AU Ambassador to USA – Arikana rebukes China over COVID-19 treatment of Africans

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 April 2020:

Africans living in China are facing appalling discrimination and violation of human rights as China tightens the screws, in its effort to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the country. But the Chinese are now experiencing huge condemnation from citizens across the African continent and beyond.

Many are calling for Africa to retaliate, despite China’s massive economic baggage and financial debt wrapped around the necks of African governments, estimated at over $50 Billion.

Last week, shocking videos, showing Africans living in China – complaining about the Chinese throwing them out of their rented accommodation, because they are suspected of carrying the coronavirus, sparked anger across the continent. “Africans are being singled out to take the COVID-19 tests,” they said.

The Nigerian government and others have strongly condemned the actions of the Chinese.

The African Union Ambassador to the USA – Arikana Chihombori-Quao, has joined calls for China to show respect for Africans at this difficult global pandemic. (Photo above).

She said that millions of Chinese are living and working in China and are shown the utmost respect by Africans. “They are even allowed to marry Africans on the continent. Why can’t Africans living in China be granted the same respect?” Arikana asks.

This is what she said:


  1. Sovereignty is about rulership of self and kinfolk. Critically, non-negotiable components of this concept is control over land and women. A people who are lax, indifferent to, or are amenable to sharing land and women with people who are not of their ethnos or phenotype eventually end up being subjects, serfs and slaves on their own land. And their women looking to “the stranger” for protection and sustenance!

  2. Until the beautiful ladies of Africa desist from wearing straight-haired wigs, and spending billions of dollars on cosmetics to tone down the colour of their skin, Africa will always be seen as the INFERIOR continent. A place full of wealth but inhabited by dirty, poor and sub-human beings; where diseases, hunger … and corruption are the order of the day.

    Many Africans must have witnessed or read stories about children of Caucasian origin being driven from schools for merely plaiting their hair or dressing in a manner that is in semblance of an African culture. Why? Because Caucasians are proud of their culture, and are ready to defend it at all cost. Without culture and a sense of identity, one is exposed to the ranks of inferiority.

    Let’s face it: what is wrong with an ebony shade of the skin, backed by curly hair? If Africa is not proud of her culture and identity, who is going to respect her?

    • Africans are not sub-humanbeings like you stated. Sub-human is true for you and those who think like you, but definitely not for other Africans.

  3. I pray and hope this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic does not get a hold in Sierra Leone as it would be a national disaster. China, South Korea and Singapore appear to have new cases when they seemed to have everything under control. With the exception of Germany so far, other countries such as Italy, Spain ,France, UK and USA are in serious trouble with escalating death rates and impending severe recession. Please heed the advice of the Government of Sierra Leone and follow measures recommended to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease.

  4. When non-Africans find themselves in Africa we treat them with typical African hospitality that cannot be surpassed anywhere in the world. But when we travel to their respective countries they treat us like dirt. Some even mistake our hospitality for inferiority complex. And so they start calling us the most denigrating names even while we host them and accord them privileges which they cannot dream of in their own countries.

    The Ambassador is a fighter. I have listened to her many times before, and each time I saw leadership written all over her. She does not suffer fools easily; that’s why she is hated in many circles. Which African leader so far has opened his mouth to condemn President Xi and his people? Had it been the other way around the Chinese Government would have been up in arms.

    We must wake up Africa, nobody cares about us but ourselves. The strategy of the Chinese is simple: Send millions of our people to Africa, and in time we will subjugate them just like Europeans did, they are too stupid to see our endeavor.

    If APC had won the presidency two years ago the Chinese population in Sierra Leone would now be close to exceeding the local population. Ernest was prepared to hand over all of us to the Chinese.

    The prevailing evidence is that President Bio has slowed down the Chinese onslaught. We should all praise him for that. I must also ride on this to say that we should all get behind Bio in his effort to get a better deal for the country for all the mining done in it. Now the world knows that when it comes to the mining sector the eyes of our government is opening up slowly. I hope I am right.

  5. I am so proud of this lady. I never even heard a speech like this from President Buhari of Nigeria, whose citizens are mainly affected by these terrible acts from Chinese in China.

    In my opinion, she should head the African Union, not be an ambassador. She is very proctive.

    I hope Africans will be protected in China after this request from Ambassador Chihombori-Quao. The Chinese virus is on the rampage and our people need to be protected in China. Well done Ma’am.

  6. We do know that China is one of the populated countries in the world. They too should note that the entire Africa population is far numbered than China’s population. We have them in our continent, Africa. We give them contracts, they are our trade partners, we rented lands and give some almost free. They are always respected by us, despite the Coronavirus, which has it origin in Wuhan, China.

    In those days, Africans suffered from racial discrimination (apartheid). China, we do not want to go back to those uncivilized days. STOP THE DISCRIMINATION AND HELP THE FIGHT AGAINST CONVID-19. THANKS .

  7. I was sickened to my stomach watching several videos in which our African brothers and sisters are being subjected to unimaginable discriminatory and uncivilized treatment by remnants of the chinese citizens. One can never imagine in the current 21st century, with a globally connected economy, an advanced nation like China whose economic success relies mainly from obtaining raw materials from the African continent will stoop so low in allowing the children of Africa to be maltreated in such a manner.

    By all indications, the Corona virus is a product of the Chinese people. Why in the world will they turn around and blame innocence black people? Our African leaders must stand firm with resolve to condemn and put an immediate stop to this inhumane, barbaric treatment of our brothers and sisters, else reciprocative measures will be taken against Chinese citizens residing in our continent. Enough is enough!!

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