Kandeh Yumkella’s NGC party wins Kasirie local council bye-election

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 November 2019:

Sierra Leone’s opposition National Grand Coalition (NGC) party, has won yesterday’s local council bye-election in the Ward 210 of the Kambia district with a majority of 54.1% of the total votes cast.

The ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) came third, behind the main opposition All people’s Congress party (APC) with just 14.2% of votes, despite flying-in a throng of senior government ministers to help their candidate with campaigning.

The All People’s Congress Party came second with 29.3% of the votes.

The by-election was called following the death of the incumbent councillor in August 2019. (Photo below: Dr Yumkella left, with NGC party chairman Dennis Bright).

A total of 6,598 people registered to vote, with a turnout of about 53%. The election was at serious risk of being called off due to violence alleged to have been perpetrated by supporters of the ruling SLPP party.

The parliamentary leader of the NGC party – Dr Kandeh Yumkella and his security guard sustained injuries and had to be treated at the local hospital, after they were attacked by thugs.

Officials of the ruling SLPP party are yet to make a statement about the violence and the accusations levied against their supporters. (Photo below: Dr Yumkella with hand in bandage after sustaining injuries at the bye-election).

After the announcement of the election results today, the Chairman and Leader of the NGC party – Dr Dennis Bright, made this statement:

“I am happy to share with you all the results of the bye elections at ward 210, constituency 062. For the first time. we received ALL the RRF forms from our party. Polling agents within two hours from the close of the polls.  I therefore congratulate the elections management team for their efficiency.

“We won the elections but it was not an easy fight. Kandeh Yumkella got injured, two of our close members were also hurt,  Kandeh’s car was partly damaged but we have now learnt that we should refuse to be intimidated. We should stand up to them using any means necessary.

“The results would have been even better for us if they had not terrorized the people so much. Anyway let us celebrate this victory together because it is the fruit of our combined efforts.
United we stand. We stand united.”


  1. “Hey man … are you really David Bangura?”

    The DOUBT expressed in the above statement is not because you may be a Susu, a Loko, a Limba, or a Temne by tribe – all these tribes share the surname Bangura. A name is just like a label to identify a person, or an animal, or a cargo, in a particular homogeneity. For instance, one can be exposed to different cargoes of rice with various names; but the most important aspect is the ‘quality in the bag’.

    It would be advisable for you to make regular contributions on this forum so that you can exhibit your qualities – or patriotism, etc – instead of coming out of the blue, and naively making wild accusations that are unsubstantiated or unfounded. Thanks to Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas, who has given us the opportunity to ‘woethrrneh’ (sharpen) our skills in the English Language, and as well as discuss our concerns about the current situation in our beloved country.

    If you have grievances with the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, or with the former President, Ernest Bai Koroma (EBK) – like some people on this forum – you can always discuss them here, or contact EBK direct. For me the word ‘tolongbo’ is a way of giving directions to someone to proceed, straight ahead. How this word is implied in the politics of Sierra Leone, is beyond my knowledge. No wonder the country is always retrogressive – due to a combination of hypocrisy, naivety and bad belleh. Clear enough?

  2. Joe Koroma,I thank you very much for responding to my comment.By nature I am a very cautious person,that’s why when it comes to our politicians I tend to go with only the available evidence and use common sense to make deductions. Reading between the lines of your comment,indeed there is every likelihood that APC could have been involved in the physical attack against Dr KKY,since the north has always been one of the strongholds of APC,but which now seems to be slipping away from them. But Dr kky was sure about the identity of those who attacked him,accusing the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Guinea of sponsoring the group.

    Implicitly you are saying that there are many unanswered questions,with which I agree;but why have SLPP not done anything to clear their name,or are they quietly alleging that KKY’S own supporters attacked him? What happened at constituency 110 a few months ago involving the notorious “Arata” make people like me take an unfavorable look at SLPP at every election time.

    Like APC before them SLPP are developing the tendency just to seat tight when an unfavourable political storm erupts and hope that it will blow over soon enough and become a distant memory.This is what seems to have happened in the case of the Chief Minister,David Francis,who has not held a single press conference to clear his name over the $1.5 million. To me he now operates under a cloud even with the intervention of ACC to clear him.Why was the Journalist arrested in the first place, and how did the police get to know about the incident when only the journalist and the Chief Minister were privy to it?

    Yes I tend to sympathise with NGC,but I am first of all a sierra Leonean,which means that I am ready at any time to be critical of the party’s leadership when I deem it important and necessary.I politically like President Bio,but he must get his house in order if he is really serious about advancing our nation.The cleaning he wants to do should start at the top.

    If,for example,the police are not doing their job he has to tell Richard Moigbe,the IGP,to look for another job;if our immigration officers are not professional enough he should let the minister responsible for such matters know that the nation will have to get by without him/her.Please let us don’t give our politicians any benefit of doubt,they are too clever.Equally we must let them know that we may be stupid but we are not mentally retarded.Many thanks once more my brother.

  3. He never comes up with any useful contribution on this forum. The only time he comes to life is when the TRUTH is splattered on his face. Hey man … are you really David Bangura?

    • “Hey man … are you really David Bangura?” Alimamy Turay

      Korthor, don’t worry you are not the first to ask me that question. It is this same clannish mentality that has your Tolongbo party hemorrhaging support all over Sierra Leone. A Bangura cannot be critical of the APC without being asked if he is a real Bangura.

      A party that embraces chronic tribalism and regional hegemony cannot sustain itself over a long period of time. Say what you may about Siaka Stevens but the man was all about bringing people together. But PDP Ernest Koroma came and totally deviated from that honorable cause by transforming Sierra Leone into a fiefdom of his family, regional and tribesmen. What do you expect Maada Bio to do? Work with that coterie of tribalists and regionalists?

      And some of you will come to this forum and engage in the perversion of the truth, in the advancement of theories that are based on false narratives for the sole purpose of advancing a narrow and selfish tribal and regional agenda. Then when you are challenged, you resort to questioning the challenger’s identity.

      Bra, my loyalty is to Sierra Leone. I am neither a member of a political party nor do I associate myself with clannish tribal and regional activists. Therefore, I bear no one’s cross. But one thing I must state in parting is that if you Tolongbo activists don’t change your mentality and embrace other groups in Sierra Leone, you will rot in opposition.

  4. Alimamy Turay – a real Patriot, thriving with great ease on so many different levels and dimensions of critical reasoning, and prudent thinking. Indeed, like a full moon on a dark stormy night, my brother outshines with his dazzling, mesmerizing display of unmatched intelligence and brilliance. His thought provoking insights are flawlessly exact, refined, polished and skillfully designed for the sole purposes of giving preeminence and relevance only to the truth, over and above every thing else.

    Well done, Lion that rules the den! Let your passionate roaring always be heard at the peaks of mountains far away; in dark valleys, deep forests and deserts…let it awaken many from their indifference, habitual pretences and deepest slumber. From the depths of boundless overflowing seas to the majestic surroundings of breathtaking shining shores, let your vehement roaring always be heard….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  5. What planet does Mr. Fallay come from? According to him, SLPP party is always doing the right thing and the other parties, or people writing about it are wallowing in the figment of their imagination. What benefit will it bring Dr. Yumkella to lie about the brutality meted to him by people that are claimed to be SLPP hooligans. I may be wrong but has anyone heard the president ever condemn these shameless acts? I pause to be corrected.

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