Arthur Pearce released from unlawful detention at CID in Freetown – Op ed

Concerned Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 June 2023:

In a nation yearning for justice and democratic principles, the recent ordeal of Arthur E Pearce, former NGC Western Area Chairman, has come to symbolize the resilience of Sierra Leone’s political landscape. (Photo: Arthur E Pearce of the AEP Movement, with supporters following his release today, after 11 days at CID).

Detained for an unjustifiably prolonged period, Pearce’s release on bail, without any charges brought against him, has become a rallying cry for those who believe in the power of democracy.
With his renewed vigor and determination, Pearce emerges as a beacon of hope, ready to lead the APC charge in ousting Maada Bio’s ruling SLPP party and ushering in a new era with the return of the APC to power.

For eleven agonizing days, Arthur E Pearce found himself behind bars at the CID, his unjust detention becoming a symbol of the challenges faced by Sierra Leone’s democracy.

The outcry from many who recognized the unlawfulness of his confinement grew louder each passing day. However, the strength of Sierra Leone’s democratic institutions prevailed, ultimately leading to Pearce’s release on bail.

The irony of Pearce’s release lies in the fact that he was declared innocent of any wrongdoing. It raises crucial questions about the motives behind his arrest and subsequent release on bail. Such circumstances highlight the need for transparency and accountability within Sierra Leone’s political landscape.

Despite the absence of charges, Pearce’s release serves as a bittersweet victory, underscoring the complexity of the nation’s democratic process.

Arthur E Pearce’s fighting spirit and tenacity in the face of adversity have earned him comparisons to the legendary Nelson Mandela. Like Mandela, Pearce has emerged from his unjust detention with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. His release has invigorated not only his supporters but also the nation at large, galvanizing them towards a common goal: ending the rule of Maada Bio and reestablishing the APC’s governance.

Sierra Leoneans have long cherished the principles of democracy, and Pearce’s journey exemplifies their commitment to upholding those ideals. His story has served as a catalyst, sparking a fervour for change and rekindling hope among those who felt marginalized or disenchanted with the current administration. The power of the people is palpable, and it is this collective will, that can reshape the country’s political landscape.

This is indeed a turning point in our politics in Sierra Leone even as we are just 72 hours to the elections.

Arthur Pearce emergence as a formidable force in Sierra Leone’s political arena signifies a turning point in the upcoming elections. The ruling SLPP party, having lost total confidence and support of a key figure like Pearce, now faces an uphill battle in maintaining their hold on power. Pearce’s return to the forefront injects new energy into the APC’s campaign, bolstering their chances of reclaiming governance and bringing fresh ideas and initiatives to address the nation’s pressing issues.

In conclusion, Sierra Leone’s democratic journey has been punctuated by the release of Arthur E Pearce, a man who, against all odds, triumphed over unjust detention. His story resonates deeply with the aspirations of the Sierra Leonean people, especially the youths, as they strive for transparency, accountability, and fair governance.

Pearce’s release, combined with his unwavering resolve, has reinvigorated the opposition APC and given rise to the belief that change is indeed possible. In the pursuit of a better future for Sierra Leone, Arthur E Pearce stands as a symbol of hope, reminding us that the power of democracy lies in the hands of the people.

Listen to Arthur E Pearce  speaks after his release from dertention today:

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