China donates 200,000 COVID-19 vaccines to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 02 March 2021:

Yesterday Monday, the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone – Hu Zhangliang, presented 200,000 doses of the Chinese made SinoPharm COVID-19 vaccine, and 201,600 disposable needles and syringes to President Dr Julius Maada Bio at State House in Freetown, on behalf of the People’s Republic of China.

Addressing President Bio, Ambassador Hu said he was pleased to be making the donation on behalf of his government and country, adding that the consignment of medical supplies is part of President Xi Jinping’s commitment to helping other countries manage the deadly Coronavirus.

He thanked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabeela Tunis, the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre for their involvement in facilitating the arrival of the consignment to Sierra Leone.

President Bio expressed appreciation to the Chinese Government, emphasising that China is always  helpful to Sierra Leone whenever the small west African nation is need.

He said: “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”, adding that Sierra Leone is grateful for the great show of friendship, and assuring the ambassador that the vaccines will be used for the intended purpose.

But questions are being asked as to how the government of Sierra Leone will prioritise the use of the vaccine.

There are suspicions officials may offer the vaccine to the highest bidder – especially rich foreigners doing business in the country. Others are suggesting that each region should be allocated its own share of the vaccine.

Ghana is one of the first countries in Africa to start using the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine, which has been proven to be more effective than the Chinese made SinoPharm vaccine.

Yesterday, both the President of Ghana Akufo-Addo (Photo below) and his wife were live on local television taking the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine. Today, thousands of  health clinicians have started receiving their vaccines accross Ghana.


  1. Mr Kalokoh, once again you are ignoring the realities facing us humanity and pushing a different narrative that is out of sync with what is happening around the world. I hope you never run for president in Sierra leone, because I will not vote for you. Just in case you are not aware, there is a once in a lifetime pandemic killing people in their thousands around the world. And this virus called COVID19 has killed more people in advanced economies like the Americas and Europe than on our own African continent, which in some sense you will say we have been lucky so far. And our lucky stars are shining in that a vaccine has been developed to tackle this deadly virus.

    This virus has claimed more African lives in the diaspora than some of the countries our brothers and sisters originally come from. Ethiopia, Ghana and some of our Sierra Leoneans brothers and sisters who work in the healthcare sectors in this country. My advice for you my brother if you chose not to take the vaccine, no one will force you to. But please spare us the Trump like conspiracy theories, about the vaccines and let us take the vaccine and save ourselves from people like you that are wedded in conspiracy theories.

    • There you go again bloviating like you always do. Mr. Jalloh, refute what I said or respectfully keep it moving.

  2. Mr Stargazer – Aren’t people dying of the Covid-19 disease in Sierra Leone? And aren’t the vaccines being deployed around the world proving, in varying degrees of course, effective? By the way, some of our African brothers including South Africa and our closest neighbours – Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria are already rolling out vaccines acquired under the auspices of COVAX. Elsewhere, Turkey, Serbia, Indonesia and a host of Latin American countries have opted for vaccines from either China or Russia or both. I don’t think these countries are still trapped in the Stone Age: they certainly are not coerced into accepting what they would prefer not to, had they the means of resisting those forcing things down their throats. Rather, they are all and so are Sierra Leoneans, of the 21st century, well attuned to the fact that scientific and technological progress and innovation in the field of medicine, holds the key to mankind’s survival in his unending battle with the overwhelming forces of nature.

  3. But who is begging though? I can certainly assure you that the average man/woman in SaLone is not worrying about damn vaccines. It’s only some of you typing encyclopedias who are pushing this empty narrative about vaccination. If you ask me, I say worry about yourself and your family and leave the rest of us to be.

  4. Beggers can’t be choosers. At the end of the day, even with this vaccine, there is a lot of international politics at play here. We all know when the Russian Federation, produced its Sputnik vaccine, at almost the same period Pfizer, and there partners produced theirs. There was very litte international media reporting devoted to the Russian vaccine, and their researchers achievements. Conveniently for the EU, after their spat with Astrazenca for their delayed supply of the vaccine, they have reluctantly come around to approve the Russian sputnik vaccine. Although it was proven to be 90% effective against the virus. Why, because the western Media has always been sceptical about the Russians, even though, the Soviet Union was the first country to put man in to space in 1961 Yuri Alexkseyvevioh Gagarin. Russia and China are technological supper powers. People may not like it, but this is fact.

    Russian achievement is less talked about, if you compare the United States Apollo mission to the moon in later years in 1969. Right now there is a lot of push back by western countries to the miraculous rise of China as the second economic power in the world. How well will one explain, less Chinese people died from Covid19 in Beijing, in a country where its believed the virus originated, than more covid19 deaths recorded by John Hopkins University in New York and London, France, Germany, Italy. which by any stretch of the imagination is thousands of miles away from the epicentre of where it all started. We are in danger of playing the man instead of the ball. Vaccine nationalism is very much alive and kicking. Which is a shame, because the pandemic is Global. If someone caught the virus now, and is told his only chance of survival is to take the Chinese or Russian vaccine, will he refuse? The sequenceing of virus DNA, and its ability to mutate, and the data used to develop the vaccine was supplied by China.

    So if western pharmaceutical companies used some of that raw data, supplied by China through the world Health Organisation, to develop the vaccine being used now to fight the Covid19 virus, I think we are more blinded by Western media propaganda than anything eles. Not long ago our continent was subjected to the same hair treatment, that the Russian, or Chinese are now getting. We are back in to the Cold war. If you belive western Media, Africa is full of conflicts, Starvation, and worst of all Africans dress like Zulu warriors. There is no diversity, we are a monolithic group carrying spears, and chasing each other in the Savanna plains of East Africa. Guineans are the first to receive the Sputnik jab. And so far they haven’t reported any deaths from people taking that vaccine. What is good for Chinese people is good for AFRICANS AND ANY OTHER RACE.

  5. To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate: that is the question. Can we afford not to use the vaccine donated by China for fear that it is not as efficacious as say the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines? Given that we have neither the science and technology to produce our own nor the financial means to import what we need from Europe or the United States, can we really look a gift horse in the mouth? Moreover, the Chinese vaccine does seem to work since the Corona virus crisis seems to have abated in China itself. I think the main problem is this: should we proceed to deploy the Chinese vaccine, what happens after we exhaust the quantity we have received?

    And when finally we do receive our share of other vaccines through the COVAX initiative, will there be enough to cover everyone needing to be vaccinated? This brings me to another issue. Can Bio and his government be trusted to roll out the vaccines fairly and equitably? Will party political skulduggery not lead some regions of our country being at the front of the vaccination queue and others at the back? And will ordinary Sierra Leoneans stand the same chance of being vaccinated as ruling party apparatchiks and their families and friends?

    • With all due respect Mr Yillah these are new,challenging and progressive times,not the Prehistoric Stone Age period where iron-willed men through their best efforts created a collection of unconventional tools and utensils carved from wood,brick and stone.During those ancient times it was a taboo to challenge authority and ask tough and difficult questions but today things are quite different,the risk of people being misled through lies,deceits and falsehoods is an ever-present reality we must all try to deal with.And about this,folks i have my deep-seated convictions – Whoever came up with the popular phrase, “You shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth” must certainly have been a freeloading African leader looking to eke out a precarious existence in the form of handouts from the generous hands of his Colonial masters.(lol)

      Answer – Are we so desperate,and lacking in good judgement to brush aside our legitimate interests and put our basic needs before our security and safety concerns? Again,the vast majority of our people are uneducated – Who is going to look out for their best interests if not those with hearts exuding the sweet fragrances of wild jasmine and fresh roses?Impalas are know to outrun the winds,yet the slowest turtles are their closet friends.Why cant we do the same? Will you say to the homeless naked hungry beggar and disabled;”Where are your clothes?Ask me not whether Covid can be prevented or cured,that’s the reason why you should have gone to school?” Are we no longer our brothers keepers? Since when did we as our nation abandon all hope and stop believing that Existence created us not in vain but for a glorious purpose? If a traveler with parched throat knocks on your door will you give him dirty contaminated water to drink because he is thirsty and totally dehydrated?

      So why must we accept a strange vaccine that has not been properly evaluated for the benefit of our people? Answer – Whats the point of paying all these inept individuals huge salaries if they are incapable of strengthening the pillars on which our fragile nation relies,and leans upon for its sustainability and support? People of Sierra Leone an unfortunate event has reached our doorsteps – there’s an ill wind banging against our windows but take Heart. NSHALLAH as long as heaven continues to exists all will be well with you…It shall be well…WORD.

  6. Serious stuff. Is this vaccine safe for my people and me? He stared at the vaccine pack curiously, searching for answers. Don’t worry too much about this vaccine, Mr President. I will help you find more about this vaccine. This vaccine is not amongst the list of vaccines known to the world. There are more questions to be answered concerning this vaccine Mr President.

    Read this –
    Mr President, Will you, please ask the Chinese if this vaccine works well with the covid 19 variants? Remember also that these vaccines only slow the rate of infections. So, that’s why we need to know about the safety, side effect information and efficacity of the Chinese vaccine before letting our people take the jab. Finally, how did Ghana manage to get the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine and Sierra Leone did not?

    Did the Ghanaians buy the vaccines or received them as help from the British government? Should the Sierra Leone Ministry of foreign affairs start some vaccine diplomacy with the British government and the American government to help us with any leftovers after vaccinating their population? Any smart regime will consider such moves. God help our people from catching COVID-19 till we get the Oxford-Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and the Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

  7. Mr Reinhard Wiecha – My sincerest thanks and heartfelt appreciation to you Sir for being a kind and reliable friend to our beloved Sierra Leone, in these critical times when perplexing questions are strictly demanding only logical and candid answers, that will provide credible solutions to our struggling nation’s endless, countless, unfixable problems and challenges. Sincerely Sir, I have been observing with great admiration and fervour your tireless attitude and open-hearted willingness, to jump boldly on board this sinking ship of ours and help prevent it from capsizing by giving prudent advice, whenever we find ourselves being subjected to dangers, threats in the troubled, unpredictable raging seas of life…. SALUTE!

  8. “Where there is justice, there is less need for charity. Beware of those who bestow charity to avoid delivering justice.”

  9. Only the Chinese know about their vaccine. It will be a good idea if the President, the First Lady, the Chief Minister and ministers take the lead before vaccinating our people. We have heard of the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine, Pfizer and Moderna. People know how effective they are because no secrecy was behind their manufacture and use. Will, the President and the First Lady, present themselves on national TV, taking the Chinese jab to reassure the population about the chinese jab’s safety? God help our country receive the Oxford-Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna or the Johnson and Johnson vaccines. God bless the UK and other countries for informing the world about the effectiveness of their vaccines.

  10. Vaccine diplomacy has become the latest terminology to be added in the new language we humans have devised, to describe the health issues that this once in a century covid19 pandemic, has visited upon us in the last two years. This Chinese donation should be welcomed by all means. This is the latest weapon deployed by well-to-do countries to promote their values-vaccine diplomacy. The covid19 vaccine has proven to be effective, reliable and above all else helped slow down the daily death rates, even in countries like United States and the United Kingdom where the pandemic have hit the hardest.

    The good news is, under the umbrella of the world organisation COVAX programme, which brought together, governments, pharmaceutical companies, philanthropist and manufacturers, to create a level playing field for access to the covid19 vacine, and treatment, without which poor countries like ours, will struggle to access this expensive vaccine. The rolling out programme which aims to reach more than 180 countries around the world has already started. Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa are one few countries, that have started receiving this life saving vaccine. So since our country is always engaged in corruption scandals, it will be an unforgiveable sin, if Bio and his government decide to sell or create barriers to access the vaccine to the general population. The vaccine is FREE, and there should be no barrierM or hoops created to stop ordinary people getting the jab. The only thing that the Ministry of Health has to work out now, is who are in the priority list. Over 70s and medical doctors, and nurses should be first in the queue. Of course we expect president Bio to go on national television and take the jab. Apart from everything else, it gives reassurance to the conspiracy theorists, and doubters alike.

  11. The vaccines must be given firstly to front-line workers including our military and police forces.

  12. My advice to our people is for them to tread cautiously, wait and see whether this Chinese vaccine is really as effective as they are claiming it to be. Folks, in these critical times poor people can no longer afford to be complacent; they should remain vigilant and watchful over their loving families like a lioness over her young cubs. Remember this, you have got only one life to live – the SLPP has already shackled you in abject poverty, why must they now take your innocent lives away from you through their negligent attitudes and incompetence. Answer – Did the government of Sierra Leone conduct any meticulous, independent, in-depth research that will remove all suspicions and doubts about the efficacy of this Covid19 Chinese vaccine? Of course they did not.

    Gentlemen, there are reports everywhere stating that this Chinese-made Sino-Pharm Covid vaccine is unsafe and its common side effects are numerous, and they have been listed to include excruciating headaches, rash, fever, fatigue, joint pain, severe rash, itching, cough and difficulty breathing to name just a few. Again, if this Chinese vaccine was safe why has China’s ruling Communist Party elite still not yet been vaccinated? What are they waiting for? Something just does not seem right. It has been said that a homeless cat has nine lives and therefore can take reckless foolhardy risks – BLACK PEOPLE, as dark as charcoal, remember you have got only one. You must Tread cautiously!(lol) A word to the wise should be quite sufficient.

    • Dear Mr. Stargazer, I wrote about the vaccines some days ago. there are a lot of critical voices, sure not from governments and mainstream medias not only this chinese vaccine, all others on the market are
      with side effects and up to now nobody knows the long term effects of these new vaccines developed in such short time (normally it needs 6 to 8 years).

  13. Why can’t China ravage our minerals at will. Even panadol or paracetamol for common cold, we need outside help, yet when we are given monies that could cover most of these special projects, our priority succumbs to the Japanese 4x4s allure. What a sad state of affairs in Africa.

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