Breaking News – Heavy rains in Freetown tonight

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 August 2017

There are reports of extremely heavy rain in many parts of central and western areas of the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown tonight.

Drivers have been warned to avoid the following areas: PWD by Campbell Street, Pademba Road by Dundas Street, West Street by Samba Gutter, Kroo Bay, Charles Street, Wilkinson Road, Wallace Johnson Bridge between Juba and Lumley, and Brookfields by railway Line – where the flood water has covered the bridge and many properties threatened to be submerged.

There are unconfirmed reports also of flooding in some parts of the capital – Crab Town by Ascension Town and Kroo Town Road.

BBC reporter Umaru Fofana is also reporting on Face Book that many residents living in the slum area of Kroo Bay have called him to say that “heavy downpour has inundated their entire community, with families having to climb on rooftops. The rains are not letting up.” (Photo: Some of the makeshift homes built at Kroo Bay). 

Other reports are calling for the evacuation of some communities. It is believed that residents of 63 & 65 Dundas Street have climbed their rooftops shouting for help.

Anyone stranded or needing emergency assistance have been advised to call ONS on the following numbers: Africell 099258926; Airtel~ 119; Sierratel~ 119.

The people of Freetown are still trying to come to terms with the massive destruction and loss of hundreds of lives, which took place on the slopes of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and surrounding communities two weeks ago – 14th of August 2017. Over 500 were confirmed dead and hundreds more unaccounted for, with 600 homeless.

Editor’s Note

kindly donate to our Freetown Flood Disaster Emergency Appeal. We’re raising £50000 to Help victims of the massive flooding in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which has taken the lives of hundreds of people, with thousands now homeless.

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  1. No surprises.Successive Sierra Leone Governments including Freetown Municipal Council and Mayors have had continuing opportunities to prevent these precedential flooding but chose to have been and to be complacent and neglectful.

    The under-listed actions should have been taken:-
    1. Clearing of all insoluble – plastics, glass bottles, cans, bricks, stones, sand, earthworks, metals, etc. – debris from all gutters and streets;
    2. Widening and deepening of existing gutters and wastewater pathways appropriately.
    3. All political parties to limit acceptances for elective offices to persons with
    tested and proven managerial experience – which most democracies and pseudo-
    democracies have difficulties with.
    4. All political parties must reduce their proportions of adulating sycophants.

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