APC must go to convention earlier – says former President Koroma

Sheriff Mahmud Ismail: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 October 2019:

The outcome of the 2018 presidential polls shocked the All People’s Congress (APC), punctured the nerve and fibre of the Party, causing dissonance and disorientation among its rank and file. The vast majority of its membership and supporters are therefore demanding constitutional reforms, as well as the emergence of a new party leadership.

While some have been doing so rather quietly, others have been tempestuous, almost contemptuous. The divergence on how the changes should be brought about constitutes one of the few hindrances to the process.

The outgoing chairman and leader, former president Ernest Bai Koroma, on his part, had expressed desire to step down even before the elections results were announced. But as the sage would say, “If the hook didn’t catch the fish, someone should account for the bait”.

That accounting process had begun with a nine-man committee established to investigate what was responsible for the party’s 2018 electoral performance. One of the recommendations of that Committee is a reform of the APC Constitution, particularly relating to the filling in of national and other officers of the party.

That Constitutional Reform Process itself had been commissioned but understandably, the fallout from the unexpected outcome of the 2018 presidential polls and the lack of magnanimity on the part of those who were announced as winners, warranted some amount of delay in the APC’s internal transition process.

About 18 months after the April 2018 presidential run off, that sluggishness has engendered palpable anxiety among a good number of APC faithful. Many agitate that the continued delay in concluding the constitutional reform and the declaration of a timetable for a National Delegates’ Conference (NDC) doesn’t serve the collective interest of reorganising into a formidable party ready to govern once again.

This incontrovertible fact is not lost on the man who has led the APC since 2002. The former president (Photo) is expected in Freetown this week for an engagement with the Party leadership on the revised constitution and possible timetable for the party’s NDC.

“My position has always been that after being at the helm for this long, it’s really time for fresh heads and hands to carry on with the business of running our beloved APC. Eventually, a new leadership has to emerge – it is inevitable”, said the outgoing chair and leader to a cross section of the APC Northern Region Executives.

The APC leader, who still enjoys considerable goodwill among the party’s rank and file, holds the view that “the Party must go to convention earlier enough to conclude the election of flag bearer, parliamentary and council candidates”.

To achieve this, the Party, especially former flagbearers should close ranks, rein in their many supporters; focus on getting a new leadership under the new Constitution and reenergise the Party ahead of 2023.

Already, the outgoing chair and leader has reiterated that, the Consultation Clause in the Draft Constitution should not stall the process, saying: “Whatever that is deemed as controversial and objectionable should, in the interest of the general good, be expunged in order for the process to forge ahead”.

This renewed determination by the outgoing APC chairman and leader to expedite and conclude the reform process in collaboration with his comrades at Old Railway Line in Freetown, could not have been more reassuring to both the APC and the country at large.

Political analysts agree that the current dire governance and socio-economic realities in Sierra Leone, underscore that the APC was on the right path; and that should the party get its act together and function more effectively in unison, reclaiming State House in 2023 will be less difficult.


  1. There is no extra time to give a leader, except the one granted by the constitution and law regarding a President’s time in office. If any President is unable to show tangible results during his first term in office,he must be voted out.That’s it,and that’s all.

  2. By going to convention earlier than is normally prudent, it is assumed that it will be such a strategic move that, in all probability, this exercise alone will swing the political pendulum or barometer in APC’s favor. I beg to differ. APC had all the state resources at its command, and incumbency was at its disposal. Yet after 10 years in governance, it failed to win reelection, in Africa of all places. So only after 2 years, the APC is now on the right track to win back State House come 2023, per “political analysts”. I think this is rather farfetched.

    First of all, the “current dire governance and socio-economic realities in Sierra Leone”, was not born overnight. It was years in the making, 10 years to be exact. I’d like to remind everyone how APC threw heat and sink in everybody’s path in a futile attempt to stymie any attempt to contest any position whatsoever. For starters, even the fees to contest any position was raised to atmospheric proportions, dual citizenship was raised. APC even tried to drop electability threshold for president from 55% to 50+1%. Even the method of ballot counting was multi contested. To cap it all, the eventual APC flag bearer and his running mate was single-handedly chosen by one man. No protocols were observed.

    President Bio’s effort to change Sierra Leone’s narrative will take years to take hold and to achieve the desired result. The damage has long been done, almost beyond repair. And he didn’t do it. So give Bio a chance to right the shipwreck that is the state of Sierra Leone.

  3. Welcome back – GREATSAYEDNA.its always a delight to read your comments.I also agree with Mr Turay’s opinion that EBK is a resourceful and valuable asset to the APC.There is no APC without EBK.

  4. At last the APC has started to move…..why is this process of restructuring the APC taking sooooo long??? They need a Progressive Leadership and a Flagbearer with vision and of course COMPLETELY FREE from the old system of serving a “mini god“ rather the people of this country! I Wish them the best of luck and wisdom, but should the system of CHOICE TO CHOOSE be infected with the diseases of the PAST, please don’t forget…….NGC is just around the corner!!

  5. Agree with you totally Mr Alimamy Turay,I wrote on this forum a letter addressed to his Excellency Former President Ernest Bai Koroma,once before,strongly advising him against stepping down – the words I explicitly used were – DON’T EVER SAW OFF THE BRANCH YOU ARE SITTING ON – Those words of wisdom Sir,are priceless,and its not too late for you to reconsider your decision,and put them to diligent practice,thereby empowering yourself with invincible strength, protection,and liberation.

    Friends,there’s safety,and security locked,and hidden like a pearl,within an oyster in those few words: I plead with your Excellency once again not to act in haste,or yield to trickery, treachery,and coercion,but to ponder my words,reflect,and meditate upon them carefully,and you will see that stepping down at this critical moment,is an I’ll advised,and wrong move that may eventually cost you,and the APC very dearly.

    Men with prudent,and discerning minds will tell you,that there are red flags everywhere warning of deceit behind the scenes,and impending danger – trumpets blowing loudly from rooftops, protesting against sawing off the branch,that will plunge you into the abysmal depths of insignificance, insecurity,and vulnerability…. Is that what you want Great General…Master,and Commander over millions?

    Have you forgotten,I emphatically said to you – ” Trust No One ” and ” Hold the Line ” so very quickly? My words come from the depths of limitless discernment – they are roasted, and prepared in the fire of refined intelligence,and meditation – ” Don’t For Any Reason Sir, Saw Off the Branch You Are Sitting On….Remember I said so. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Hello my brother – the ‘Great Sayedna’. For a moment, I thought you have forsaked me in this lion’s den. Nice to hear from you again. Let’s keep the struggle going. And I hope EBK is listening to your words of wisdom. It will be at his own peril if he doesn’t. At the moment, EBK is the only man that can hold the APC together. Those gangster SLPP clowns are so desperate for power in such a way that, they can be likened to terrorists.

  6. Victory Ahead For the APC. It is paramount to note that the downfall of a man is not the end of his existence. Well meaning Sierra Leoneans know the darks of the 2018 elections. I must not waste time on defending that. You know…we must not fool ourselves and make the founding fathers and fighters of our freedom cry in an uncontrollable tears.

    Good initiative taken by the former president Koroma, as he is stepping down and advising the APC to go into convention early. Hope the chosen flag bearer will stand unchangeable despite popularity or not.This time, the APC will never repeat the seeing and the unforeseen mistakes. Note: The country is better of under the APC. Thanks!

  7. I think the position of Chairman and Leader should be separated in the APC constitution – so that EBK can retain the position of Chairman, at least for the time being. The APC must not forget that if it were not for the PRESENCE of this great man, the party could have been decimated by now, by the present gangster-type SLPP government. EBK is still resourceful for his beloved APC party, and should continue to be functional at a very prominent capacity. It is very important to note that, at this moment in time, EBK is APC; and APC is EBK. Check it out …

  8. I commend the move to have early convention and stepping down of EBK through the right process. Some few recommendations I want to give here, as I have always stated in sister forums is that, the voting blocks of the country must never be underrated. The cry or desires of other religions of the country must catch the attention of our delegates. That was a neglected fact in the past APC convention.

    Secondly, the majority of Sierra Leoneans who vote, have not reached the stage where to read the lips of politicians and understand what they stand for, but highly concerned about where the candidate hailed from. Finally, Party primaries must also be considered this time with well organized debates.

  9. Going to convention earlier is a great strategy,but it wont make much of a difference. Maada Bio will win again unless the APC can find themselves a populist message. The majority of voters are poor people, living ordinary lives, anxious for positive change. They will need to go back to the political drawing board, and re-examine all their mistakes, priorities and strategies. They will need to be honest with themselves, and shun corruption completely.

    My wife thinks they will need a group of men and women with exceptionally truthful, brilliant, practical minds like Saidu Conteh’s to help them chart a new course for victory.

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