Reasons why Alie Kabba deserves undivided support for the presidency

Alie Kabba Campaign Team

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 September 2017

Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba is fighting for EVERYONE, not for himself or for a “privileged few”. Alie Kabba has always risen way above the petty partisan palavers that have largely characterised all sides in our politics and tainted most of our political players.

He has successfully championed the cause of peace and unity at the toughest and most critical of times, without fear or favour, And he has constantly  placed the interest of our nation above his own while valiantly standing up for what is right for all.

Throughout this campaign Alie has been the man with a clear VISION as to what is actually needed to pull our country out of the bear pits of mindless corruption and  on to the smooth highway to national prosperity and dignity. It is a vision designed to take us to a place where we would all be truly proud to call our troubled  country our very own.

Alie wants to transform  our entire educational system from a misfit and mismanaged factory that specialises in endlessly churning out the unemployed to an employable format practically catering  to our economic and social needs and rationally tuned to our national aspirations

He intends to install  a  community-based healthcare delivery system with greater emphasis on prevention instead of the unimaginative focus on medication which only exists to underwrite rich western pharmaceutical companies!

He has promised  to bring back the RAILWAY which will alleviate our transportation woes, stimulate the Agricultural sector, help in the provision of employment,  and boost the rural economy.

Above all, Alie Kabba has vowed to deflate our bloated governance system with its concentration of absolute power in the hands of a few corrupt and arrogant “leaders”  royally installed  in Freetown election circle after election circle and callously presiding over the needless death of a nation!

He believes that REAL POWER must rest with THE PEOPLE so he intends to strengthen and empower our national systemic organs like the judiciary and to heavily invest in constituent institutions like the district councils.

Alie Kabba is well aware that the ultimate success of any long term national developmental agenda largely depends on the emphasis we place on educating and empowering our women and our youths. That is why he has specific policy goals to address the criminal neglect of the people who should be the real engines of our collective progress.

Alie Kabba is not a traditional politician who only tells you what you want to hear not what is right.  He is an ACTIVIST who happens to be in politics because he wants to totally change the political trajectory in favour of the long suffering 99%.

So he tells you what he truly BELIEVES in and that which he will DO if given the mandate to perform, not what is purposefully written for him to read out.

Alie Kabba is a very CONSISTENT person. You cannot be preaching the SAME message for 40 years and not believe in the truism of your own message. His stance as THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE started to unfold right in his primary school in Koindu.

Ask those who attended school with him in KSS or the Bo School or FBC, and they will all assure you that in spite of the hateful caricature that is so wilfully created by mischievous APC propagandists, there has only ever been ONE ALIE KABBA- formidable in his depth of knowledge; fearless in expressing his views; and fervent in his belief  that The People are The Real Masters, not the oppressive ruling class.

Alie Kabba does not only SAY things, he does not simply BELIEVE in what he says but he has suffered for his beliefs. He lost a degree, was imprisoned by a dictator and exiled. Yet decades later Alie Kabba is saying the same things and he is always willing to put EVERYTHING on the line to achieve the best for the poorest.

Alie Kabba is a passionate  believer in the PAN-AFRICANIST ideals that informed the patriotic actions of our great Pan Africanist leaders of yesteryears. Like Nkrumah or Sankara, or Cabral or Lumumba, Alie fervently understands that for Africa to properly develop we need to grow way beyond the stifling limitations of the imposed boundaries and systemic restrictions of our colonial prescriptions.

He believes that to achieve real progress we need to live and work in unity. Alie has strong helpful links to many African countries and he studied in three of the best universities in three different West African countries. That is a solid foundation for any budding pan-Africanist leader who also happens to be fluent in at least 3 international languages.

Unlike many of our politicians who studied the wonderful  disciplines of Biology or Engineering (or Nothing at all),  Alie Kabba is perhaps the only current candidate who studied POLITICS and PHILOSOPHY to the highest levels in some of the best universities in Africa and in America.

According to PLATO “There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands.”

In Sierra Leone today, there is only one such guaranteed safe pair of hands ready to take the power baton and IMPLEMENT the ideas that many ever  only chant about. And that brave pair of hands belongs to Alie Kabba.

He is an intellectual who is not an elitist. Alie Kabba has been hugely blessed with the worldly knowledge from some of the best universities in Africa and in the west, and he has accessed the most besotted places of power and is decorated with many a deserving accolade, but Alie Kabba is the very anti-thesis of learned arrogance.

In fact he loves no title better than to be introduced as “the village boy from Koindu” and he invariably refers to himself as “your humble servant”. His overpowering smiles, his gripping handshakes, and his back-slapping greetings are all genuine manifestations of this natural mixer of a thoroughly  likeable man.

Alie Kabba is the only man I know who built a modern school library and filled it up with essential books long before even thinking about having a house that he can call his own.

So when he says that if elected he would live his life as “the poorest president in the history of Sierra Leone” we should interpret that as a commendable reflection of his absolute loathing of unbridled materialism.

But of course, such a very likeable leader will forever loom rich in the hearts and minds of any people who elects him to power.

Honourably secluded away from the self-advert of political point scoring shots  “The Alie Kabba Foundation” continues to help many disadvantaged farmers in the province of his birthplace (to be gradually rolled out nationally) and it sponsors pupils and students nationally, without any scrutiny about tribe or region, or religion. Because for Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba, it is.

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