra Leone. I truly hope the SLPP leadership will see merit in exclusivity and use it effectively.

  3. Well if this is true, then the government can take 30% of this money as income tax earned by Mr Sumana as a political consultant.

  4. Does it not prove how corrupt APC government was? Where did they get the 2 million? In a country of pure poverty. I’m a white man looking in with no tribal sympathies. Stolen underhand deals. Take your pick. Same in white man’s world politicians are out for themselves but they hide it better. Come on Sierra Leone stakeholders stop your nasty ways, think of your people.

    • Hello James, in order to develop our vocal we should underline the word “Nasty” for the apex… it will help us to accommodate people who read our newspapers, comments and the like.

      Moreover, we are living in a world of icons and white people as your example, as follow on a internet web … I guess you will understand no matter how the situation is or worst on your side … My greeting M.Barrie

  5. Muctaru Kabba,

    Mr. Abdul Thomas is a trained journalist. This article is predicated on the question:, “Did Sam Sumana receive receive $2 million to lead APC?” Journalists, like their audiences/readers are free to ask questions on important issues affecting our polity.

  6. I appreciate this newspaper’s dedication to bringing us news about the beloved Sierra Leone, and especially its efforts to stay online so that Sierra Leoneans home and diaspora can keep up with important matters in the homeland.

    I find it a bit unfortunate, however, that most of this report is built on speculation and unsubstantiated ‘reports’. With the proliferation of social media ‘journalists’ who thrive on ‘reports’ and speculation, it behoves a credible journalistic institution such as this, to do more to give us more substantive reports.

    Otherwise, it will tarnish the credibility of those of us who argue that there is a still a dichotomy between trained journalists and social media ‘journalists’.

    I am not sure what to make of this article since it relies almost entirely on speculation.

    I would end by saying: please keep up the great job of informing us on what’s happening in the beloved Salone.

  7. If these rumours are true, the defeat of APC at the next General Elections may be guaranteed; such leaders must be elected, and not appointed. This presents NGC with more opportunities to optimise its management and administration.

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