APC delegates conference kicks-off tomorrow – will Sam Sumana be endorsed as party member?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 September 2021:

National delegates of Sierra Leone’s embattled main opposition political party – the All Peoples Congress (APC), will meet in the northern city of Makeni tomorrow Friday for a three-day conference to adopt the party’s new constitution, following a marathon of court hearings and a final court order demanding tomorrow’s conference under strict rules.

Today, the party’s National Secretary General, Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh has invited all delegates qualified to attend tomorrow’s national conference –  “to accredit delegates, observers and other invited guests on Thursday 16th September 2021 at the APC Regional Headquarters in Makeni.”

But critics say that this is in violation of the court order which stipulates that the party’s 21-Man Committee known as the ‘Emergency Delegates Conference Technical Committee’ which has been established by a Court Order – “whose sole function shall be to undertake the planning and preparation leading up to the emergency national delegates conference,” should be organizing all activities relating to the conference including accreditation of delegates, without the involvement or interference of the current national executive of the party who are banned from taking part in the conference.

Breach of court order may lead to contempt procedings brought against the party executive.

Two days ago, the 21-Man Committee issued this statement through the party’s secretariat ahead of tomorrow’s delegates conference, reminding the public and its members about how the APC party is where it is today. This is what it says:


“On behalf of the 21-Man Committee and the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party, let me welcome you to this maiden press briefing of the 21-Man Committee. For the benefit of those who may not know, l will endeavor to inform you that the 21-Man Committee is borne out of the Court Order issued by the Honorable Mr. Justice Adrian Fisher J that states; “There shall be an Emergency Delegates Conference Technical Committee, consisting of 21 members, whose sole function shall be to undertake the planning and preparation leading up to the emergency national delegates conference.”

You will recall that after the Party lost the presidential election in 2018 the call for democratic reforms by the National Reformation Movement (NRM) and other members of the Party ensued over, amongst a host of issues, in retrospect; (1) Elections process of office bearers at constituency, district, regional and the National Delegates Conference (NDC) levels. (2) The Party’s 1995 Constitution was rendered inadequate especially for its selection clause.

A 9-Man Committee was formed, which was mandated to go around the country to investigate the cause of the popular disenchantment amongst a good number of the members of the Party. The 9-Man Committee brought forth three major recommendations; (1) the need to review the 1995 APC Constitution, (2) the need to create a committee that will monitor the process and (3) the need to create a peace and mediation mechanism. As a result of the foregoing recommendations of the 9-Man Committee, the following committees were formed: (1) the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), (2) the Monitoring Committee and (3) the Peace and Mediation Committee.

Concerns from some members were also raised over the legality of the present National Executive of the Party, whose mandate had expired and duly extended by the National Advisory Committee (NAC). This was because, the constitutional timeline to organize a National Delegates Conference to elect new office bearers in accordance with the provision of the 1995 Constitution of the Party was impeded by a state of emergency and other Executive Orders mainly due to the fight against Covid-19.

Nonetheless, the Party found it difficult in managing the alleged illegality claim and the array of other concerns that emerged within the Party rank and file. Just when the Party organized a National Delegates Conference and assembled in Port Loko for the purpose of adopting the reviewed constitution in January 2020, members of the NRM took the Party to Court and the Court slammed an injunction on the Party restraining it from organizing that National Delegates Conference. Many negotiations between the Party’s leadership and the NRM did take place afterwards mostly led by a peace facilitator and a group of moral guarantors. The negotiations led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and an out of court settlement.

Mr. Alfred Peter Conteh also took the Chairman, the National Secretary General, the APC Party and the Political Parties Registration Commission to Court.

During the process, the Party asked for a variation of the injunction on 26th February 2021 to allow the Party to conduct a National Delegates Conference. The Party appealed the 26th February variation order because it exempted members of the National Advisory Committee, the National Secretary General and a host of other members of the National Executive from taking part as delegates. On 9th August 2021, the Court over ruled and ordered that “The Party shall hold an Emergency National Delegates Conference for the sole purpose of adopting the amended draft constitution and to deal with any unresolved membership issues.”

The following office holders of the Party are restrained by the Court Order from taking part as delegates in the Court Ordered Emergency National Delegates Conference: (1) All members of the National Advisory Committee; (2) the National Secretary General; (3) the Assistant National Secretary General; (4) the National Organizing Secretary; (5) the Assistant National Organizing Secretary; (6) the National Publicity Secretary; (7) the Assistant National Publicity Secretary; (8) the National Treasurer; (10) the five regional chairmen; (11) the 16 districts chairmen and the 132 constituency chairmen.

The Court ordered that the 21-Man Technical Planning Committee shall be comprised as follows:

(1) that the Party shall nominate nine representatives, plus the Chairman of the 21-Man Committee, who shall not be a member of the current executive; (2) That the plaintiff shall nominate four representatives, one of whom shall be the secretary to the Committee; (3) That the diaspora membership of the Party shall nominate three representatives to the Committee; (4) That the NRM shall nominate two members to the Committee; (5) That the Big Six shall nominate two members to the Committee; (7) That the Secretary General of the Party shall coordinate and implement the decisions of the Emergency Delegates Conference Technical Committee; (8) That the Committee in exercise of its mandate shall consult with the Chairman of the Political Parties Registration Commission.

The first meeting of the parties [representatives of the APC, representatives of Alfred Peter Conteh, representatives of the Diaspora, representatives of the NRM and representatives of the Big Six] on the 21-Man Committee was called on the 13th August 2021 at the PPRC office where a draft matrix of the modus operandi was discussed and agreed upon. A 10-Man Standing Committee was formed and mandated to carry out the day-to-day functions of the 21-Man Committee.

So far, in accordance with the Court Order, I am pleased to inform the Party membership and the general public that the 21-Man Committee has planned and prepared and the Secretariat has coordinated and implemented the conduct of 132 elections 5 delegates in each constituency; 17 National Youth League elections to elect one youth delegate in each district and 17 Women’s Congress elections to elect one woman in each district totaling 166 elections.

Overall, the conduct of the elections was open, free and fair. 159 elections in total were completed and certified in the presence of observers and under the supervision of the PPRC with over 95% success rate. This was not, however, without some challenges the electoral teams faced in 7 constituencies: Constituencies 024, 025, 026 and 027 in Kono district; Constituency 061 in Kambia district and Constituencies 079 and 087 in Bo district.

The electoral teams reported that these elections were impeded by threat of violence, violent demonstration against the electoral teams and disruption of the election process. It was reported by the elections authorities in Kambia district that, at least, one member of the 21-Man Committee was assaulted and spat upon. Five people are standing trial in Kono district for attacking and assaulting elections officers.

The 21-Man Committee met on 14th August 2021 at the PPRC conference hall and resolved after consultation with the Commission that there will be no reruns of elections in these constituencies. The Party secretariat, the 21-Man Committee and the PPRC did not anticipate reruns in their planning and there was no time for reruns. Above all, there was a common consensus amongst the Committee members that the Court Order did not include reruns.

I am pleased to inform the Party membership and the general public that the 21-Man Committee and the APC secretariat under the supervision of the PPRC are in compliance with the Court Order so far:

(1) The 21-Man Committee was formed. (2) The national secretariat is providing unfettered access to the resources of the Party to facilitate the smooth running of the Committee. (3) The National Secretary General has published the original draft constitution in two national newspapers with wide coverage within seven days of the Court Order and served a copy to the Court, the PPRC Chairman, the solicitor of Alfred Peter Conteh within 7 days of the Court Order and made the draft constitution available at the headquarters of the Party in Freetown. (4) The National Secretary General has published a list of registered voters. (5) The Party completed the elections of five delegates in each 125 constituencies, elections of twenty delegates for the National Youth League and election of twenty delegates for the Women’s Congress. (6) The delegates list has been compiled, submitted to the Chairman of the PPRC and published.

In conclusion, it shows that the APC Party is truly a democratic institution and all the factions have demonstrated a spirit of good faith, all geared towards the adoption of a constitution that is consistent with the national Constitution and international democratic standards and best practice going forward.

In essence, the APC Party, the Alfred Peter Conteh faction, the NRM faction, the Diaspora faction and the Big Six faction will now allow the Party to achieve its aims and objectives, the intentions of the good faith reasoning behind the request made by the Party leadership when it requested for the variation of the Court Order. We are confident that this process will also enhance our path to overcome our challenges and build a united force to win the presidential election in 2023.

We also wish to remind all our stakeholders and membership at large that the Court Oder calls for a sole agenda, that there will be no flag bearer and other office bearer banners, paraphernalia and support groups activities at the National Delegates Conference on the 17th, 18th and 19th September 2021 and that any breach of the Court Oder will be tantamount to contempt of Court.

At this juncture, I will entreat you to the words of Edmund Burke that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” and thus; bad things happen when good people do nothing. Edmund Burke’s 1787 parliamentary debate also taught us that The Fourth Estate may not be political but it is formally recognized as a part of a political system that wields significant social influence.

Therefore, we have called on you here today to serve as the conduit of communication for the benefit of our members and the general public to appraise the work of the 21-Man Committee and the Party Secretariat. The Court, under strict timeline, ordered the 21-Man Committee and the Party under the supervision of the PPRC to undertake the planning and preparation and the coordinating and implementing functions, respectively, of the conduct of the Emergency National Delegates Conference on the 17th, 18th and 19th of September 2021. Once more, I am pleased to inform you that we are in full compliance.

Please do us a favor; we encourage you to bring the content of this press briefing to our membership nationwide and the general public at large.” (END).


What is not clear today is whether the thorny issue of the former vice president Sam Sumana’s membership of the party be resolved at the Delegates’ Conference this weekend, following his expulsion from the party and sacking as vice president in 2015 by former president Ernest Bai Koroma.

CORECTION: We incorrectly stated yesterday that the letter below was sent to Sam Sumana two days ago by the party executive to inform him that his membership issue has been resolved subject to endorsement by the national delegates. Please note that the letter was sent to Sam Sumana last year – 2020.

But the question still stands as to whether his membership will be on the APC party’s agenda in Makeni today?



  1. SMOG” Samuel Madunka Obi… or Save Me O God”, another new secret revelation folks wow.
    A reliable sources told me last night that, as the all peoples congress badly hungry for the state house at this desperate time, now they’re secretly negotiating; Dr. Samura Kamara and Chief Samuel Sam Sumana ticket, for comes 2023. This is a big battle my fellow good readers in this noble platform, but one thing more interested to me that is, Mr. (A) has been running for president the last time and failed, on the other hand Mr. (B) been a respectable elected Vice President once, and removed unlawfully.

    Now my main question is, who’s to become the flagbearer and the next man steps down genuinely?, APC is in real disarray these days only if the life chairman threatening another saying” if you don’t I would make you vanish”. President Bio is blessed, if Ernest Bai Koroma can wins his second term in 2012, why not Bio?.
    One country one people, the 70s are over no more (gbagbati). may God bless my country Sierra Leone.

  2. We the people of this great country watching as an unfold of campaign has started wrapping up, though there is 24 months more to go from now. But my hope is that, the” Chinese APC” never participated again in the next campaign, because Sierra Leone will never be China period. SLPP party’s leader and and the voters watching, listening carefully how the APC party have started tearing one another. At this time; name calling mountains like saying” no Dr. Samura Kamara nor Chief Samuel Sam Sumana”. Right now the current administration is winning why I say so? because the former President, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma is the most tough man in the APC party today. Their major problem at this critical moment is, who’s to choose as the next party presidential flagbearer comes 2023?

    My fellow readers let’s rest assure that as long as the former Pres. Ernest B. Koroma is the main shadow in this whole process trust me and may God spears our lives together to witness 2023 election. My prediction is; Bio’s victory is right there at the corner of the screen. APC is really hungry for power but they don’t want to choose the right candidate for president, have my sympathy. RIP to APC comes 2023. Bye bye!

  3. Wow, seems like veteran diplomat, chief Sahr Matturi, is on campaign mode, firing on all six cylinders for his desire APC flagbearer, hahaha. As expected, some political fanatics will try to muddy the waters in whatever way, though it will turn out to be a fruitless endeavor. For some of us, it’s a welcoming development to see the machinery of democracy rumbling again within the APC, after several tumultuous intra-party infighting. We pray for a peaceful and successful outcome.

  4. The APC should not let someone like Sam Sumana become their flag bearer;He is not a reliable politician and he is very corrupt and dishonest;The APC chased him away and disgraced him and he still came back to them because he is anxious for power – Ah beg you ya; Please don’t try to throw us this time from frying pan into fire. Let Samura Kamara run again as flag bearer – this time he is surely going to win because our people are fed up with the lies of Maada Bio.

    • What do you mean by reliable politician Ms Kadiatu Koroma? Show me a reliable politician that you have ever met? Thanks for your insight God bless you.

  5. My only prayer everyday is for democracy to continue to prevail in our nation based on the fact that I experienced the effect on one party dictatorship for 25 years under the APC government.
    Thankfully, late President Ahmed Tejan Kabba patiently rebuilt our institutions after the destruction caused by the 11 years civil war and the devastation caused by the APC members that incited and sponsored Johnny Paul Koroma .
    Unfortunately, the division that occurred within the SLPP between late Vice President Berewa and Charles Margai ended up in another tragedy in our nation by bringing APC back to power.
    Former President Earnest Koroma’s flagship program was to “ Run the country as his personal business” which he accomplished by enriching his family members and supporters until our country was rated as the most corrupt in the world which eventually ended in Austerity. They now expect President Bio to transform the economy within a year before Covid-19 and after the world was on lockdown for a year.
    He once again laid the foundation for the destruction of our fragile democracy by following the footsteps of late President Stevens (Pass Ar Die) by declaring himself as the lifetime chairman and leader of the APC but was not man enough to implement his “ More Time” agenda.
    He decided to unconstitutionally removed his elected Vice President Sam Sumana and eventually handpicked his stooge Samura Kamara and threatened to “step on the grave and drink a champagne over anyone that disobey his order” at his party convention in Makeni.
    Finally, now that he is no longer the Commander In Chief, the APC party members have an opportunity to re- write their history of Democratic Change by treating the cause of the problems rather than the symptoms.

  6. In the World of spin and presentation, this APC party conference gathering of the great and good, and the not so great, and good, and the wider membership of the party and political wonks, will in tbe next three days decides the soul of the APC party and which direction it is heading, as its set it stall both within the party and the country at large. The party leadership have to decide which side they are on. The people of Sierra Leone or their self intrest. The stakes have never been higher. A leap to the known, unknown, known. What comes out of the wash in Makeni is anyone’s guess. This party conference in Makeni will definitely be seen as a make or break in helping shape the party’s agenda, and whether it is ready for government, or will it continue on its destructive path,with egos flying all over the place, and wallow in the opposition wilderness for the next few years. So what prompts the party faithful to gather for this political jamboree?

    Much have been said about the court rulings and how the party have to follow the guidelines set by the courts to avoid washing their dirty laundry in public. Ostensibly what this meetings should be about , is to try and resolve some of the painful episodes that have occurred since they lost the 2018 presidential election to Bio’s SLPP party. My advise to them, is firstly to resolve the personal issues like the faith of the former vice president Sam Sumana on the first day of the conference. Then anyother issues that needs to be brought to the fore, iron it out don’t let it linger on .And most importantly, don’t let personel issues hang over the conference hall like a dark shadow, otherwise, your Party’s standing in the public view will be for ever dented futher. Technically the ultimate aim of this get to get together is the work out policy framework for which future strategies are formulated that will be presented to the general public, so there is a clear blue water between APC and SLPP policies, that the voting public can study and react to.Given the public real choices between competence, and Bio’s incompetent government.

    It will be naive of anyone to think this years party conference will passed off peacefully, without the inevitable showdown between the APC different political factions. There are still remnants of more combative age, I call the old guard that will not give up their position and influence within the party with out a scrap. The resulting fracas will make for an intriguing entertainment for some us the spectators outside, and I think it should be allowed, not stage manage, to allow all members to vent their impassioned views points. That is what democracy is all about. I hope the party will decide the fate of figures like Dr Blyden and Rt. Major Paulo Alfred Conteh. This two have more than their fair share of being APC party members. The least the party can do is to acknowledge their suffering under the Bio dictorships.

  7. Chief Sam-Sumana seems to lack integrity. He built up a party which has five seats in parliament. He has abandoned his party and all the people who voted for him. He is indicative of the people who have ruined Sierra Leone with no morals or principles.

    • Wait a minute Mr Leo Africanus. I don’t get your point about lack of integrity and, at the same time, building a party with five seats in parliament? Are you sure that the party the charismatic Chief Sam Sumana made has five seats in parliament? Would you please reply as quickly as you possibly can to my question? Very important for your credibility on this glorious platform. Tell us if it was a mistake or you are just jealous of Chief Sam Sumana, the potential next President and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces. I would be the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone instead of building a political party with five seats in parliament, as Mr Leo Africanus alleged. These are the arguments that we need to boost the integrity and personal character of Chief Sam Sumana and put the fake news to rest after clearing the air. God bless Chief Sam Sumana, the APC and Mr Leo Africanus. Chief Sam Sumana will “get SAHLONE sorted” and get things done by the grace of God. “Waitin dem min”? Yeah!

      • Mr Matturi, if I have offended you, I do apologise. I am not familiar with monarchical systems, however, I realise that the Chief may be royalty, so while nor meaning or casting any shadow over Kono’s royalty. I am talking about Sam Sumana the politician. He is a betrayer of his people. Kono is the richest land in Sierra Leone. What policies has the Chief formulated or postulated during his tenure as the leader of the C4C for the improvement of his people. It is a disgrace that Kono should be so poor, while so rich.

        As Mr Coleman rightly pointed out the man was exposed by Al Jazeera as a crook. After being treated so shamefully by Ernest Koroma, if he had any shred of self respect left, he would have stayed in his lane. The Kono’s are descendants of the Great Mande Empire of Sundiata Keita. They surely deserve better.

        • Mr. Africanus, Well said. Part of the reasons for Africa’s lagging economic progress can be found in the decisions made by voters relative to who they vote for in elections for public offices. The fact is, if you elect a rogue and a man with a character deficit to a public office, you should not complain when he embarrasses you by looting the treasury and engaging in other unsavoury behaviors. Who in Sierra Leone does not know that when it comes to integrity, former Vice President Samuel Samsumana is man that is seriously challenged? Although it was unconstitutional of the APC and President Ernest Koroma to have fired this guy from his position as Vice President of Sierra Leone, some of the arguments advanced by the then president for his action made sense. What boss would not be tired with working with a guy of low morals, a guy that was caught on tape negotiation an illegal sale of timber? Is this the same guy that is aspiring for the flag bearer position of a major political party? Would the APC be able to recover from the embarrassment of a Samsumana presidential candidacy?

          Moreover, what really does Samsumana bring to the APC and Sierra Leone? Zilch. It is said that before President Koroma wielded the axe on his former running mate, a group of Kono politicians had made a courtesy call on the president to explain how dissatisfied they were with the then vice president’s behaviours in Kono. This means that not only is Samsumana bad for Sierra Leone but he is not even good for Kono. Indeed, after his disgraceful expulsion from the APC, the former Vice President joined the C4C party, a party that has no national appeal. The C4C only won parliamentary seats only in Kono, and its leader, Samsumana, crashed on his face in the presidential elections. This shows that contrary to what Samsumana believes, a single ethic group cannot elect the president of Sierra Leone. So, this is the type of limitation that Samsumana brings to the APC. No one cares about the guy beyond the borders of Kono. And even within the district of Kono, Samsumana’s appeal is at best marginal.

          Have folks forgotten that Samsumana contested and lost in the parliamentary elections of 2007 in Kono? Let’s put it this way, Samsumana is a fairweather and avaricious politician that is quick to change his colors and jump on a moving gravy train. He jumped like a rat from the sinking C4C ship. And even when it was the APC that ridiculed him and disgraced him internationally, with his tail between his legs, he runs back to ‘omojuba’ and beg for forgiveness. What a weak and unserious guy.

          • Thank you very much, Mr Bilal Coleman, for being the proxy autobiographer of Chief Sam Sumana. I feel sorry for Mr Sorious Samura each time his unfortunate documentary with Aljazeera surfaces. Does Mr Bilal Coleman know that even Aljazeera have backed away from that controversial and ill-informed documentary? Read this article for some advice – https://sierraexpressmedia.com/?p=43376. When push came to shove, Aljazeera abandoned Mr Sorious Samura to save their enterprise. If Aljazeera and Mr Sorious Samura have abandoned what they believe had a lot of controversial and incorrect information, who is Mr Bilal Coleman or Mr Leo Africanus to continue spreading the “BIG LIE”.

            Mr Bilal Coleman should not only tell me that he is a cardholder of the NGC – https://www.thesierraleonetelegraph.com/president-bio-achieving-his-manifesto-promises/ , but tell me when he “left the SLPP and registered with the NGC”. Since I observed his participation on this glorious platform, Mr Bilal Coleman was SLPP and a staunch supporter of President Bio. He was always at loggerheads with Mr Saidu Conteh, read this ladies and gentlemen – https://www.thesierraleonetelegraph.com/my-government-will-diversify-sierra-leones-economy-says-president-bio-at-london-summit/comment-page-1/. Mr Abdul Rahid Thomas had to intervene to calm the situation at times. Now, because Mr Bilal Coleman knows very well that the Bio SLPP, which he supported all along, is going to lose in 2023, he has abandoned the SLPP and some of his allies like the respected Mr Alusine Fallay to “join the NGC without even resigning from the SLPP” in my view. You can’t get it both ways, Mr Bilal Coleman. You can’t depend on an Aljazeera documentary that Aljazeera has abandoned because of many flawed and misleading information to criticise the respected and potential President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Chief Sam Sumana.

            Only people who have grudges and bias against Chief Sam Sumana will continue to spread the fake news and the big lie from that unfortunate Aljazeera documentary. Let me ask you one more time, Mr Bilal Coleman – where is the video to prove your argument? Attack me instead of attacking Chief Sam Sumana. Credibility on this glorious platform is very important Mr Bilal Coleman. All the best, Mr Bilal Coleman and good night.

          • I don’t know if there is much difference between Samsumana and Maada Bio when it comes to integrity. Sam is coming from Kono a minority group. Bio comes from Shebro, even more minute than Kono. Bio gravitated towards the Mendes the second most populous group. What is wrong if Samsumana gravitates towards the Themne-Limba hegemony, the first and forth populous ethnic groups in the country?

            Bio was a nation wrecker when he presided over the looting of the consolidated funds with Samura Kamara, something that the person (Captain Strasser) did not do in his four years at the helm of things. SLPP supporters have demonstrated to Sierra Leone that you can steal from the national coffers and they will go ahead and put you in state house to continue your thieving. Did I hear someone say that the SLPP first supported Tejan Kabba a celebrated embezzler to state house and the man continue his act with the post war recovery aids that we got.

            In 2018, despite the pool of highly qualified people with integrity among their ranks the SLPP chose to put Bio who refused to account for 18 million dollars that he stole from the consolidated funds? Can you compare that to Samsumana. Please SLPP, remove the specks in your eyes and then, only then can you talk about others. I hope the APC will do the right thing to give someone out of the North the chance to redeem their image and will better do that if not Samsumana.

        • Good evening Mr Leo Africanus. You don’t have to apologise for anything. I asked you a straightforward question. Instead of answering my question to save your credibility in the eyes of more than 26000 people, you sent a barrage of unnecessary literature from fake news about chief Sam Sumana without proof, way down to the history of the great Mande Empire of Sundiata Keita. That does not interest me at all. All you are saying about Chief Sam Sumana is for the birds, which is very difficult for even the inhabitants of Cloud Cuckoo Land. Please answer this simple question, and no apologies this time – “Are you sure that the party the charismatic Chief Sam Sumana made has five seats in parliament”? Yes or No? God bless Mr Leo Africanus, and Good night to you.

  8. Salone’s APC sometimes draws striking similarities to the Republican party in the United States. Both have Red as the color of their party and both are run by men who were former heads of state. These men, Donald Trump (Republican Party) and Ernest Koroma (APC) from time to time would summon their respective membership to their places of abode to kiss their rings. While those that conform would remain in the leader’s good grace, those that refuse to conform face the threat of expulsion from the party.

    The implications of the foregoing is that party politics is reduced to cultism where the cult of the personality is central in all party activities. Thus, survival in the party is reduced to a scheme of brutal competition among nervous party sycophants.

    There can be no ambiguity in the suggestion that at the end of day, Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara will be the APC flagbearer again. Even as immoral as the APC is, it would not want to embarass itself or inflict a self wound by electing/selecting Samuel Samsumana as party flagbearer. Samsumana is disgrace to all Sierra Leoneans. This is a man who lied to a regional court -ECOWAS to receive a favorable judgement that he never deserved. This is also a man who handled his job as Vice President recklessly. Who would forget that moment when Samsumana was caught on an AL Jazeera video negotiating an illegal timber sale?

    • The mother of all facts has begun on this glorious platform. I will make sure that the more than 26000 readers of this excellent online newspaper know the truth and put the credibility of all those unfounded and bogus claims against Chief Sam Sumana on the receiving end of the political equation. Mr Bilal Coleman is once again on this glorious platform with his baseless claims against Chief Sam Sumana. I was waiting for you to check-in before I made my counterattack. Don’t think you will hide behind the radar on this glorious platform. We know how to “3 foot” our opponents and put them on the defensive. More revelations are yet to come. There are loads of notes about what people say or do in my political diary. It’s a blessing to be on this glorious platform. Some people think that we are here to see and read. No way. Would you please read the comments on this article that made Mr Bilal Coleman became invisible for a very long time? – https://www.thesierraleonetelegraph.com/political-violence-in-kono-former-vice-president-sam-sumana-attacked/? I never saw Mr Bilal Coleman again since I challenged him on his baseless forest or whatever claims against the potential leader and flag bearer of the unbeatable and legendary APC. If he succeeds as the flag bearer of the APC, then there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the next president and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.
      Until you produce the said video Mr Bilal Coleman, all your criticisms about Sierra Leone’s most famous and pragmatic politician, Chief Sam Sumana, will be for the birds. Did I hear Mr Bilal Coleman saying that he is NGC? I thought he was SLPP. Prove me wrong, ladies and gentlemen, before I bring out the facts. Never take this glorious platform for granted. “Talk half lef half” and wait for the next opportunity to neutralise the weak political punches. God bless Chief Sam Sumana and the APC.

  9. Fantastic news. I can’t wait to start commenting on this article, even though I’m busy right now. The APC is determined to do the right thing to get things done in the 2023 general elections. What a strategic political operation with strategic political timing. See the rebound of the Leones against the dollar when investors heard about the confirmation of Chief Sam Sumana’s unconditional endorsement by the APC, in my view. Click, read and compare – https://www.exchangerates.org.uk/USD-SLL-exchange-rate-history.html.
    Imagine how strong the Leones will be against the dollar if Chief Sam Sumana becomes leader and flag bearer of the APC. If Chief Sam Sumana becomes President, investors will focus on Sierra Leone, eventually making Sierra Leone the Paradise of West Africa. What is wrong with that, ladies and gentlemen. God bless the legendary and unbeatable APC and Chief Sam Sumana. Yeah. TBC.

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