Bye-election violence in Sierra Leone – opposition leader Yumkella attacked

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 November 2019:

There are reports of an outbreak of serious violence this morning at the local council bye-election which is taking place in Kasirie in the Kambia Distrcit, northern Sierra Leone.

Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella – the parliamentary leader and 2018 presidential candidate of the National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) and the party’s chairman – Dr Dennis Bright are believed to have narrowly escaped the violence, though Dr Yumkella confirmed to the Sierra Leone Telegraph editor this afternoon that he sustained injury to his arm. (Photo below).

The violence is said to have been caused by several armed men believed to be supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), brought into Kambia from the border across Guinea by Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Guinea in unmarked vehicles.

Kasirie is an NGC stronghold. Yesterday, Dr Yumkella was on AYV TV (see video below) where he expressed serious alarm concerning report of government backed thugs planning to commit election violence this morning in Kasirie.


According to Awareness Times Newspaper reporters covering the election this morning, “a sudden and unprovoked hail of stones rained down on the vehicle of the two men and left NGC members wounded and bleeding. Both Yumkella and Bright have fled for their lives.”

“An attempt by Awareness Times reporters to cover the attack was met by violent threats from the attackers – with our cameras almost snatched from us. Over 7 phones were snatched in our presence to prevent recording of the VIOLENT ATTACK.

“We barely saved our cameras from being snatched by using special Ninja tactics. However, we have now run for cover. (Photo: Yumkella’s security guard wounded).

“As we fled, we left Sierra Leone Police officers actively trying to calm the situation down. We must caution that as of now, there is no way of identifying who the attackers were. It was all very sudden and very, very VIOLENT. What we can confirm is that right in our presence, NGC party members were physically attacked and have blood running from their bodies.

“There are senior government officials present inside Kasirie and they are using what seems to be government issued vehicles but with license plates covered with black cloths,” Awareness Times reports.

Speaking on the phone to Dr Kandeh Yumkella this afternoon, this is what he told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Abdul Rashid Thomas:


Head of Communication for the NGC in the UK – Mr Alan Luke also spoke to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph, and he said this:


  1. Brother Sahr Matturi, I can understand and I knew personally how much you love to see Chief Sam Sumana our former Vice President succeeded and one day becomes a President of Sierra Leone. But fair enough to tell you that, Sam Sumana is very weak indeed. The former President Ernest Bai Koroma did not elect Chief Sam Sumana as VP, but the Sierra Leone people are.

    The same incident happened in Nigeria when Obasanjo attempted to remove his VP, Attiku Abubakarr, he never succeeded do you know why?, because he was a strong Vice President and no nonsense Vice President. I am not an SLPP nor APC member, for sure let me affirm this to you that I’m an independent registered voter; on election day, I am voting for someone whom I really believed is ready to work for the nation.

    You used the term on me today (prophetic thinking). Let me say this to you, Chief Sam Sumana betrayed the kono people by accepting EBK again as a comrade. I voted for Bio and I’ll do it again if God spares my life to live to that day.

    Our eloquent brother Fil Bothi is an excellent professor, I love him too much. The more your man associate himself with EBK the more risk he takes. Ernest Koroma, Foday Yansaneh,Pablo Conteh the former defense minister and many others, were the cause and the causes of the APC’S hard defeat in 2018 poll. First of all APC abandoned all Diasporans as if we are not human. I hate to say this brother, the time is not yet for APC again to retain power; they have a long way to go.

    And I dislike the word from KKY saying “THE JUNTA DEMOCRACY”. We don’t feel good about him at all. President Bio isn’t a junta president; he was elected by the majority of the voters in Sierra Leone and the election was credible. May God bless Sierra Leone.

  2. Mr. FIL BOTHI, yes my patriotic brother Sierra Leonean in somewhere around the globe, I do really enjoy and admire your eloquent statements, it just seems to me like if you were lecturing me live in a classroom thanks for that. Assuming that these three guys will never rule Sierra leone, my assumption based on their behaviors. Trust me after all what happened to Chief Sam Sumana in the APC party, unlawfully removing him from his position as VP after he’s being voted in by the peoples decision we were not expecting him again to seek any help from EBK, under Ernest Koroma’s banner, Chief Sam Sumana will never rule this country as a president that is fact.

    As I said it before and now, KKY has no reason to turn his back against SLPP because of SLPP not selecting him as a flag bearer for the late 2018 presidential poll. Brother, KKY should have stay quietly and wait.
    About Dr. Samura Kamra, this guy was the wrong candidate for APC in the last poll, the man was self defeated already since their first day of debate.

    Don’t you listen to Emmerson’s music, when he was asked who’s to blame, he said the gov’t? Samura Kamara knows everything that Bio did to the country, who was the bank governor at the time?. Brother FIL BOTHI, maybe I hate to say this but 2023, Bio is going to reelected I don’t care who the flag bearer is going to be. We all knew the Africa politics, you might be having some knowledge about EBK’S reelection 2012 right?, the same thing would happen. Thank you

  3. I would have replied to Mr. Fil Bothi if he had facts instead of talking about ALLEGATIONS. Secondly, IGNORANCE over the issue can be clearly seen in his MISGUIDED and NARROW MINDED COMMENT.
    I hope somebody with a known IDENTITY should have approached me on this matter.
    Nevertheless, it’s been a great pleasure for me giving the opportunity to Mr Fil Bothi to comment on my well structured comment.
    Mr. Fil Bothi there confused about realities of FACTS and ALLEGATIONS. Also CONFUSED and WORRIED about CHIEF SAM SUMANA becoming President of Sierra Leone. DISCUSS. I know someone by the name of Empty Bothi. But, I have never heard of Fil Bothi. Thanks Mr. Fil Bothi for your contribution and GOD BLESS YOU.

  4. The legendary SLPP? (lol) Sincerely, it doesn’t sound quite right, does it? (lmao) It seems to me Mr Coleman is trying very hard to sound like the illustrious, dynamic Mr Saidu Conteh.(lol) Well, you will have to walk just ten steps inside shoes burning, and roasting with fire to be able to do that. (lol) Legendary means immortality! The mythic APC wrestled and grabbed power from your lackadaisical hands, scores and countless scores of years ago and never looked backed – more than a million miles and still running. Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? Now that’s the stuff true legends are made of.

    Yep, you heard me correctly – a million miles and still running like the engine of a classic Ferrari Testarosa, smoother then ever before. The Legendary APC is just like the Energizer Bunny, is just keeps on going and going forever.It is as and invaluable as the AC Delco engine spark plugs that never give out, rust, lose power or wear thin.(lol) That’s the kind of stuff real legends are made of.

    Legendary means having immortal, lovable outlaws, superstars and mega stars, that once sat on thrones in your corner. Individuals that could never be ignored, brushed aside or forgotten. Collossal Giants like Old Stevens, EBK…S.I Koroma, Akibo Betts, E.T Kamara Thorlu Bangura, Gbassay Kanu, Thaimu Bangura and many others…the list is endless. Who is it in the inglorious SLPP that is worth bragging about, that already has his or her name written forever in the sands of time? Coup plotter Maada Bio, or the insouciant Margai brothers (lol) Again, let me reiterate, all the NGC needs to do is strategic planning and implementation of their progressive ideas, and the sky will become only the beginning to their achievements to come….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  5. All we can say is, Dr. KKY doesn’t want or ready to be called a second in command. All he wanted is a leader in everything and I believe and confident that, one of his regrettable decision in his life time, is when he refused to accept the then candidate, current President Bio’s offer to be his running mate, instead he decided to build and create a new party name NGC.

    Dr. Kandeh wasn’t an SLPP loyalist. No, not at all. I believe if his late dad was alive today, he won’t allow him to turn his back on SLPP – the party he has been with for a very long period of time. At least he was looking to become a leader of one party and he succeeded getting NGC. But my question is, will he rule Sierra Leone under NGC? I want to live long to witness that.

    Here is another dangerous scenario for KKY – Quitting NGC and joining APC. Because of APC, Dr. KKY stripped himself of his USA Citizenship; they threw all smear campaigns against him. That’s why the APC party was more focused on him than Maada Bio at the time. Does he think that APC will like or love him?

    Let me tell you, KKY, Sam sumana and Samura Kamara – these three people will not rule Sierra Leone. KKY was supposed to stick with SLPP no matter what. It was a terrible mistake he did. If I am KKY, I would rather stay with NGC for the rest of my life or return back to SLPP. But I am advising you not to join the APC.

    • Did I hear Mr. Brima Sesay say that Chief Sam Sumana will never rule Sierra Leone? Mind your PROPHETIC THINKING Mr. Brima Sesay over your SARCASTIC and BIASED IDEOLOGY against one of our country’s most DECENT, CHARISMATIC, POPULAR and POTENTIAL PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE.
      I hope you desist from your SARCASTIC remarks against our HONOURABLE and NOBLE CHIEF.
      If not, we shall find ourselves at the backyard of the GYMS WORDS OF WORDS. Mr. Brima Sesay somewhere in the universe promoting FAKE IDEOLOGY against a POTENTIAL PRESIDENT OF SIERRA LEONE. GOD BLESS YOU.

    • “Did I hear Mr. Brima Sesay say that Chief Sam Sumana will never rule Sierra Leone? Mind your PROPHETIC THINKING Mr. Brima Sesay over your SARCASTIC and BIASED IDEOLOGY against one of our country’s most DECENT, CHARISMATIC, POPULAR and POTENTIAL PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE.” Sahr Matturi

      Are you Serious to posit that Sam-Sumana is a Decent man? A decent clean living individual is someone who conforms to generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behaviour. Are these traits inherent in Sam-Sumana? What about the numerous allegations from the businessmen he duped in the USA prior to buying the APC ticket as running mates in 2007? Is that something a decent man would do?

      What about the allegation of him parading himself as a Master’s degree holder knowing same to be false? What about the corruption allegations involving the exploits of Timber that was levied against him by his own party? Mansa Matturi, while it is your right to loom the image of your brother, certain adjectives should not be used in looming the self-perpetuation of questionable persons like Sam Sumana, and Decency is one such adjective.

      Having watched Sierra Leone electorate – where party and tribal loyalty dominate everything else, I would not buy into Brima Sesay’s boastful statement that neither Sam-Sumana, nor Kandeh Yumkella or Samura Kamara will not rule Sierra Leone. Who would have thought that President Bio – one of the must corrupt individuals to come out of our beloved land, would be voted to a position he bastardized in 1996?

      Bio is like the proverbial phrase, “robbing a lipstick on a pig would not change it from being a pig”. The guy is corrupt. Bio never exonerated himself from the passport deals he was accused of; the 18 million Dollars he and his cabinet members cleared from the coffers before they left power; and the numerous shady deals he gave to his uncle Steve Bio. And yet, Sierra Leoneans took the risk of voting him as president to preside over our affairs and coffers. Is that not surprising!!!

      To fool people pretending to be a repentant saint, Bio surrounded himself initially with few decent men like Professor Francis, Dr. Shaaga Sow, Alie Kabba, and Dr. Osman Sankoh. These are the people around Bio who have been pushing for accountability and reduce expenditure. How has Bio and his corrupt ilk reacted? They are undermining the Good Professor Francis, for example by peddling lies against him to brown envelops pen pushers parading as journalist. Are Sierra Leoneans surprised that Bio through his crook Finance Minister is asking for a blank cheque for his unexplained and unproductive travels with his wife all over the globe?

      If the APC gives the flag Bearer position to Sam Sumana, he would definitely become the president of Sierra Leone in 2023. In Sierra Leone when it comes to APC and SLPP the people seem to have been bewitched.

  6. I hope Dr. Kandeh Yumkella will be flown abroad to have an X-ray of his whole body to make sure that he is Okay after the wrestling match between him who was just trying to be a paparazzi or camera man and some celebrities . I felt pity for him after he complained about the greedy SLPP that has already had 200 Counsellors and they are now trying to deprive him of his entitlement by contesting for a seat in his Kambia constituency .

    I further felt sorry for him after he has spent all his money and time investing in the energy conference involving energy ministers in our region just to help President Bio and not the people of Sierra Leone , and now they are paying him back by contesting in his stronghold. I almost cried out of sympathy for him after he mentioned that even though he had recently voted with majority of the Members Of Parliament to pass the 2020 Budget bill that he is now trying to back track from because of the reaction from the public , and ungratefully the SLPP are trying to win this precious Counsellor seat in his constituency.

    For KKY’s information , majority carry the votes in parliament after heated debate, and now you have to live with the law that been passed which I hope President Bio will SIGN immediately for the integrity and respect for the law that has been deliberately voted on , which was opposed by only Honorable Ibraham Towa Conteh. I personally believe that the Members Of Parliament should campaign on their voting records during the next election which will be the payback time for the voters to either expel or be re- elected.

    My only advice to KKY is to come out of the closet and be proud to join the APC just like Chief Sam – Sumana of the C4C party and Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray of the Alliance Democratic Party because during the 2018 presidential election campaign, the three of you had something in common – YOU NEVER ENDORSED President Bio but majority of the voters decided to make him the President of our nation so to call our democracy a “ junta democracy “ is a disrespect to the voters and I’m sure you are now paying a price for it because most of the voters keeps on rejecting you and your party around the country because of your “ JEALOUSY AND BAD HEART “.

  7. An all out attack against Dr Yumkella on this forum after he has narrowly escaped severe injury,and bodily harm at the hands of SLPP thugs,shows you clearly how callous,mean-spirited,and unremorseful the SLPP,and its sympathisers can be. This one thing I know – Dr Yumkella is an honorable man that has integrity,dignity,and humility;attributes that are totally missing in the President of Sierra Leone.(lol) Now chew on this also – sooner or later Maada Bio is going to be wanted in the Hague, for crimes he has committed against humanity, during the era of his military regime. If no one calls for him to be chained, and dragged to the ICC, then the families of his victims certainly will. Of that, I am quite sure!

    Dr Yumkella doesn’t have to worry about such worrying, troubling, unsettling things at all – the man is known to be squeaky clean! The NGC has a bright future in Sierra Leone,in the years ahead,there’s no doubt about that.Only a pragmatic, strategic, meticulous restructuring is what is urgently needed for them to spread out like eagles,and become a force to be reckoned with. Sincerely, I wish you had someone like Saidu Conteh on your side sir, to help you move mountains – to chisel rough edges, turn dry, arid deserts into lands flowing with gushing rives,and springs….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • “The NGC has a bright future in Sierra Leone,in the years ahead,there’s no doubt about that.Only a pragmatic, strategic, meticulous restructuring is what is urgently needed for them to spread out like…” Saidu Conteh

      Saidu Conteh,
      So, suddenly you now believe in a bright future for the NGC? Remember, just a couple of days ago you were bashing that party on this forum. Look, I consider the NGC a political fiction whose only significance lies in its entertainment value to the gullible reader. Saidu Conteh may well have now become one of the gullible readers.

      Like all other poorly constructed third political forces, the NGC will keep limping until it vanishes into thin air. Serious political organizations must have definitive creative strategies for assuming power. Moreover, serious political organizations must not be fronted by men who blatantly lie to the public in a bid to gain relevance. When leaders lie, they violate the core ethical values that are enshrined in leadership.

      It is instructive that the NGC has never demonstrated the political will to assume power and lead the growth process in Sierra Leone. On the contrary, all that the party has shown Sierra Leoneans is that it is home to a collection of power hungry and desperate egomaniacs with a baleful desire to take Sierra Leone to a dark place.

      How competitive has the NGC been since its emergence last year? Can this party really be taken seriously given that its only real competitive battle with the two more illustrious political forces was summarily dismissed at the polls last year? A 6.9% presidential poll is not only a disgrace but also a pointer that whether the NGC likes it or not, Sierra Leone is a resilient political duopoly that is not ready for fustian and pretentious third forces.

      And the comical NGC has the temerity to dream of standing on the same political pedestal as the legendary SLPP? Unlike the effete NGC, SLPP’s roots run deep in the illustrious history of Sierra Leone. The SLPP has been around since the pre-colonial days, since the days when Sierra Leoneans fought gallantly for their country’s independence at Lancaster House in England. And of course, the leader of the SLPP became the first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone.

      What has the NGC achieved? A monumental collapse at the polls and engaging in incorrigible and insolent lies? Engineering tribally-driven votes in Kambia and fighting for local regional appeal? A victory in an inconsequential election for Councillor?

  8. If your wish is to understand how powerful, and intense the truth can become, then make it a top priority of yours to spend some time in the midsts of the Buddhas, Sages and Prophets, totally immersed in the depths of solitude and sublime quietness. Only then will the mysteries and secrets in the Universe gradually begin to reveal themselves to you. Unfolding it is called.

    It resembles a lotus flower gently opening her smooth,soft petals,revealing her innermost mesmerizing beauty for all to see.Again,I think,it would be appropriate for me to emphasize,that all the observations,and warnings I have been making on this glorious platform,regarding the challenges our nation is facing have all come from transcendental meditation.

    Clear vision? Yep,it’s total mindfulness that tells me to be wary of the devious motives,and practices of the criminal SLPP Cabal. One warning after the other, although ignored have all come to pass.

    Call me a Prophet! listen, I hate to be the one to rub it in your faces, and say – I told you so, but sincerely didn’t I tell you guys you are being taken for a ride? (lol)

    As a matter of fact I did loudly and clearly tell you that these people in authority you are supporting are the most disagreeable, perverse minded, lawless bunch of men that have ever held positions of high importance in our beloved Sierra Leone.

    Delusional,self-centered men, with the worst forms of regressive attitudes and personalities, that’s who they are.(lol) And who doesn’t know they are in the arena of Politics just to settle old scores, exact revenge and promote personal vendettas?

    They’ve got BEEF with the everyone – the APC, Yumkella, SL Mining, Northern tribes, NP, Krio people, Old Stevens dead and gone; and on and on – ad infinitum.

    Goodness Gracious! Is the art of holding grudge, brutality and violence what they taught them in their prestigious BO school.(lmao) The SLPP has made up their minds, its clear, to hold on to power at all cost, to win elections by any means necessary, because they are Caterpillars, insecure, afraid, impatient, clueless, and desperate to evolve, and become butterflies…..Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  9. An important reason why the National Grand Coalition (NGC) party will never darken the corridors of power in Sierra Leone lies in the fact that the party is fronted by liars and troublemakers. If the SLPP can win more important parliamentary bye-elections in the North without perpetuating violence, is it an insignificant council election in Kambia that would force the SLPP to unleash violence, especially on an incompetent and maladroit political outfit like the NGC?

    Buried in the graveyard of party politics since its humiliating collapse at the polls last year, the NGC now seeks relevance. One way it believes it can accomplish this is to implicate the ruling SLPP in a shady and immorally concocted story. But this is not the first time that Dr. Kandeh Yumkella has identified himself as a chronic liar. He even lied about his membership in the SLPP a few years ago and only God knows how many more times he has lied to gain attention.

    The polls last year showed that contrary to widespread misconceptions, the NGC is not a force to be reckoned with in Salone politics. Unlike the SLPP and the APC whose DNA are scattered throughout Salone’s political culture, the NGC has no natural political cultural underpinnings. Some have even called it an Internet party to demonstrate the notion that the party is talked about more in Salone Internet forums than on the streets of Salone’s cities and towns.

    Let’s put it this way, the NGC is a feckless political construct whose continued existence until 2023 cannot be guaranteed even by its leaders. So, if this party feels that its natural extinction is a foregone conclusion, why would it want to engage the SLPP in its foolishness?

  10. Unbelievable!! It appears the ruling regime will stop at nothing to incinerate democratic credentials we have built as a country over the past 2 decades starting from 1996, when the national electoral commission was instituted. Since the return to multiparty participation in the mid-90s, we have never encountered a political party headed by a bunch of zealots, who in their quest for total control and domination, will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

    After the 2018 elections, many Sierra Leoneans along with our international partners were hoping for an improvement in our democratic credentials due to historical results leading to a divided government, with the opposition party having a majority in parliament. Fast forward a year after the elections, the regime using clandestine tactics, couple with judiciary intimidation, the opposition majority in parliament was overturn leading to the regime have total control of all 3 branches of government.

    Notwithstanding, we have witnessed a total collapse of the neutrality of the National Electoral Commission. Each successive elections since the regime took over power has been embroiled in thuggery, intimidation, violence and anarchy. The mantra is, if we don’t win, no one else will. Its a burn and slash philosophy.

    The sad aspect of all is that, we have diehard ruling regime agents here on this platform who in many occasions will defend such destructive approach in our only mama Salone. Any patriotic Sierra Leonean who dares to speak the truth by calling things as they are, becomes a target.

    Numerous article writers including the proprietor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph have been a target the minute the realities on the ground are reported. It appears most of the the diehard SLPP supporters have a thuggish mentality. The minute you don’t toe their line of thinking, you become the enemy.

    • While I do not want at this moment on what actually took place, I would like to comment on the article and the accompanying audio from DR. Yumkella. The article States that the NGC leader and his entourage were attack while in their vehicles and that the attack was unprovoked. In the audio, Dr Yumkella says he saw group of men near the polling station. Himself, Dr Bright and another approached the men and started taking thier photos. This caused the men to start attacking them. Well you be the judge as to who provoke the other to commit the breach of the peace.

      Secondly in the audio Dr. Yumkella said that there were ruling party functionaries from state house in the constituency. He fell short to say that it was his brother Ambassador Foday Yumkella who is the Minister of Presidential Affairs. The entire NGC leadership including those who are not from Kambia district were in the constituency to monitor the elections, yet Dr. Yumkella finds it wrong that his brother Foday Yumkella who is the Slpp chairman in the district should not go to his home to monitor the same elections. The truth shall make us free.

  11. If these reports are true as they are being narrated from Kasirie, then such actions are unacceptable in a democracy. We cannot replace a rogue system with an equally rogue and worse diabolical one.

    It must not be forgotten that the change that brought the SLPP government to power was due to the fact the APC party had run its course and the country was at a tipping point where the country needed change and change we got.

    The current leaders of the SLPP must therefore not forget that true power comes from the will of the people and it is sacrosanct. No amount of intimidation or violence will bestow power onto any group of people in a sustainable manner.

    The change that was ushered into the Sierra Leonean political system in 2018 was engineered by honest, patriotic and peace loving citizens like Dr. Kandeh Yumkellah, Dr. Dennis Bright the NGC leadership, and a host of others.

    It is therefore sad and unfortunate that the SLPP government who is a major beneficiary of this change has forgotten this reality and instead of working to improve on the hard work, that ushered in the democratic mechanism that brought them to power, they are trying to undermine the democratic system of openness and transparency that is the linchpin of democracy.

    This is not acceptable and everything must be done to work and stand against it. The SLPP leadership must be put on notice that the citizens are watching and that the road they are going down is a slippery road and must rethink their strategy and reverse course.

  12. This seems like an isolated incident that took place between Dr. Kandeh Yumkella who is trying to prove a point since yesterday by alleging that the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Guinea who also hailed from the Kambia Distrcit is planning to resort to violence in today’s election.

    I also listened to interviews from the Ambassador and the Head of All Political Party Association (APP ) and both denied that allegation.

    Based on what I have just heard, in my opinion, it seems that Dr. Kandeh Yumkella (KKY) is going an extra mile to prove that his assumption was right by going around and taking photos of people without their permission which will result to a confrontation and some arm twisting because I haven’t seen any pictures of blood or at least Vampire blood in any of these photos.

    I hope we have some information from the other parties involved in this confrontation which has nothing to do with the voting process.

    Finally there is no information from NEC about the conduct of the election but I also heard some allegation that the Ambassador was going from door to door and forcing the people to vote. The question is- was he doing a last minute door to door get out the vote campaign ? so far KKY of the. NGC sounds like a desperate man because he is even suspicious of his brother who is the current Minister of Political Affairs.

    Let’s continue to be patient to hear from the National Electoral Commissioner to announce the conduct and the election results before making any judgments.

  13. Are you OK Dr. Yumkella and your entourage? Let me first of all thank you for passing the MOTION against UNVETTED EXPENDITURE by this GOVERNMENT. GOD will surely reward you. As I said in my last comment, all of you in the OPPOSITION must trigger a POLITICAL GUERILLA WARFARE in PARLIAMENT to thwart the UNLAWFUL and MISGUIDED ACTS of this SLPP GOVERNMENT in PARLIAMENT. You must all (OPPOSITION) prepare the country for an ELECTORATE DYNAMITE before the next elections. It’s not that much hard to do. UNITY can achieve it.

    As you rightly said, this is broad daylight JUNTA TACTICS and THUGGERY. After TEARGASING APC SUPPORTERS and OFFICIALS in their HEADQUARTERS, TEARGASING CHIEF SAM SUMANA on the streets of PORT LOKO and many other THUGGERY acts of VIOLENCE, now, they have attacked one of the most DECENT Sierra Leonean politician Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and members of his ENTOURAGE. This is unacceptable and must be CONDEMNED with the most LETHAL form of CONDEMNATION. This just proves that the SLPP can no longer win ELECTIONS without VIOLENCE, INTIMIDATION, THUGGERY or CHEATING. SAD.

    All of us must be made aware that, a JUNTA is always a JUNTA. You can never change the JUNTA HABITS of a JUNTA.
    With a United OPPOSITION in PARLIAMENT, this government would not only be forced to back away from it’s ILLEGAL TACTICS but, be ousted from POWER in 2023.

    Finally, I don’t believe any true loving Sierra Leonean will accept the country to descend into CHAOS and ANARCHY any longer. So, let all Sierra Leoneans unite to send every ROGUE POLITICIAN or POLITICAL PARTY into the POLITICAL WILDERNESS FOREVER. AMEN AND AMEN.
    GOD BLESS SIERRA LEONE. Be safe Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and see you soon.

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