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Africa….winning against AIDS

Michel Sidibé – Under Secretary General of the United Nations (UNAIDS) 21 January 2012 Winning the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) 2012 is something millions of people across Africa are dreaming of right now as the continent’s most prestigious football tournament gets underway in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. As nations join [Read More]


Opposition SLPP Executives speak out as local party chairman – Abdul Aziz Carew remains in coma in hospital

17 January 2012 Violence continued throughout  Saturday night in the Fourah Bay district of eastern Freetown, following a local council by-election, which left several people seriously injured, including the ruling party’s Lansana Fadika and the winner of the election – opposition SLPP candidate – Mohamed Kanu Mansaray. As though Saturday’s [Read More]

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Yet another return of political violence in Freetown

Abdul R Thomas – Editor  14 January 2012 Today is a sad day for politics and democracy in Sierra Leone, as ruling APC party stalwarts recover in hospital from serious wounds, sustained during a political rally at a by-election in Eastern Freetown. It is not certain who is responsible for [Read More]

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“fiscal restraint critical to Sierra Leone’s macroeconomic stability” – says IMF

8 December 2011 The international Monetary Fund (IMF) last night issued its assessment report on the health of the Sierra Leone economy, ending several weeks of speculation as to the direction and effectiveness of the government’s fiscal and monetary policy.

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Cooperative enterprises put business in the hands of cocoa farmers

Mohamed Sidie Sheriff – World Bank, Freetown 7 December 2011 Cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone are coming together to increase the value of their produce. They are establishing cooperative enterprises that will effectively market and export their crop. Cooperatives promote increased competition, drive up prices and give farmers a sense [Read More]

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Timbergate corruption scandal – justice delayed is justice denied

Alpha Kawusu 7 December 2011 It’s been over a week since Vice President (VP) Samuel Sam sumana was caught on tape, negotiating a bribe for personal financial gain. One would have expected a swift resignation to follow the unfathomable brazenness and world class stupidity, exhibited by the man occupying the [Read More]

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Corruption in Sierra Leone under APC and SLPP

Mohamed Kunowah Kiellow 30 December 2011 According to Transparency International “corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone whose life, livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.” The poorest countries like Sierra Leone suffer most under the yoke [Read More]

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Is the ACC losing its case against the Mayor before the start of hearing?

The seriousness and gravity of the charges read out in Court against the Mayor of Freetown – Herbert Williams and his co-accused last week, are such that all eyes are now on the Anti-Corruption Commission, to ensure that the case against the accused is water-tight, and that they have done [Read More]