ACC steps up fight against exams fraud as five arrested

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 September 2019:

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission’s Scorpion Squad, simultaneously struck two houses in Freetown today, where students who should have been in an official exams centre for their WASSCE exams, were surreptitiously taken by their teachers and supervisors to take the university entry exam.

Acting on intelligence that this week’s Cotton Tree display of suspects has resulted in teachers and cheating students changing their criminal tactics – from using Special Rooms at Centres to Special Houses in communities, the alleged cheats were today  caught red handed with materials and pre-prepared answers given to students by the teachers and supervisors in well-coordinated hideouts, the ACC said. The owner who works for a construction company was away.

The house raided is said to belong to a Mr Mohamed Kamara – a mechanic of 43A White Stone, Deep Eye Water in Freetown. Five persons were arrested – three males and two females.

The ACC Commissioner is said to have instructed “the fierce and very efficient” Scorpion Squad to insulate themselves from this week’s fallout from the parading of suspects, and get on with the task of catching criminals.

The ACC said it will deal seriously with all corrupt persons, irrespective of whether they are teachers or not; and that all those caught in these raids red-handed, will be treated as common criminals.

The ACC also says that it remain committed to do all that is necessary and expedient to prevent, suppress and eradicate corruption in Sierra Leone.


  1. Maxwell Bakarr – And the Award for the Party that speaks the most GIBBERISH goes to – the inept,and notorious SLPP!….Ladies and gentlemen,feel free to Boo them…BOOOO!! (lmao) Spokesman for the SLPP -Talk is cheap; but action is worth more than tons of gold when it comes to value. Bring it on – any time,any day,I will be ready. Ever seen a gigantic shark,with a huge mouth,wide open,swimming,while at the same time,effortlessly swallowing massive schools of fish? No? Well,its no different from watching,a bulldozer clearing tons of garbage, out of its way! (lol)

    Try me – Hombre,and you’ll find out,what that experience feels like. And by the way,when you are ready,Maxwell,please bring along your sleepy-eyed,armchair Professors,and your fake Doctors of this and that – and do me a favor also,pull your incompetent Finance minister,and criminal Kaifala by the ears too – let them ride along with you,to the slaughter house(lol)….Rest assured,a ruthless, merciless Lion,will be anxiously waiting to shred them to pieces,right in front of your eyes….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. I never got the joke/trick. The joke/trick came to light when the Editor Mr. Abdul Rashid Thomas proposed the 20 lines rule. With the first rule, you can write as much as you can. Your statement becomes a sentence when you put the FULL STOP. COMMAS, COLUMNS, SEMI COLUMNS in a never ending line will do the trick to write LOADS of lines in one sentence. CLEVER TRICK EH?

    Some FORUMITES tend to be SMART with the flaw in the first rule. But as we all now know, the EDITOR was SMARTER in his findings. PROBLEM SORTED. GOD BLESS ALL FORUMITES AND GOD BLESS THE EDITOR.

  3. Thank you Alimamy for your thoughtful,and introspective suggestion to the Honorable Mr Thomas – I’m totally in agreement with you brother. But at the end of it all,the man in the Driver’s seat of this,vehicle for empowerment,understanding,and sharing of ideas we are all using to travel,will have to decide at what speeds,and distances we must all do the travelling.

    I am deeply aware that fear has gripped some people here, many sympathizers of the SLPP are desperate,and looking for even the tiniest reasons,to get me suspended again this forum but that will never happen – INSHALLAH! I will do my best to obey the rules the honorable Mr Thomas has set for all – and I if i ever think that I would need more time to clarify things,I will submit my responses,to the Editor,for considerations as articles instead….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh, I am not the spokesperson for the SLPP on this forum. But I definitely know that SLPP guys on this forum have no reason to be afraid of you. In fact I firmly believe that the SLPP guys are quite capable of bringing you down intellectually at any given time.

      I drew the editor’s attention to your consistent breach of forum rules to demonstrate the fact that if the editor is working so hard to accommodate his compatriots and to ensure that free speech is not abrogated in this medium, then the least that can be expected of forumites is to respect the rules of the forum.

  4. Please Mr Thomas, I am pleading to you to stick to your original plan: 4 paragraphs or 24 sentences. Some of us would like to clarify things in our comments. Thank you sir.

    • Mr Turay this was my earlier recommendation: “I would recommend that comments take no more than four paragraphs, with each paragraph having no more than 6 sentences.” Sadly some forumites have interpreted this in their own way, where one sentence can take several lines without a full stop. For the voidance of doubt therefore, I have limited the number of lines to 20. Thank you for your cooperation sir.

  5. Mr. Editor, I see Saidu Conteh consistently violating the four paragraphs rule you imposed a couple of weeks ago. Can you please ensure that this rule is obeyed across the board? Thanks for the good work.

    • Thanks Mr Bakarr for your kind observation. For completeness and simplicity, any comment that has more than 20 lines will have ALL of the excess lines deleted. Thanks once again. Self-regulation has sadly not worked.

  6. A hopeless enterprise is what the ACC is involved in. They are a delusional government entity,totally absurd,and incompetent to their innermost core. Opportunists,no doubt,who are hell-bent in wasting meagre resources on wild goose chases,in pursuit of that which is insensible, and unattainable. 5 people arrested among countless hundreds,or even thousands,that are out there still involved in corrupt practices. What a scanty,paltry catch! (lol). Even the worst,and most defeated fishermen,with tattered and torn nets full of holes can do better than that!

    The inadequacy of this SLPP government in power can never be properly expressed – neither with a multitude of words,or in overwhelming feelings,and emotions of disgust. They resemble bad,unprofessional doctors,guilty of malpractices – instead of first diagnosing the patients condition,they erroneously begin by treating the disease,administering medications,and performing needless,substandard surgery.(lmao)

    How many more raids is their hopping ‘Grasshopper Squad’ going to have to conduct,in order to show us convincing evidence,and proof that they have succeeded in sanitizing our education institutions,and system completely?How many? Seriously guys,time is not on your side – you need to learn quickly, get things right,and put them to practice. Firstly,organise a friendly nationwide meeting with teachers,educators,and senior students, to listen to the concerns,and challenges they are dealing with on a daily basis – listen without saying a word – no threats,no intimidations,and no bullying.

    If you can do that,respectfully and constructively,all the answers you need to clean up our Education institutions will come from there – handed to you,on a silver platter. Again,a keen sense of understanding,everyday realities must guide your perceptions,and judgement – most teachers,and educators are struggling to make ends,some are engulfed in debts – others have become beggars to parents because they are underpaid,and their salaries cannot measure up to the high cost of living in our Sierra Leone. First things first – pay all our Teachers handsomely in salaries,and with incentives and bonuses for hard work.

    Next, organise another nationwide meeting with Parents,and their children. Say nothing at first – welcome them with laughter,and refreshments,and then listen carefully to what they have so say.Tell them their opinions matter greatly,to your government,and then inform them about the downsides,and consequences of engaging in corrupt practices on behalf of their children – again,no threats,no abuses,and no intimidations – just a friendly,lively chat among friends.Yep,its as easy as that – create an atmosphere of trust,and many will embrace it – walk in the paths of friendliness,and not condemnation,and millions will follow in your footsteps…. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  7. Thank you very much ACC for your relentless effort in fighting this ugly menace in our society. These people are bent on destroying the very fabric of our nation. You should leave no stone unturned to nab anyone caught in exams malpractices. Don’t be deterred by those hypocrites crying down the shaming of the criminals paraded at the cotton tree. What is more important, condemning the shaming of these criminals or condemning the acts of exam malpractice that could destroy this country?

    Some of us don’t subscribe to that hypocrisy. Let the ACC deal with any culprit firmly and swiftly. This nonsense must stop or we risk leaving the future of this country in the hands of half-baked individuals who could be just as dangerous as armed-robbers.

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