Another torrential downpour causes havoc and destruction in Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 August 2017

last night’s heavy downpour in Freetown has left a trail of destruction to property and disruption to normal life. As communities begin cleaning up and counting the cost of the destruction, there are so far no reports of deaths, unlike the 14th August 2017 rain that caused major landslide killing 500 people.

The central and western districts of the capital took the brunt of last night’s weather fury, especially PWD by Campbell Street, Pademba Road by Dundas Street, West Street by Samba Gutter, Kroo Bay, Charles Street, Wilkinson Road, Wallace Johnson Bridge between Juba and Lumley, and Brookfields by railway Line – where the flood water had covered the bridge and many properties flooded.

[videopress KopzLPGR]

Drivers had to abandon their vehicles and flee for their lives, as the heavy and fast moving floods carried several cars and light vans several miles down the road – many were this morning found stuck in huge gutters.

Some of the worst affected areas are Crab Town by Ascension Town, Kroo Town Road,and  Congo Town. Residents in worst affected communities were evacuated, after climbing rooftops for safety.

Last night’s deluge has added huge strain to the recovery efforts which started two weeks ago, after the destruction and loss of hundreds of lives, caused by landslides on the 14th of August 2017. Over 500 were confirmed dead and hundreds more unaccounted for, with 600 homeless.

Editor’s Note

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