APC party presidential candidate – Victoria Saidu Kamara joins Yumkella’s ‘country first’ agenda

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 December 2017

Dr. Victoria Saidu Kamara – the eloquent and hard working former Minister of Tourism and Culture in the Koroma government, has this week joined the Yumkella led National Grand Coalition Party (NGC). Victoria Saidu Kamara was one of the 28 aspirants competing for the ruling APC’s presidential candidacy for the 2018 elections.

But two days ago, Thursday, 14 December 2017, she said that she can no longer support or be part of the ruling APC party, and is pleased to be joining the NGC, whose agenda of “putting country first” she truly admires and supports, and looking forward to working with the NGC to promote the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone.

Speaking to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph about Dr. Victoria Saidu Kamara’s decision to join the NGC, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella – the NGC Presidential Flag-bearer Candidate, said: “Our party, the National Grand Coalition (NGC), is a movement formed by and for progressives. People often confuse it as a coalition of parties. We are not there yet.

“What we have are Sierra Leoneans from both sides of the political divide, Sierra Leoneans who have never been politically active but believe, very strongly in our value of putting Sierra Leone first.

“Mrs. Victoria Saidu Kamara’s move to join the NGC is one we greatly welcome. As a strong APC member, she has decided to put her country first and join our march towards a better Sierra Leone for all. She will be a valued member in our party. I strongly believe this is just the beginning and many more will follow in the days, weeks and months ahead.”

Victoria Saidu Kamara has a doctorate degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in Arizona United, States of America. Prior to joining the Koroma government as minister of tourism, she was an elected member of parliament for Constituency 097.

Victoria is also passionate about her academic achievement, and intends to write a textbook on organizational leadership for use in colleges and universities, as well as  continuing to promote organisational change and leadership in Sierra Leone’s public sector.

Speaking to Awoko newspaper in August last year about her hard work in the ruling APC, she said:  “I have served this government and party all of my life. I was very instrumental in helping President Koroma win both elections.

“I won the parliamentary seat of Constituency 97 and was in Parliament for three years. During that period, I was representing Sierra Leone in the ECOWAS Parliament and rose up to be Deputy Speaker. I was then appointed by President Koroma to become Minister of Tourism in 2010 until the 2012 elections.”

But she no longer believes that the APC she knew then and joined many years ago, is the same APC of today. Dr. Victoria Saidu Kamara has now joined the National Grand Coalition – a growing band of progressive liberal democrats across the country, that are working hard to see change in Sierra Leone, by ensuring that Dr. Yumkella and the NGC are elected to office on 7th of March next year.

This is what she said at the press conference held at the NGC office to welcome her:

You can also watch Dr Victoria Saidu Kamara here talking about her priorities for Sierra Leone:

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  1. It seems the APC party is in disarray and a lot has to be done for the party to growu as a tangible party. Is there anyone else studying the growing horror which continues to downgrade President Koroma’s political life. Nobody would like to see this happening in Sierra Leone.

    People are just finding their way to different parties. I wish they would all come to the SLPP. Do you really love Sierra Leone or would you join just to line up your pockets? If it is for money, forget Sierra Leone politics. The new president is bound to eliminate corruption.

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