Bye-election violence in Sierra Leone – opposition leader Yumkella attacked

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 November 2019:

There are reports of an outbreak of serious violence this morning at the local council bye-election which is taking place in Kasirie in the Kambia Distrcit, northern Sierra Leone.

Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella – the parliamentary leader and 2018 presidential candidate of the National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) and the party’s chairman – Dr Dennis Bright are believed to have narrowly escaped the violence, though Dr Yumkella confirmed to the Sierra Leone Telegraph editor this afternoon that he sustained injury to his arm. (Photo below).

The violence is said to have been caused by several armed men believed to be supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), brought into Kambia from the border across Guinea by Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Guinea in unmarked vehicles.

Kasirie is an NGC stronghold. Yesterday, Dr Yumkella was on AYV TV (see video below) where he expressed serious alarm concerning report of government backed thugs planning to commit election violence this morning in Kasirie.


According to Awareness Times Newspaper reporters covering the election this morning, “a sudden and unprovoked hail of stones rained down on the vehicle of the two men and left NGC members wounded and bleeding. Both Yumkella and Bright have fled for their lives.”

“An attempt by Awareness Times reporters to cover the attack was met by violent threats from the attackers – with our cameras almost snatched from us. Over 7 phones were snatched in our presence to prevent recording of the VIOLENT ATTACK.

“We barely saved our cameras from being snatched by using special Ninja tactics. However, we have now run for cover. (Photo: Yumkella’s security guard wounded).

“As we fled, we left Sierra Leone Police officers actively trying to calm the situation down. We must caution that as of now, there is no way of identifying who the attackers were. It was all very sudden and very, very VIOLENT. What we can confirm is that right in our presence, NGC party members were physically attacked and have blood running from their bodies.

“There are senior government officials present inside Kasirie and they are using what seems to be government issued vehicles but with license plates covered with black cloths,” Awareness Times reports.

Speaking on the phone to Dr Kandeh Yumkella this afternoon, this is what he told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Abdul Rashid Thomas:


Head of Communication for the NGC in the UK – Mr Alan Luke also spoke to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph, and he said this:


  1. Brother Sahr Matturi, I can understand and I knew personally how much you love to see Chief Sam Sumana our former Vice President succeeded and one day becomes a President of Sierra Leone. But fair enough to tell you that, Sam Sumana is very weak indeed. The former President Ernest Bai Koroma did not elect Chief Sam Sumana as VP, but the Sierra Leone people are.

    The same incident happened in Nigeria when Obasanjo attempted to remove his VP, Attiku Abubakarr, he never succeeded do you know why?, because he was a strong Vice President and no nonsense Vice President. I am not an SLPP nor APC member, for sure let me affirm this to you that I’m an independent registered voter; on election day, I am voting for someone whom I really believed is ready to work for the nation.

    You used the term on me today (prophetic thinking). Let me say this to you, Chief Sam Sumana betrayed the kono people by accepting EBK again as a comrade. I voted for Bio and I’ll do it again if God spares my life to live to that day.

    Our eloquent brother Fil Bothi is an excellent professor, I love him too much. The more your man associate himself with EBK the more risk he takes. Ernest Koroma, Foday Yansaneh,Pablo Conteh the former defense minister and many others, were the cause and the causes of the APC’S hard defeat in 2018 poll. First of all APC abandoned all Diasporans as if we are not human. I hate to say this brother, the time is not yet for APC again to retain power; they have a long way to go.

    And I dislike the word from KKY saying “THE JUNTA DEMOCRACY”. We don’t feel good about him at all. President Bio isn’t a junta president; he was elected by the majority of the voters in Sierra Leone and the election was credible. May God bless Sierra Leone.

  2. Mr. FIL BOTHI, yes my patriotic brother Sierra Leonean in somewhere around the globe, I do really enjoy and admire your eloquent statements, it just seems to me like if you were lecturing me live in a classroom thanks for that. Assuming that these three guys will never rule Sierra leone, my assumption based on their behaviors. Trust me after all what happened to Chief Sam Sumana in the APC party, unlawfully removing him from his position as VP after he’s being voted in by the peoples decision we were not expecting him again to seek any help from EBK, under Ernest Koroma’s banner, Chief Sam Sumana will never rule this country as a president that is fact.

    As I said it before and now, KKY has no reason to turn his back against SLPP because of SLPP not selecting him as a flag bearer for the late 2018 presidential poll. Brother, KKY should have stay quietly and wait.
    About Dr. Samura Kamra, this guy was the wrong candidate for APC in the last poll, the man was self defeated already since their first day of debate.

    Don’t you listen to Emmerson’s music, when he was asked who’s to blame, he said the gov’t? Samura Kamara knows everything that Bio did to the country, who was the bank governor at the time?. Brother FIL BOTHI, maybe I hate to say this but 2023, Bio is going to reelected I don’t care who the flag bearer is going to be. We all knew the Africa politics, you might be having some knowledge about EBK’S reelection 2012 right?, the same thing would happen. Thank you

  3. I would have replied to Mr. Fil Bothi if he had facts instead of talking about ALLEGATIONS. Secondly, IGNORANCE over the issue can be clearly seen in his MISGUIDED and NARROW MINDED COMMENT.
    I hope somebody with a known IDENTITY should have approached me on this matter.
    Nevertheless, it’s been a great pleasure for me giving the opportunity to Mr Fil Bothi to comment on my well structured comment.
    Mr. Fil Bothi there confused about realities of FACTS and ALLEGATIONS. Also CONFUSED and WORRIED about CHIEF SAM SUMANA becoming President of Sierra Leone. DISCUSS. I know someone by the name of Empty Bothi. But, I have never heard of Fil Bothi. Thanks Mr. Fil Bothi for your contribution and GOD BLESS YOU.

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