Sierra Leone appears to be containing corona but number of those quarantined rises

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 April 2020:

The government has today published its latest update on the country’s coronavirus management status, and the report makes for welcoming reading, as Sierra Leone continues to fight the spread of the virus through aggressive contact tracing and isolation.

So far, the total number of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 stands at 10. According to the government’s update, all 10 cases are in the designated treatment facility and are in stable condition. But is this the calm before the tsunami erupts?

The cumulative total number of people having gone through quarantine is 1,363, of which 614 are still in quarantine.

Last week, the government announced further restrictions to limit the movement of people between districts which started last Saturday and will remain in force for another 12 days. Transportation of goods and essential services with authorized PASS issued by the EOC at National and DISEC/PROSEC at Regional or District levels are exempted.

People have been told to stay home during curfew hours of 9pm-6am. The government says that it is so far pleased with the level of cooperation of citizens in adhering to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Official working hours which have been reduced to 9am – 4pm for public sector workers remain in force, with the exception of private sector workers. But they MUST adhere to the COVID-19 preventive measures – including the curfew hours of 9pm-6am, the government says.

Today’s statement by the government also calls on members of the public to telephone 117 should they have any health related issues. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are asked to take their children to hospital for marklates, Anti Natal Care (ANC), safe delivery, malaria testing and treatment, and other regular care.

Hospital remains the safest place to go for health checks, treatment, and care, the government says.

“Members of the public are encouraged to the abide to the following initial measures on COVID-19: washing of hands with soap and water frequently, use of hand sanitizers, avoiding crowded areas, using face mask and maintaining social distancing still remain in force,” the statement reads

David Miliband (Photo above) who is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Rescue Committee, overseeing the agency’s humanitarian relief operations in over 40 countries, said on BBC Radio 4 last week that Sierra Leone has only one ventilator for a population of 7 million people. This figure has now been updated by the government of Sierra Leone.

Speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph about this, the Sierra Leone government information minister – Mohamed  Swarray, told the editor that Sierra Leone now has 15 ventilators, and that more will be arriving in the country shortly to help cope with demand.


  1. YEAH. This was how I wanted our government to attack Coronavirus. To be honest and fair with President Bio and his Administration, they are doing a nice job in proactively trying to defeat Coronavirus. I’m very happy and pleased so far. President Bio was very wise, smart and clever to put one of our champions, the former High Commissioner to the UK, Mr. Tamba Lamina at the centre of the COVID-19 Emergency Task Force.

    If you hear reputable and respected British Citizens/Politicians like Mr. David Miliband talking about the status of the number of ventilators we have over the BBC, tells all of us, how the British people and their government loves Sierra Leone and that help from the British people is on its way. The only thing they need from us, is to put people and champions like Mr. Tamba Lamina, with credibility and trust in areas where they spend their money or materials to help. The President was quick to understand that. By the way, there are many other champions within the Bio Administration who can help this President with his agenda. Champions like Dr. Francis Kai Kai are men to watch. Think about that Mr. President.

    Finally, Mr. President, now is the time to start a nation wide test for Coronavirus. With the increase in the number of people quarantined, just tells you how important testing has become. I believe that the COVID-19 Emergency Task Force top brass will be looking into this very seriously. Thank you very much Mr. President for your Administrations’ efforts so far. You are just doing fine. God bless President Bio, Mr. Tamba Lamina, Mr. David Miliband, the British people and our country. God help protect Sierra Leone from Coronavirus. Amen and Amen.

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