Ajisafe  – a disgrace to the new Christian denominations

Ibrahim Alieu Kanu

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 September 2017

It is really pathetic for a foreign criminal posing as a Man of God to utter utterances that have the propensity to wedge a knife in Sierra Leone’s fabric of religious tolerance. Religious tolerance is a key indicator for a nation to be ranked high among the peaceful nations in the world and the sub-region to be specific.

Religious tolerance has been the backbone of Sierra Leone’s peaceful coexistence for quite a long time. Sierra Leoneans are never sensitive to religious discrimination and have embraced each other in all facets of society.

Many people have asked whether the current Minister of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (Photo: Left), is a practicing Muslim because of her unique way of dressing in Islamic attires on Fridays, when worshiping with Muslims in various Masjids across the Capital Freetown and the country at large.

Dr Blyden is a fervent Christian with high moral values, whose religious tolerance is unique, more than any other previous Minister in the Social Welfare Ministry, according to many Muslims. Some Muslims say she is more Islamic than Christian, because of her approach to religious affairs – especially Islam.

For a criminal in the person of Ajisafe to utter such words against a world renown Islamic scholar, Sheik Dr Mufti Ismail Menk and the Islamic religion in general, is not only a disgrace to the newly found money making Christian denominations, but a phenomenon which has the tendency to plunge this religious tolerant nation into chaos.

Many lazy Sierra Leoneans have deserted or swapped the traditional Christian denominations like the Catholics, Wesleyan, Methodist, Anglican, Adventist, Presbyterian, Lutheran for these money thirsty criminal denominations and their 419ers posing as men of God.

There have been countless crusades of both national and foreign preachers at the national stadium with no comments from the Muslim Community in the country. In fact Muslims don’t even want to know what they are doing at the National Stadium, nor their utterances.

Who was Ajisafe in the past 17years? Now he is a wealthy man with funds extorted from lazy Sierra Leoneans in the name of promised prosperity and salvation.  Our brothers and sisters have abandoned our old churches in search of false promises.

Now that Ajisafe had succeeded in siphoning wealth at the expense of our vulnerable sisters and brothers, he has embarked on fermenting chaos in our society; and in a drive to plunge us into the Nigerian experience where he is from.

Victor Ajisafe want  Sierra Leone to experience what is happening in  Central African Republic and his native Nigeria, where a Hausa marrying an Ibo is not only a taboo, but a phenomenon that has the tendency to wipe a whole genealogy.

The Government of Sierra Leone and the Inter Religious Council must ban this monster posing as a man of God and deport him to Nigeria.

I had never heard Catholics, Wesleyans, Methodists , Anglicans and Adventists advertising crusades on the media. But these new Christian denominations are all over the place advertising their crusade using all sorts of themes with falsified  testimonies.

Victor Ajisafe’s gate must be closed and sent back to Nigeria because he wants to plunge this nation into a religious war.

The Muslim community must ignore the unfortunate utterances of 419er Ajisafe and continue to keep the peace and be more religiously tolerant than ever before.


  1. Sierra Leoneans will never leave hypocrisy; it has become our watchword.

    This is either because it is inbred in us or because we are intimidated by fear of what somebody else will think about us.

    We fear to speak the truth, the reason why corruption and the absence of the rule of law is so rampant and so deeply buried in our country.

    Even though there are more than 20 letters between ‘A’ and ‘Z’ in the letters of the alphabet, we would rather point at ‘A’ when we mean ‘Z’ in order to agree with the crowd.

    With recent happenings in the world, only hypocrites and crowd-pleasers will say Islam isn’t or hasn’t been responsible for most of the chaos in the world today, and Ajisafe isn’t a hypocrite.

    He has come out plainly with what others would have said but are afraid to.

    Nobody had referred to the muslim cleric’s mockery of Jesus in his stadium crusade.

    He referred to Jesus as a prophet, simply meaning that he isn’t the son of God as christians believe nor has he any quality of deity.

    Look closely at his repeated emphasis on the name Jesus and watch the mockery on his face. Sierra Leoneans, because of our gullibility, have failed to see that.

    How naive we all are! There is wrong committed by both sides. It is the cleric’s mockery of christian belief that had sparked some senseless and ignominious responses through social media.

    As there has been wrong on both sides, the only solution is to let bygones be bygones. Afterall, Ajisafe is now more of a Sierra Leonean than Nigerian.

    With many decades spent in Sierra Leone energetically reforming people’s shattered lives, people should cool down on the abusive and threatening words they’ve been hurling at him on social media.

    Woe onto social media for even those who are efulefus can now show their ugly faces and talk like headless fools. God have mercy on us!

    • Johnny Sannoh – you are a disgrace to Sierra Leone. No one will deny you your christian beliefs and your right to worship want you want, but to insult Muslims by telling us that Islam is responsible for most of the chaos in the world today, shows the state of your sick mind.

      It is people like you that are trying to cause religious divisions and hate in Sierra Leone.

      If Muslims do not believe that Christ was the son of God, why should this bother you? You even tell blatant lies just like your Nigerian pastor Ajisafe about what the Mufti said during his visit to Sierra Leone. Never once did the Mufti insult Christianity.

      My advice to you and others who are trying to create strife and anarchy in Sierra Leone is to keep quiet and get on with your form of worship, so that Muslims can also worship in peace.

      As for the Nigerian pastor Ajisafe, his Sierra Leone citizenship must be taken away from him and then he should be deported back to Nigeria soonest. We dont need men of hate in our country. He is a rebel.

      The majority of people in Sierra Leone are Muslims, but we dont go about causing problems for Christians. So please leave us alone, we dont want any trouble. Thank you.

  2. I love being a religious man accepting all the other religions in the country. I have seen and read about a lot of religions but only the three main religious faiths are somehow true: Muslim, Christianity and Judaism. What I want to say is that Sierra Leone has always been a free religious state and tolerance.

    Please bind your religious faith to what you believe in and do not molest the others. I am sure sending that religious man from Sierra Leone can leave the country in peace with herself. We all must be proud of our religious tolerance and this has ever been since Sierra Leone was created.

    Sierra Leone must remain where it has always been – with religious freedom and no attack on any other. We are a peaceful nation despite our political upheavals.

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