Economy & Business

“Socfin must stay” – workers demand

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 March 2019: Workers of Socfin Agricultural Company in Sierra Leone have told the government that the presence of the agricultural company in Pujehun District, Sahn Malen Chiefdom that has transformed the chiefdom and district to the admiration of most locals, is vital to the economic wellbeing [Read More]

Economy & Business

World Bank’s $325 million funding will help kick start Sierra Leone economy

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 March 2019: Sierra Leone’s economy is in dire need of external financial support to unlock the massive private sector investments required by the Bio led SLPP government to create jobs and put money in people’s pockets. President Bio has promised the creation of millions of jobs, [Read More]

Education and Health

Sierra Leone Journalists trained in human trafficking

Alfred Fornah: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 March 2019: The International Organization for Migration ( IOM) last week conducted training for media practitioners on Trafficking in Persons ( TIPs) in Sierra Leone. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare , Gender and Children’s Affairs from 5th [Read More]

Economy & Business

1000 hectares rice to be grown in each district of Sierra Leone – says farming minister

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 March 2019: Sierra Leone’s minister of agriculture forestry and food security – Dr. Jonathan Joseph Ndanema has announced that each district in the country has been charged with the responsibility of cultivating 1,000 hectares of rice in order to attain Sierra Leone’s food self sufficiency. He [Read More]


Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Amendment Bill 2019: A rejoinder to JFK’s thoughts

Francis Ben Kaifala: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 March 2019: My attention has been drawn to an article in the Sierra Leone Telegraph, by Joseph Kamara (also “JFK”) which raises legal questions around the amendments tabled before Parliament which, the current leadership of the Commission, believes, will revolutionize the fight against [Read More]