Bio writes chairman and leader of Sierra Leone opposition SLPP – chief Kapen

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 December 2016  

Dear Chief Kapen,

Conduct of Lower Level Elections and the Role and Composition of 10-Man Committee

Let me start by thanking your administration for all the efforts made to conduct lower level elections amidst some challenges. I am pleased about the Rules and Regulations that guide this process and about the participation of our membership at all levels, contrary to the situation towards 2013 National Party Conference, which is the basis for most of the challenges now.

This process is anticipated to create a level playing field which is an essential element of our internal democracy.

Since this process will identify delegates for the elections of national officers and flagbearer and as an Aspirant for the SLPP Presidential Candidate for the 2018 Elections, I would like to raise concerns of the role of 10-man Committee referenced in your letter dated November 29, 2016 to the Commissioners of the PPRC.

SLPPI have carefully studied the Rules and Regulations and the 1995 SLPP Constitution (as amended) which are the supreme documents guiding this process.

I have not found any reference to a 10-man Committee in the two documents guiding this process.

However, I am reliably informed it was formed as an Ad hoc committee to specifically consider matters in connection with the Gazetted Rules and Regulations. As is the case of most Ad hoc Committee, they are formed to address specific issue and dissolved immediately when the issue is addressed.

There are instances where the role of Ad hoc Committee can be extended or expanded or even transformed to a Standing Committee. This is obviously not the case with the 10-man Committee.

The Rules and Regulations are very clear on how complaints can be addressed. There is no mention of a 10-man Committee in the Rules and Regulations. Perhaps even more disturbing is the composition of the 10-man Committee.

I cannot fathom why such committee should include Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin and Mr. Alpha Timbo who are both aspirants for the flagbearer elections. I consider this as incongruous and a recipe for undermining the credibility of the process. It does not create the level playing field for the election process.

As an aspirant, I strongly oppose the role of the 10-man Committee in addressing concerns emerging from the conduct of the constituency elections and the inclusion of any aspirant on any Ad hoc Committee that may be established for the implementation of the Rules and Regulations.

In the past, controversies of such nature were referred to NEC which usually formed Ad hoc Committee to address such issues.

Since PPRC has been involved in this process, I have taken the liberty to copy them this letter. Finally, I encourage you to continue respecting the Rules and Regulations and the SLPP Constitution which guide this process.

Best Regards

Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio

Aspirant for the 2017 SLPP Flagbearer Election

Copy:  All NEC Members, Commissioners – PPRC, Registrar – PPRC


  1. Julius Maada Bio – your so-called, have carefully studied the Rules and Regulations and the 1995 SLPP Constitution (as amended) which are the supreme documents guiding this process, blows my mind at your dubious and calculated disrespect for the SLPP Constitution.

    You have violated it by your stubborn aspiration to be the presidential flag-bearer again for the 2018 presidential election as the constitution stipulated that a presidential flag-bearer of the SLPP party is a one term position as was shown by Solomon Berewa when he lost the 2007 presidential election to EB Koroma.

    Solo- B gracefully resigned from recontesting for the 2012 presidential flag-bearership as was told that catapulted you to be elected as a flag bearer for the 2012 presidential elections.

    After your defeat in 2012 you are still violating and abusing your power by pursuing again to be a flag-bearer for the 2018 presidential election.

    Maada Bio you have brought divisions, chaos and enmity in the SLPP party in your quest just to become president again of Sierra Leone (paopa) by any means. If you are genuine to be an elder statesman of Sierra Leone with your earning of a Ph.D recently, you should pursue a lucrative career that suits your qualifications.

    You are a disgrace to your NPRC (Natin Pass Recklessness and Corruption) military party colleagues. You know that you and your colleagues at the ruling council of the NPRC were in danger, unimaginable and calculated by the leakage messages of Valentine Strasser’s Body guard to you people, of the clandestine activities of Strasser towards you people.

    With the help of the South African mercenaries, then helping to fight the civil war you were able to disarm Strasser’s forces and you became the head of state in that palace coup.

    You remember your conversation you had with Foday Sankoh just to delay and create fear and panic to the populace, who were in need of civilian power as they were fed up with you people. Do you know what is conflict of interest Maada Bio, as you are continuously trying to eat your cake and have it?

    We are not blind or deaf. Time will tell one day.

  2. Mr. Bio’s letter is simple and understandable. I’m curious to hear from the recipient – Chief Kapen’s side. Thanks for the update.

  3. Thanks my son for this great move. Remaining silent about issues affecting the smooth electioneering process is not the right thing to do. This is where people start to manipulate elections. If such committee is to be formed, it must include all aspirants and not only two.

    Besides, note very well the other aspirants are represented by these two people – Mr. Alpha Timbo and Mr. John Benjamin. Since they have formed alliance, they should nominate one person to represent them while you too should be included in that committee.

    I also want PPRC to be the referee in all political matters arising from conflict situation. This Ad hoc committee should include people from PPRC and not those within the same party. There is no need to have such a committee with people from within the same party, each having his or her own interest.

    Who God has appointed and anointed to rule and lead, let no man tamper with it. My son Bio, with God on your side and with the support of we the grass root people, victory will surely be yours.

    This is just the beginning of electioneering process manipulation, let us brace for the larger one – between you of SLPP and APC unknown candidate.

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