Education and Health

Vice president Jalloh launches early child development centres

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 September 2021: The Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh today Thursday 9th September, formally launched 30 Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC) in three districts of Bombali, Pujehun and Kambia respectively. The formal launch took place in Sawulia village in the Bombali district. The [Read More]

Abdulai Mansaray

Guinea and Sierra Leone – where lie the similarities?

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 September 2021: Since the military uprising, sorry the coup in neighbouring Guinea, Sierra Leoneans have inundated social media with their views, feelings and interpretations of the whole saga, some even with wishful thinking. (Photo above: Former president Koroma and Alpha Conde). Notwithstanding the geographical [Read More]


APC will die when the SLPP dies

Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 September 2021: It is laughably laughable for any sane Sierra Leonean, who is currently residing in Sierra Leone, to assert that the government of President Julius Maada Bio has curbed nepotism, corruption, and has improved the Human Capital Development in the country. [Read More]


More allegations of malfeasance exposed in the Bio-led government

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 September 2021: Since taking over the reins of power and governance in 2018 in Sierra Leone after winning presidential elections, president Bio’s government continues to face many allegations of abuse of office, corruption, and poor governance, not least by the Africanist Press. Those allegations run across [Read More]


Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and co-accused granted bail

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 September 2021: The Judiciary Communications Unit of Sierra Leone has in the last hour announced that popular opposition politician Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and co-accused, Marion Arouni have today been granted bail. They are both before the Sexual Offences Model Court presided by Justice Samuel Omodele Taylor [Read More]

Abdulai Mansaray

Is dissent an act of faith in a democracy? Lessons from the Guinean military coup

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 September 2021: On August 19, 2020, I questioned whether the coup in Mali was a sign, “Is Africa returning to its bad old ways? (Sierra Leone Telegraph. Com, It took one year to fulfil that prophesy, no arrogance intended, but we told you [Read More]

Economy & Business

Bank Governor seems to have shaken a can of worms – prices are now flying

Dr. Dennis Bright – NGC Party Chairman: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 September 2021: Have you ever seen videos and pictures of Ministers and top officials visiting slum areas after a disaster? Did you notice the expressions of sorrow and sympathy on their faces? They almost want to cry!  But in [Read More]


ECOWAS responds to the military coup in Guinea as Guineans hope for change in their livelihood

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 September 2021: There is much uncertainty across Guinea Conakry today as the dust begins to settle, following yesterday’s military coup which saw 83-year-old president Conde ousted from office at gunpoint. The military has ordered ministers and heads of government departments and agencies to a meeting to [Read More]


Military take-over in Guinea Conakry after heavy gunfire

Reuters: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 September 2021: Special forces soldiers apparently ousted Guinea’s long-serving President Alpha Conde today Sunday, telling the West African nation they had dissolved its government and constitution and closed its land and air borders. As the United Nations and Nigeria, the region’s dominant power, condemned any [Read More]