Battle for mayorship of Freetown – deputy minister of health Madina Rahman wins support

Abdul Malik Bangura: Sierra leone Telegraph: 28 December 2017

Hundreds of All Peoples Congress (APC) party faithful and loyal supporters thronged the streets of Freetown yesterday – Wednesday 27th December 2017, in show of firm solidarity and  support for Madam Madina Rahman, at the launch of her expression of interest in becoming the elected Mayor of Freetown in 2018.

The show of solidarity started with a colourful street parade, from the main gates of the Siaka Stevens National Stadium to the APC Party Headquarters at Old Railway Line in Brookfields, Freetown, where Madam Madina Rahman addressed hundreds of supporters who came from all over the Freetown municipality to demonstrate their support.

Addressing supporters at the APC Party office and thanking the party, Madam Madina Rahman said that she has consulted with every segment of the society and party comrades, and has therefore decided “to run for the Freetown City Council mayoral symbol of the APC for the coming March 2018 Local Council elections.”

Madam Rahman further admonished all present that “it is time for women to come out and try their best,” adding that to make Freetown a better municipality, women must take the lead.

She said that if she is given the APC FCC Mayoral symbol, and with the support of every citizen of the Freetown municipality, she will establish a consultative administration, where everyone’s input would be considered in the running of the day-to-day affairs of the city.

In response to her declaration of interest in seeking the office of mayor of Freetown, a representative of the Aku Community – Alhaji Matami Carew assured Madina Rahman of the community’s fullest support.

Alhaji Carew said that Madam Madina Rahman has been very steadfast in working for the government of president Ernest Bai Koroma since the period of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in Sierra Leone, as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

Alhaji Carew added that the good work of Madam Madina Rahman as current Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, has been felt across many communities of Sierra Leone.

The Aku representative said: “Madina Rahman knows your plight because she has been with you all before, she is with you now, and she will be with you tomorrow.”

Responding to Madam Rahman’s formal request for the party symbol, on behalf of the local chiefs – with tears – Haja Bomposeh Kabba said her support for Madam Madina Rahman is not because of the wealth of Madina Rahman, but because of the goodness and dedicated service the mother of Madam Madina Rahman had rendered to the APC Party.

Haja Bomposeh Kabba told the large gathering that the mother of Madam Madina Rahman – the Late Haja Isha Rahman, stood with the APC during the darkest days and sacrificed a lot in ensuring that the APC is where it is today.

She said: “if you are seeing hundreds of people supporting Madina now, it is because of the blessing of her mother, who sacrificed a lot for the APC Party.”

As speaker after speaker expressed their loyal support for the mayoral candidacy of Madam Madina Rahman, a representative of the market women – Ya Alimamy Fofanah said: “it is time for women to be empowered.”

“when women are empowered, they think about the suffering of other women.”  She said Madam Madina Rahman is someone who is always open to hear the cries of people. Hence, she said that she and her fellow market women will fully support the mayoral bid of Madam Madina Rahman.

Speaking also in support of Madina Rahman was the representative of the APC Women’s Congress – Ya Alimamy Manso, who said that: “women are the best administrators in all sectors of the society.”

She said that, since Madina Rahman who holds an executive position in the APC Women’s Congress has declared for the APC Freetown City Council mayoral symbol, she believes that women would be given the position. She welcomed all present and assured that the APC Women’s Congress will give maximum support to a female candidate.

Expressing his support for Madam Madina Rahman, Sorie S. Kanu – representing the Munku Club, said his members are totally supporting Madam Rahman’s bid for the APC Mayoral Symbol, because they have been persuaded by their president Haja Rugiatu Fofanah (Haja Munku).

He said “we the men have taken many positions of authority but we deceive the people.” He said “we will tell our elders that Madam Rahman is who we want. We are sending the message that Madam Rahman is the only person we want for the FCC APC Mayoral Symbol.

Other representatives who spoke glowingly about Madam Rahman, included the APC Task Force and the Disabled community. Yusif A. Jalloh of the disabled community said they are in full support of the declaration of Madam Madina Rahman.

The declaration event was also brought to life by dancing Bondo women, Matorma masquerade, youth groups, women’s group and veterans. They all came out in their numbers to show their full support for the APC FCC Mayoral candidacy of Madam Madina Rahman.

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  1. Good morning brothers and sisters. Mayorship in Freetown is not just a post to hold but a place of responsibilities. The mayor must do all to clean the city and build a new sewage system at the depressed areas. Build health facilities and improving the ones already existing.

    Please voters be quite sure that the title is not to control the wealth of the city’s economy but make it a success so that everyone can enjoy it. From this point, anyone presenting his or her candidacy as mayor of Freetown must know and understand the ill health of the people in the city.

    Health and jobs are a common problem in Sierra Leone. As it is said in the United Nations journal, Sierra Leone is second to the last point in development. This is just to say, the next mayor must have a lot to do to improve Freetown. Ladies and gentlemen, be brave in your activities as citizens of Freetown and Sierra Leone, and on this basis start your work in earnest and not line up your pockets.

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