Alie Kabba takes his message of hope to the provinces of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 March 2016

Alie Kaaba 2

Since his return to his land of birth Sierra Leone last December, and his incarceration by the Koroma government, for speaking out publicly against poor governance, corruption and abuse of executive powers, Alie Kabba – the man highly regarded by youths in the country as a visionary, is undeterred by state harassment.

In the last few weeks, since his first appearance at the High Court for charges of bigamy brought by the government and the minister of local government – Ms Konomanyi, after her acrimonious divorce from the outspoken presidential aspirant, Kabba has met and spoken with thousands of youths across the capital Freetown.

And last week, he took his campaign to the provinces, with a clear message: “The Alie Kabba train for change is here, and there is no stopping it. Everyone in and no one out; everyone up and no one down.”

The first stop for the Kabba campaign train was Bo city, where his entourage paid a courtesy call on Harold Tucker, the city’s mayor, before moving on to see the paramount chief of Kakua Chiefdom, Prince Lappia Boima.

Alie kabba in Bo2

Alie Kabba is said to have held a very fruitful meeting with senior SLPP officials  and a cross-section of the membership at the SLPP office on Fenton road.

During the well-attended meeting, he underscored the importance of maintaining democracy in Sierra Leone, and the need to resist the re-emergence of benevolent dictatorship.

He emphasised that the ordinary people have a role to play, and a responsibility to do everything legally possible to ensure that “democracy and not dictatorship prevails”.

Alie Kabba and his team were escorted by SLPP party elders to visit the site for the construction of the new SLPP offices in Bo, where he made a personal pledge to support the project.

Alie Kabba in Bo3

He also visited students of Njala University at their Bo Campus, where he delivered a speech and had an interesting discussion with the students, including a question and answer session.

During the session, Alie made no secret about the fact that he represents “a radical and practical change from the endless cycle of failed leadership.”

He spelt out his educational policies for the country, including what he referred to as “a do-able web” that is carefully integrated with his economic, agricultural, social and other policy areas.

The Alie Kabba train then departed from Bo last Friday evening, destined for Kenema city.

Alie Kabba in Bo1

A supporter of Alie Kabba described his visit to the provinces as a “good job for the one and only Alie Kabba. He is the only way forward for Sierra Leone. We are happy to learn that he is now able to travel to the provinces. God will make a way for him. We are happy that the people of Sierra Leone have opened their eyes. Victory is here. Let the train keep moving to all the provinces.”

Friends of Alie kabba UKI 1In a separate development, the executive and members of the Free Alie Kabba campaign in London are finalising plans for a protest march that will take place in central London, on Saturday, 12th March, 2016, at 11.00am.

The Group released this public statement yesterday: “We the Friends of Alie Kabba UK and Ireland, wish to invite all Sierra Leoneans and lovers of FREEDOM and JUSTICE everywhere, to a protest rally against the crude manipulation and continuous pollution of our treasured State System by the Koroma ruling APC party. The rally will take place on Saturday, 12th March, 2016, at 11.00am.

“The meeting point for the rally is the Commonwealth Secretariat,  Marlborough House at Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX . The precession will then move across to the DFID office at Whitehall, London SW1A 2EG.

President koroma and victor foh at APC conference 30 april 2015“Remember that dictators are made, they are not born. They are made by those who endure so much, but say nothing and do nothing, when everything around them is pointing downwards. (Photo: President Koroma with two of his closest and most loyal political allies). 

“And since injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, we call on all Sierra Leoneans to join us in taking this bold stand, as we voice out our dissatisfaction against the maltreatment of all oppressed and constantly suppressed Sierra Leoneans,  including but not limited to Alie Kabba, a man who has always stood up for others against state oppression and official exploitation.”

The Sierra Leone Telegraph will follow this developing story and bring you more as it happens.

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  1. The brave and erudite Alie Kabba is engaged in the noble task of turning Sierra Leone around, he is flying the flag of a decent homeland every Sierra Leonean would desire, across the country.

    He is in action right on the ground engaging the grassroots masses, community leaders and civil society organizations, getting his message across for a change in the way governance has been carried out by the traditional political parties – the APC and SLPP.

    Change does come by, when the agent of a change is well determined, bearing the conviction that the desired change can be achieved. Mr. Kabba, you are not alone on this noble journey. A myriad of Sierra Leoneans are with you and forces will sum up to this democratic crusade for a much better Sierra Leone and a better place to live.

    Sierra Leoneans are sick of bad governance in our homeland where government contravenes the very constitution of the nation on which they took their oath, and their disrespect for democratic principles and the violation of human rights. They have made politics a breeding ground for massive corruption and gaining overnight wealth.

    The change we so desired must be driven together by all progressive Sierra Leonean.

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