APC wrecked the economy of Sierra Leone

A concerned citizen: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 August 2018:

APC wrecked the economy of Sierra Leone and left it in shambles. But its supporters now want to see the Bio led government conjure up miracles in 100 days.

When the economy crashed in the hands of the APC, its supporters said it was a global problem. The APC government of president Koroma, declared austerity measures after 10 years in power. But those austerity measures failed. Sierra Leone was already bankrupt.

This was after they had stolen everything and looted Ebola, mudslide and hajj funds, while the country was bleeding.

For over ten years the APC government looted the country like a farm without an owner. They wrecked the economy to a point of disrepair.

Sierra Leone has the most primitive form of tribal and partisan loyalties. APC supporters are now sympathising with those who have prevented them from being educated, get access to good health, jobs, electricity, and clean water.

They dance for those who have kept them poor, hungry and deprived of basic social services.

Now APC supporters want manna from heaven in 100 days of the Bio presidency. Do they know whether manna trees are annuals or perennials?

Why can’t people continue to attribute our worsening economic situation to global economic problems?

An economy that has been under destruction for fifty something years – mostly under the corrupt and inept APC, cannot be rebuilt in 100 days.

Even if Sierra Leone was to be industrialized – either in the agricultural or in manufacturing, the economy would still not be stabilised in the next 5 years, let alone in 100 days.

Author: A concerned Sierra Leonean.


  1. President Bio needs to discontinue marginalisation of some Sierra Leoneans; abhor the weaknesses of sycophancy; and, respect holistic, forensic, investigative audit functions as tested and proven tools for optimisations to prove his sincerity!

    • President Bio is neither marginalizing some Sierra Leoneans nor is he encouraging sycophancy. Ours is a system of winner takes all. Don’t expect President Bio to appoint APC or NGC guys to sensitive positions when he has qualified SLPP folks. We are talking about political appointments.

      Those that want political jobs now should join the SLPP, work their butts off before thinking about compensation. There should be no ‘monkey woke baboo eat’.

  2. You sounds skeptical to me these days. It is a reality, we have to point out some reality. The out-gone ruling party has left Sierra Leone nowhere to go.

    Now they are insisting the present government should boost the economy by miracle in 100 days.

    I am happy that our journalists are good speakers and thinkers; tell them all what they should know.

    Thank you

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