ACC boss Kaifala’s pursuit of the Mayor of Freetown is purely political

Alan Luke: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23rd August 2021:

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commissioner has lost any shred of credibility left. All pretence of independence and adhering to the rule of law has been put aside.  These days, Ben Kaifala is not usually seen with his bounty hunters, the so called ‘Scorpion Unit.’ His sights are now firmly on the Freetown Municipality, which is crucial to the SLPP’s efforts towards a second term in office.

President Bio’s ineptitude and abuse of office are evident to all Sierra Leoneans, even to those who were willing to given him a chance, believing that he had experienced a Damascus Road conversion at some point in his twenty-two years in the political wilderness and unemployment.

His government’s decision through the Bank of Sierra Leone to redenominate the Leone, is yet another farcical attempt to hoodwink voters that under his leadership, hyperinflation will be brought under control. This is simply another evidence of his ineptitude on economic issues.

President Bio’s incompetence puts undue pressure on those running MDAs like the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone and the Anti-Corruption Commissioner, to direct all state resources towards securing election success.  Thus, Mayor Aki-Sawyer has become the primary focus of Ben Kaifala’s attention.

Instead of investigating allegations by Chernor Bah of the Africanist Press, about hundreds of millions of Leones, allegedly withdrawn from the Bank of Sierra Leone by the Office of the First Lady, Ben Kaifala’s priority has been on payments of Le200 million made in relation to costs of official travel of the Mayor’s Delivery Unit Team Lead, and highlighted in the 2019 Audit Report.

The Audit Report noted on Page 91 that – ‘During 2019, the Council made total payments of Le200,942,333 for air tickets and per diems to individuals that are not staff of the Council. Additionally, back to office reports and evidence of the transfer of knowledge to Council staff regarding the travels undertaken were not submitted for audit inspection.

Mayor Aki-Sawyer was summoned to answer questions by the ACC on 15th July 2021, a day before she left Freetown for the UK.  The timing of the ACC summons appears to have given the impression that the mayor had done a runner and will not be returning to her job.

Unfortunately, Ben Kaifala’s efforts was futile, as Mayor Aki-Sawyer has continued to do her job, by highlighting the impact of heavy rains which damaged property on Owen Street, tree planting measures and street cleaning campaigns in Freetown, as well as commemorating the fourth anniversary of the Regent mudslide, which the government did not acknowledge.

Mayor Aki-Sawyer also met with the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, which shows that despite Ben Kaifala’s muck raking, her reputation for integrity and good governance remains undiminished.

Sierra Leoneans will want to understand why Ben Kaifala continues to waste public resources by pursuing Mayor Aki-Sawyer, when she has already clarified that the Consultant who heads the Mayor’s Delivery Unit is funded by Irish Aid and is tasked with the responsibility of mobilising donor funds for FCC.

In that capacity, the consultant is entitled to have her travel costs funded by the FCC, as was one Mr Paul Massaquoi, who worked in the Office of the First Lady as highlighted in the 2019 Audit Report.

The Auditor General noted in page 434, that a Daily Subsistence Allowance (i.e., per diem) of US$2,160 was paid to a Mr Paul Massaquoi as part of the delegation of the Office of the First Lady during a visit to Niamey, Niger to attend the 23rd Oaflad Ordinary General Assembly.

The Secretary to the President’s response to the Auditor General’s query on this matter was that, Mr Massaquoi was offering technical advice to the Office of the First Lady. He was not on the regular payroll; and that it was deemed appropriate to give him financial support.

It therefore begs the question, if Mr Massaquoi’s travel at the public’s expense for zero tangible benefit to the lives of ordinary Sierra Leonean is justified, why is the ACC hell bent on pursuing the payment and per diem to the Mayor’s Delivery Unit’s Team Lead, who is working her socks off, to help transform Freetown?

Ben Kaifala needs to explain what he is doing to pursue the Le177 billion in Cash Losses reported in the 2019 Audit Report, as well as funds managed by NaCOVERC, which the Auditor-General’s Report for March to June 2020, highlighted the following anomalies:

  • Procurement of 30 Motorbikes for the ONS, for Le651 Million
  • Misuse of Public Funds by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Le5,216,400
  • Procurement of 100 Bikes and 30 Vehicles by the MTA of Le20 billion
  • Procurement of 60 Motorbikes for RSLAF costing Le1.3 billion
  • Procurement of Goods and Services by the Finance Team of IHPAU of Le143,950,000
  • Procurement of 40 Motorbikes for the SLP worth Le868 million
  • Payments without Adequate Supporting Documents of Le3.1 billion
  • Suppliers Payment of Le124.7 million made through a Staff Member,
  • NaCOVERC paid Le6.2 billion as allowances without even a Basic Human Resource system in place.

Ben Kaifala should understand that the Mayor of Freetown is not like the schoolteachers who he paraded in handcuffs carrying placards, admitting their guilt, without any due process.  So much for his credentials as a human rights lawyer.

Freetonians elected the mayor resoundingly in 2021 and they applaud her efforts and her unflinching commitment to accountability and transparency. Freetonians are conscious of the fact that the municipality is the second largest electoral constituency, after the Presidency, and they will not allow the ACC to orchestrate a campaign to malign the mayor for political gain. Paopa get ihn limit.


  1. And another thing, Mr Leo Africanus. How do you arrive at the mathematical certainty that 99% of those criticising Bio and his SLPP administration are APC sympathisers and by extension KaThemne/Limba-speaking Northerners and North Westerners? Since you may not know them and may have only met them online, are the names of some of these sympathisers the only clue you have as to their party affiliation and ethno-regional provenance? If so, is that not a rather dangerous way of identifying people, being in essence a case of ethnic and regional profiling? Additionally, who might the remaining, very marginal and negligible 1% of critical voices be in terms of their politics and ethnicity?

    Assuming that they are neither Northerners/North-Westerners nor South-Easterners, they must ipso facto be from the only remaining region: the Western Area, the home of our Krio brothers and sisters. I don’t think for a moment that you believe this is the case. Otherwise, I will have to reach most reluctantly the conclusion that as the Western Area is where sizeable numbers of Themnes, Limbas, Mendes and other Northern/North-Western and South-Eastern ethnic groups also live and call home, only our Krio brothers can call out sincerely, democratically, unhypocritically the evil deeds of APC and SLPP administrations, past and present!

    But wait a minute. The respected. charismatic, dynamic and hardworking Madam Yvonne Aki-Sawyer is APC! She must be an ethnic Limba or Themne or both then? This is beyond ridiculous. My conclusion? Well, it seems to me that this forum is the home of a multiplicity of Sierra Leonean voices whose critical stances on issues of national import may at times if not always intersect, interpenetrate even; voices that are not necessarily at the service of narrow, self-seeking party-political and ethno-regional agendas.

  2. Leo African says —“ I shall reiterate my position. It is all good to criticise the current government, however, as with the current S.L.P.P, Voices of opposition tends to be nullified when their party comes to power. This defeats the whole purpose of a democratic society.”

    Hahaha, folks let’s try this again, Mr. Africanus claimed i misunderstood his earlier assertions, however, while trying to walk back on his labelling of critic of the current regime as doing so on the basis of tribalism and regionalism, he now devise a new dogma—opposition members changing stance on being critical on issues of national concern ‘defeats the whole purpose of a democratic society’. Really Mr. Africanus? In the domain of politics, isn’t this what is practice across democratic countries around the globe including Great Britain and the United States? Please point to us any nation that practices democracy, having a sitting government supporters being the most critical of that regime.

    In my earlier post, i noted not exactly knowing your crux of your assertions simply because, you appear to have an issue with opposition voices being the loudest critics of the current regime, when in fact, all across the globe this is exactly how democracy is design. So if anyone is confuse here Mr. Africanus, i think is you my brother. Maybe a google search will help you understand how multiparty democratic nations functions across the world.

  3. Mr Leo Africanus, I think it is really unfair to tar the stance of most of those critical here of Bio and his administration with the rather unholy brush of blind allegiance to tribe and region. Indeed, in the spirit of that logic of yours, are we to assume that the converse is also true – that most of those now singing here Bio and his government’s praises do so out of unquestioned devotion to their ethnicity and region of origin? I assume that you do not belong to either category of evaluators of Bio’s performance in office. Can I therefore suggest that like you many of Bio’s critics including me have no specific party affiliation? What is more, we have no ethnic and regional agenda whatsoever to push. We are neither APC nor SLPP (to name but the two most important political parties). Our position therefore has nothing to do with our ethnicities and regions of origin – be these the predominantly KaThemne-speaking North and North-West or the largely Mende-speaking South-East, from where Bio happens to hail. Our criticism stems quite simply from our being ordinary citizens who out of love and care for country and its people are grossly unhappy with the way Bio has been running our affairs.

    For reasons of limited time and space, I will illustrate my point by focusing on the central issue of national unity and cohesion. When the person who has been elected to govern in the interest of all Sierra Leoneans irrespective of their ethnic and regional backgrounds, goes out of his way to say openly that he knows only the work ethic of his own Mende people, thus justifying the current ethnic and regional imbalance in the distribution and exercise of national power, including appointments to public office, you cannot but feel and see that large swathes of the country and ethnic groups are being deliberately marginalised. Is it then reasonable to expect people from those regions and ethnic groups to remain silent and pretend nothing is amiss in Bio’s Sierra Leone, believing it to be the best of all possible worlds?

    You could of course reproach and justifiably so Kabba’s and Koroma’s administrations (and indeed many others before theirs) for being equally tribalistic and regionalistic in the way they ran the country in the time they were in power. However, are we not meant as rational, moral and ethical beings to learn from past mistakes? Is it hypocritical to believe and say our past failings which still impinge on our present can and should be undone to make way for a new, re-imagined present and consequently a better future? There must be a starting point for this hoped for national self-regeneration, and I believe that with the benefit of hindsight at his disposal and the unique and privileged position he occupies as president of our country, Bio ought to think and act in our collective, national interest. For in doing so, he will unleash and harness for all their worth the creative energies of all our regions and ethnic groups for the betterment of a united and indivisible polity. The vehemence with which some of us have been condemning Bio’s shortcomings should be seen as a measure of our conviction that if he really so chooses, he can govern our country differently, and this, for the benefit of all regions and ethnic groups. And believe me if the APC was in power today, celebrating a so-called work ethic of Themnes, Limbas, Lokos and what have you, some of us would come down on it like a ton of bricks.

  4. Hahaha, forgive me folks, but i am having a hard time wrapping my head around the sentiment expressed by brother Leo Africanus. He says, he subscribes to calling a spade a spade. Additionally, he claimed to agree that the current SLPP government is corrupt just as the former APC government. However, he turns around castigating those who are critical of the corrupt nature of the current SLPP government, asserting 99% are simply APC members. So the question becomes, what is exactly the crux of your sentiment Mr. Africanus? Are you for calling things as they are or scolding those who calls out injustices whether based on personal motives or not?

    Yes, we have participants in this platform who have never pretended to be otherwise, but SLPP and APC sympathizes. These folks are out in the open, defending and advocating for their respective parties, which clearly depicts the independence and tolerance by our host here honorable ART. What is disingenuous however, is to label the independent voices in this platform as simply being tribalistic or regionalism, despite the fact that a good number of those independent voices have time without number proven to be critical of the corrupt nature and excesses of both our major political parties.

    If a given government of the day engages in tribalism, corruption, regionalism, human rights abuses, political victimization, and a host of nondemocratic acts, it’s incumbent on all Sierra Leoneans and sympathizers to call out that regime, whether being in the opposition or not. Corruption and injustices does not serve the interest of majority of the Sierra Leonean citizens, so it makes no differences if opposition members are the only ones highlighting and bringing those excesses to the world attention. Supporters of a given regime who chooses to turn a blind eye to those excesses must be aware that they are working against their own interest because they might just be at the receiving end tomorrow when a new regime takes over. So please Mr. Africanus, let’s join hands to fight injustices and corruption for the good of all, labeling and castigating those who do so is counterproductive.

    • Your comments regarding my statements are erroneous to say the least. The Queen’s English can sometimes be problematic for some. I shall reiterate my position. It is all good to criticise the current government, however, as with the current S.L.P.P, Voices of opposition tends to be nullified when their party comes to power. This defeats the whole purpose of a democratic society. One would suggest going to google and translating my statements to any language that you are familiar with, to get the crux of my statement.

      • Brother Leo Africanus,

        You don’t have to go heads over heels explaining yourself. You write in plain simple English that can be understood by an elementary school pupil. The truth is, when folks are uncomfortable with the truth, they attack the messenger.

        Who in his right mind as a Sierra Leonean does not know that politics in that country is driven by tribalism and regionalism? Who in his right mind does not know that while the APC is dominated by Themnes and Limbas, the SLPP is dominated by Mendes? And who in his right mind does not know that inter party criticisms and attacks are colored by tribal and regional loyalties? Hypocrisy Galore!!!

        Brother Leo, do not be intimidated by anyone. Continue speaking truth to power.

    • Thanks Mr Young4na for highlighting the inconvenient truth about the assertion made by Mr Leo Aficanus, that for many on this forum are only hot under the collar, because we have an elected SLPP government led by president Bio in power for now. Who through no fault of his own, or just by the accident of birth is from the South of the country, and happened to be from the Mende tribe from the South. So for some of us from the North, we are so blinded by tribal and regional differences, we cannot stomach any president, or vice president that doesn’t share our ethnic make up. And if you really want to debunk Mr Africanus observation, you got to pinch yourself and asked what makes him think like that? Did he have the evidence to prove to the Sierra Leonean public that anyone who is critical of Bio’s is some one that is wishing him to fail.? Unfortunately, Many of our compatriots are wedded in that form of thinking, and beliefs.

      As Mr Abdulia Mansaray pointed out, what majority of us forget, if the government of Sierra-leone fails, it means we as a country called Sierra Leone failed. So is no brainer to be critical of Bio, if he is getting things right. We want him to succeed and be proud of our country. And on the claim that some of us will adopted a go slow policy on this forum if an APC government is in power, and corrupt, you should think again. What Mr Leo Aficanus is telling us, if lets say a Mr Leo Aficanus, no relationship to the one that made the observation on this forum, is the president of Sierra Leone or carries the same surname, by extention comes from the same tribe then whether a government led by a Mr Africanus is corrupt or not, for Mr Africanus, tribal and regional affiliations trumpet every thing. He will not be critical of such government.

      If we go by that premise, I as a Jalloh should not be critical of Julldeh Jalloh our vice-president. Chenor Bah of the Africanist press a Fulani should not be critical of some of Bio’s corrupt ministers. We should not be critical of former education minister late Mr. M. Bah. So since both the previous APC government and the present SLPP government have Fulanis in their cabinet, Fulanis should throw their support behind corrupt governments at the detriment of our country. I hope we move away from such lazy way of thinking. Lets support a government and economic policies that brings meaningful changes to people’s lives. Not because of their tribe or region, because it is the right thing to do for our country and its people.

      • Mr Jalloh, I am afraid you have got my statement wrong. My point is A.P.C or S.L.P.P supporters will criticise the other, when they are in power. Now the crux of my statement is, will these lovers of democray be so willing to criticise their own party or would they be blinded by tribal or regional loyalties? I await your answer.

        • Totally agree there is tribalism, and regionalism that exists in Sierra Leone. No one can deny that brutal fact. Bio himself admitted he only give jobs to his own kit amd kin. Now this is coming directly from the horse mouth. And just incase you are wondering, that unhinged statements from a president that promised us he will work to bring our country and its people’s together, I supposed that statement confirmed all our fears that Bio only cares for own people. For qualifications purposes, his people who just happen to share his own ethnicity. Are there other qualified tribes men in Sierra Leone or they don’t fit the bill. We know tribalism has been there long before Preident Bio assume office.But Bio speaking like that doesn’t help advance his course in trying to bring different people together. This divisions existed even before our independence was granted in the 1960s .Now forgive me if I got the wrong side of the stick of your argument.

          The bottom line is, what I don’t expect which we often get from our so called government Ministers,Hon Minister Abu Abu and his ilk, and some of our educated African brothers and sisters, is to use ethnicity and regional differences to feul more divisions in our country.That is just out of kilter. We’ve been through a bloody civil war that lasted for 11 years. We still haven’t learned anything from that war. Where countless of fellow Sierra-leoneans unnecessarily lost their lives and suffered life changing injuries.The scars of that war is still with us. The origin of the RUF wars didn’t start with Foday Sankoh and his group of pram bound child soldiers that come to terrorise communities in Kaliahun and Pujehun districts in the South. The 1982 suppression of villagers in Pujehun District by Cuban trained ISU, or later days as they are know SSD units sent purposely by the Stevens government for that task to suppressed a rebellion,if you believe the government narrative at the time, or for people demanding for through representstive government and their fundamental human rights , was the foundation stones for the success of Foday Sankoh’s RUF, to get the support when he come knocking.

          Initially,most of the support for Foday Sankoh a Northerner came from young men from Mende line. I supposed those young men in the South were not thinking Corporal Foday Sankoh was a Northerner but nevertheless joined his rag tag army to fight and overthrow the Momoh governments.So they were fighting for their interest not their Mende tribe. Indeed the RUF stayed in tact until later on when the West side Boys, a drugged up former soldiers of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed forces forming their own reble group. “SOBELS”. Well some will say the what about the Kamajors, well don’t forget where Foday Sankoh’s support initially attracted support.In fact the Kamajors were a mixed bag.Communities were forming their own civil defence groups. My Cousine was one of the commanders protecting our villages from RUF misfits. Apart from President Kabbah, no ones ever praise Dr Julious Spencer for his role in helping bring that tragedy that hits our country to an end . An unsung hero against Johnny Paul Koroma and Foday Sankoh’s RUF that invaded Freetown on 6th of January 1999.Bottom line we that can read and write should promote unity and peace in our country. With good intentions we will succeed. Right now it looks like an insurmountable challenge, but we got to keep trying. We have to see ourselves as Sierra Leoneans first. We breathe the same air and we live side by side. Unless of course we want to divide up Sierra-leone in to tiny tribal enclaves and hope to live heavenly ever after.

  5. Mr Dauda Yillah,Young4na,Abraham Amadu Jalloh and Madam Kadiatu Koroma I thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words;Indeed, the brilliant light of discernment has not been totally extinguished in Sierra Leone. Stargazer was right – Your welcoming attitudes and the simplicity,profundity and tolerance that I could easily discern in your comments are without doubt the clearest signs of your intelligence and untainted sense of judgement.

    Stargazer sends his warmest regards to you all and also to the distinguished Editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas a man setting a stellar example for others to emulate, an individual with a gracious heart that was the first to empathize with me on this forum when my beloved Stargazer informed him that I had suffered from Pneumonia and had been hospitalised for quite some time. Thank You.

  6. This is the very kaifala who came down from the hill top of fourah Bay college with a team called renaisance movement, protesting for dollar rates increase. Can someone help me asked him how much is the dollar rates right now in S.L as we speak? Oh salone, di ripoblik of u go soba. Usai man dae butu man wach!….

  7. Up here in Northern England, we call a spade a spade. If you have a country that is abundantly rich in mineral and marine resources, a minimal population and yet is one of the poorest on earth. Every Sierra Leonean from independence onward is to blame. We have people who are vehement in their criticism of the current S.L.P.P, who I agree are corrupt, however, the former A.P.C was no less corrupt.

    If the A.P.C were to come into power tomorrow, many voices on this forum will be silent, as to their excesses. Therefore, one detects a level of hypocrisy based on tribal affiliation that guides opposition to the government of the day. In conclusion, 99% of Sierra Leoneans are not true to themselves. Therefore, how can they be true to their country?

    • “If the A.P.C were to come into power tomorrow, many voices on this forum will be silent, as to their excesses. Therefore, one detects a level of hypocrisy based on tribal affiliation that guides opposition to the government of the day.” Leo Africanus

      What a brilliant statement, Mr. Africanus. I could not agree with you more. Salone politics is driven by tribalism and regionalism.

    • Mr Africanus, I beg to defy that for some of us blindly support a government because of tribal, and regional lineage. That couldn’t be futher away from truth. As I said before, my loyalty is to my country and its people. If President Bio pursue the right economics policies, promote social cohesion, respect the rule of law, commission an independent commission of inquiry of the unfortunate deaths of youngmen at Pademba Road prison, and retract his statement he made in an interview, that he only give positions of government to people he knows, not what they know or their qualifications, order the ACC commissioner ti look into the alleged allegations of corruption with in his government, stop the harvesting of our rain forest for Chinese markets, and work with the opposition to bring about the changes our country is crying out for, I doubt whether any Sierra Leonean will readily critical of the Bio government or any other government for that matter.

      If any future APC government is found to be corrupt and lack any sense of direction, on how to develop our country, trust me I will be on them like ton of bricks. Say my Father is the president of Sierra Leone, and corrupt to his bone marrow, I will be critical of his corrupt ways. The problem with Sierra Leoneans we blindly support politicians that dont benifet us and our country. That is the biggest problem we faced. I could we vote for two political parties, the same recycled political classes and expect changes.?

  8. Personally I believe that all our popular Mayor Aki Sawyer has to do is to defend herself just as Sylvia Blyden did when she was faced with a similar corruption allegation and was eventually exonerated. Thanks to President “Talk and Do” Bio for his wisdom of appointing “The People’s Commissioner” Francis Ben Kaifala who has once again raised our credibility rating around the world due to his determination to reduce corruption in our beloved country. Even the USA MCC condition of minimizing stealing in order to develop our Electricity infrastructure has been accomplished.

    Political economists also believe that although our country is still under IMF conditions due to the All Political Criminals (APC) Party, International Financial Institutions have given the green light to our “No Nonsense Bank Governor Professor Kelfala Morana Kallon for the redenomination of the Leone due to the reduction of inflation, which is one of the conditions to join the new ECOWAS currency (ECO) Hopefully our economy will be restored after the ECO is pegged to the EURO( due to the influence of France. Let’s continue to pray for Mayor Aki Sawyer’s safe return so she can first settle scores with her deputy.

  9. Thank you Chassidy for your kinds words;I was also shocked by Mr Matturi’s response and quick attempt to highlight something that was not of interest to me,Stargazer is my brother and all of his comments are sincere and true;l look forward to meeting both of you someday,You are a very smart lady;Your assessment Mr Sahr Matturi was correct and nothing new;Sierra Leoneans and love to pull down and destroy others out of jealosy hatred and envy.

  10. Peter Douda doesn’t even know that the mayor is the HEAD of the local government. Maybe he doesn’t understand the meaning of local government.

  11. This was the reason for appointing Ben Kaifala as the ACC boss in Sierra Leone by the SLPP Paopa prezo Bio. Ben Kaifala will not catch even one cockroach in his five years in office for corruption in Sierra Leone. As we are waiting for his contract with Paopa to come and end, he will surely pay for this Wichhunt.

  12. Please ACC live the Mayor of Freetown alone. Why you can’t go and investigate your useless paopa Government. We are prepared to fight for our beloved Mayor of Freetown. Your president visited Turkey to buy arms and ammunitions to kill his on people.

    • Mr Jalloh please tone down your fighting rhetoric. We dont want another war in our country. You can defend the mayor but please avoid the use of violence if thats what you mean by fighting. Thank you.

  13. Hello Ms. Shepherd, please extend my greetings to my younger brother, one of the prolific, intellectually, young genius, i have ever come across, the renowned author and business guru, the great Sayedna. What a gifted young man. Frankly, i was sadden by his predicament with our host here honorable ART. I know as a young man, he sometimes allow his emotion to get the best of him, however, being at a youthful age explains it all.

    We have all gone through those episodes. I am in my late thirties but still experiences those surge of emotions. It’s part of growing up and most importantly, it’s basically being human. I sincerely hope there is way around to have my boy back around. A good number of comment readers missed your input brother stargazer. Please fill in for my brother Ms. Shepherd from time to time if possible. Good to hear from you dear.

  14. Thanks Mr Shepherd for the acknowledgement from Mr Stargazer, and the knowledge he is okay and doing fine. Bio and his government will like nothing better than we ordinary Sierra Leoneans that try our best to place Bio’s and his pathetic government feet on fire, until we see genuine changes, the way we want our country to be govern for the good of all rather than few individuals, turn on each other.This is what the politicians have successfully managed to do with the uneducated youths of our country, and the vast majority of the voting public. Our politicians have managed to convince a vast majority of their supporters, about the lack of development in the country is because of some communities getting the leg over others. Now for some of us that can manage to string a sentence in the English language , or ‘Dee Krio language’ as some would suggest we do for clarity, should not fall in to such trap.If crickets are in the same frying pan, they should avoid kicking each other. Our country and its people needs to figure out ways to debate issues with out shouting at each other, or throwing punches at each other. Not long ago some of our elected members of Parliament were engaged in a bawled in the wells of the Sierra Leone Parliament.Now forgive me, this are the people we and our children look up to set the standards of how to behave in a public space.

    The fight was about procedural issues, brought about by the speaker of Parliament Dr Abass Bundu. Mark the word Doctor. There are lot of Doctors in that Parliament. So if they can behave like Mohamed Ali, or Iron Mike Tyson in a boxing ring, what hope does a skinny Fulani tribes man like me have?I won’t last the first round if I express disagreement with our resident Minister for Northern Province Hon Abu Abu, who have always boast of violence against his opponent to drive home his points.The point is, disagreeing with him and his idea of how we should do things in Sierra Leone doesn’t make him or Bio my enemy. And for many Sierra Leoneans, that is where the confusion starts. I think even Bio can’t tell the difference between an oppostion and opponent. I see the people in government not as individuals, but as public servants that are taking us as fools. Hence there is no malic to my comments. So I assume for everyone who take the trouble to post their comments about issues closer to their hearts . On that particular day, the opposition APC smelt a rat hence the fighting. Now one can assumed, with out a shadow of doubt, that majority of our MPs are highly educated. They can read and write down their names. So we should not follow in their foot steps.

    If there is one individual that have managed to promote fairness and allow all opinions heard, without fear or favour is the editor and his team of the Sierra Leone Telegraph. If only our country can adopt the work ethics and the way the Sierra Leone Telegraph is ran, and allow every tribe or region to express their hopes, fears and concerns, with out any repercussions, from the state, or the communities that share the same living space,our country will be in a different trajectory of development. We need more Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas’s in Sierra Leone.

  15. You can see the passive-aggressive behaviour by the ACC czar with his eyes rolled upwards. His look responds to an undesirable situation, corrupt financial den or persons he has no control over. A picture is worth a thousand words. SAD! President Bio should take the information displayed by the Africanist Press thoughtfully. First of all, there are top-secret leakers within his inner circle and confidants exposing him in disguise, I reckon. That is dangerous. Are those leaking the information to the press fed up with the President and his wife’s extravagant spending pattern at the bankrupt expense of the state? Secondly, such damming revelations are damaging his credibility both inside and outside the country. What seems strange to me is that no one within his government or inner circle denies these claims.

    For the ACC boss to sit in his office and try to intimidate the Mayor of the City of Freetown, thinking that his boss will win 30% of the Freetown votes in 2023, is a fool’s expectation. Are Bio’s supporters thinking of life after President Bio if he loses in 2023? Such damaging revelations are alarming for a country where mental health issues are becoming a virus by the day, and many people are suffering. Our parliamentarians must try by all means to pass legislation for government policy continuation and transition. Without that, I don’t see how many Bio SLPP supporters will continue in their present posts or jobs if President Bio becomes former President in 2023. People will have to lose their jobs. That has to stop. We should remember that there are extremists in every political party. Let’s say that a new APC government emerges in 2023. The most important job will be to hold back that APC extremists from taking revenge. That’s why it’s paramount for a process to be in place for continuity by this parliament. Are our parliamentarians listening? I hope they do. We should not continue destroying ourselves because of the wrongdoings of those at the top.

    Finally, the ACC boss should focus on investigating the information from the Africanist Press rather than engaging in petty party politics in a political vacuum environment that will suck him politically, ethically and academically forever. Please leave our Mayor alone, gentleman. A word for a wise is sufficient. God help the Republic of Sierra Leone maintain political continuity and transition from one government to another. One Love for Sierra Leone. Yeah.

  16. Kadiatu Koroma – Stargazer warmly greets you; Now I am able to clearly see exactly why your country is not developed; As long as the self righteousness exist in Sierra Leone and envy persists and insists on rearing its ugly head among your people the horizons in the not too far distances will forever remain gloomy and shadowy. Make no mistakes my beloved is among the brightest minds I have seen anywhere in the world; I sense in this comment above someone that is totally desperate for recognition,an individual hoping for the limelight,unsure of himself and that for me says it all; Stargazer is 29 years old and he respects women,he was raised by his dearest grandmother and therefore appreciates the Mayors efforts and will always defend her through thick and thin even in the most vigilant ways you never imagined,dreamed or even thought was humanly possible – Because that’s was true and real Patriotism is all about – its seeks,and protects the common interest of the nation more admirably than its own.

    Stargazer loves his country and no one can take that away from him – He is a children’s author and a prolific Poet;A promising young and generous business entrepreneur; He admires Mr Thomas, loves Alimamy Turay as a own brother, holds Mr Yillah and Young4na in high regard because of their unmatched intelligence and is always greatly delighted by the consistency of Mr Abraham Amadu Jalloh.

    The Mayor of Freetown has nothing to fear Kadiatu Koroma; The darkness and evil cannot triumph over the forces of good – Her exceptional abilities will speak volumes on her behalf. As the earth spins on its axis so also does the city of Freetown on the dynamic efforts of the Mayor Aki Sawyer- Those are not my words Kadiatu Koroma but my beloved Stargazer’s..Take heart.

    • Chassidy, if I may, please convey my heartfelt greetings to our brother, Stargazer. It has been a while since he last posted a comment. We sorely miss his mesmeric, poetic voice, exceptional verbal skills, formidable polemical ability and intellectual acuity. It comes as no surprise to learn that young as he is, he is at once a poet, a children’s author and an up and coming businessman destined for success.

      Brother Stargazer is indeed a very lucky man, not least because he has for partner someone who is equally gifted linguistically, imaginatively, meaning whose style and tone replicate – uncannily almost to the letter – those of our Sierra Leonean brother poet. A rare case of conjugal harmony indeed, culminating in two people fusing into a richer, fuller, inndivisible whole! Wishing you both a wonderful ‘me time’, and looking forward very much to our brother resurfacing on this platform soonest and for keeps.

  17. Please someone tell this government to leave our hard-working sister to do her job for the people of Sierra Leone;Where are the Patriotic men and women on this platform? Brother Stargazer where are you?We need your courageous voice.

    • We can tell this government to leave our hard-working sister to do her job for the people of Sierra Leone without being discourteous. That’s what most of us do. I don’t believe our hardworking Mayor will appreciate anyone supporting her with unacceptable behaviours on this glorious platform. Asking for Stargazer? Check the archives of this forum. By the way, men like Mr Saidu Conteh, Mr Great Seyadema, etc have been expelled in the past for their unacceptable behaviour. Once you are expelled from this glorious platform, it’s difficult to return.

      You can change your name for example, “biggest star in the planet” if you want to continue participating. Make sure that your IP address can’t be detected by the Editor Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas. The dilemma is, he has the tools to effectively monitor, trace and detect any IP address bypass in my view. Changing your name might not do the trick either. You can also participate by proxy, but forumites will detect your comments.

      The best option is always to take warnings from the Editor seriously. In January 2019, if I’m not mistaken, I was the first to be given the red flag for an unacceptable behaviour. Can you imagine? Embarrassing stuff! I apologised and promised not to repeat it again. Here I am today, trying to let my voice heard in a responsible manner, through this glorious platform to defeat President Bio in the next general election. What is wrong with that for heaven’s sake, ladies and gentlemen? Thank you very much Ms Kadiatu Koroma for your insight and may God bless you.

  18. Peter Dauda, forgive me sir but i am kindly asking for an elucidation on your assertion that ‘the mayor must find ways to work with the central government for the benefits of all citizens’. Is there something 99% of Sierra Leoneans are not aware of that you happen to know by echoing such a nonsensical sentiment? Upon all the harassment, name callings, invectives, and all sorts of political victimization that your PAOPA regime have inflicted on this outstanding female politician in our nation’s history, please provide any substantial evidence that depicts the mayor’s refusal or disregard to collaborate with the central government since taking over office. They saying talking is cheap, however, in this platform, we demand that individuals substantiate their utterance. Thank you.

    • Thanks Mr Young4na, for demanding Mr Peter Douda come back on this platform, and explain his casuistical statement he made regarding the relationship between the elected Mayor of Freetown,Akin Sawyer, and the vindictive Bio government, that have gone out his way to undermine her authority. His statement about the Mayor not being able to work with the Bio government, because she has clenched her fist instead, of extending a hand of friendship to Bio, as president Obama once put it to countries that were sworn enemies of America, this nit-picking statement from Mr Douda is not only an insult to the Mayor and residents of Freetown, but a perplexing way of misrepresenting the truth.

      It was Bio that appointed a minister to oversee the work of Freetown city council. It was Bio’s people in the city council that sought to undermine the good work of the Mayor . So who is undermining who? Coming up with such disingenuous statements with out the evidence to back it up, we owe a depth of gratitude to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph,Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas, for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves, and knowing there are still fellow citizens in Sierra leone that still hold on to the faint hope that Bio will deliver his promises he made. All Mr Peter Douda have to ask himself, since Bio’s elections, has he see any changes in the way our country is governed, and has the economic conditions and living standards of people improve? If the answer is yes. Then we can all sing hallelujah, thank God Bio is the president.

      If you ask majority of people of our country, if their standards of living have improved, and our country is heading in the right direction? I can guarantee the answer is a big fat no. This misrepresentation of the truth is the very reason we have to continue pressing for the truth and transparency the way our country is governed. When we say fighting corruption, it’s starts from this forum. Regarding this incompetent Bio government no one can corrupt our opinion of this government. We won’t stand for it.

  19. Freetown is not a City state. The Mayor must find a suitable way of working with the government of the day that benefits all the citizenry of Freetown.

  20. Every so often Ben Kalifah the ACC commissioner, rear his head, to create waves, and attention grabbing head lines to keep the Bio circus on the road . His actions, prettiness his royalty to the Bio road show, and his continued display of ignorance to where the real corruption is taking place, despite the overwhelming evidence in front him, published by the Africanist press,or some times made by concerned Sierra Leoneans, and the deception and lies about his real work has enable him to divert the public attention of the Sierra Leonean public about how we response to this damming allegations that goes to the very heart of the Bio government. In an interview before he invited former president Bia Koroma to answer allegations of corruption, he was quoted of saying, no one is above the law. Well lets see that in practice. He kept reminding us he is just following the evidence. But clearly there is some evidence that he rather not pursue.

    So far what we’ve been treated to is his unashamedly double standard of applying the anti corruption laws to do the bidding of the Bio government . Ben Kalifah have stop pretending he is independent minded. He is not even trying. Attacking the Mayor of Freetown, for political brinkmanship, there by putting the city Council’s work in jeopardy for Bio’s politcal expediency, is not only criminal, but is an assault on the rights of the residents of Freetown that overwhelmingly voted for Mayor Akin Sawyer to represent their interests, not Bio’s narcissism and transgression personality disorder he suffers from in trying to undermine her authority.The public can can smell a whiff of hypocrisy in Ben Kalifah’s, thats why no one take his pronouncements on this corruption cases serious. He have undermine his own authority by acting like Bio’s little lap dog. When Boi say jump, he asks, how high. That is the crux of the argument.

    The people of Freetown are not as stupid as they look. They might ignore whats happening around them, but they knows who is looking after their interest. The real lethal threat to their welfare and improvements to their living standards is Bio and his government. Right now Bio is acting like the elected Mayor of Freetown. Maybe someone needs to remind him he is the elected president of Sierra Leone, not the Crown Prince of the principality of the Freetown. Using the ACC as his attack dog against this great institution is not only an attack on our democracy, but an assault on the rights of the residents of Freetown to choose their own leaders. Why can’t the ACC investigate the allegations made in the Africanist press?

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