Justice Miatta Samba is now Supreme Court Judge

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 March 2021

Yesterday, Tuesday, one of Sierra Leone’s most popular and sometimes politically controversial former High Court Judges – Justice Miatta Maria Samba, was sworn-in as Justice of the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone, following her appointment by President Dr Julius Maada Bio and approval in Parliament on 23 February 2021.

Speaking after she was sworn-in, Justice Samba described the ceremony as a celebration of the girl child, adding that it should serve to encourage every girl to realise their potential and chase their dreams.

She thanked President Bio for her appointment and assured him of her unbiased dispensation of justice – without fear or favour, and with God being her helper and the constitution her guide.

She also thanked the Chief Justice and all those who believed in her journey to reach this far.

After serving as a Judge of the Court of Appeal in Sierra Leone, Justice Samba was recently elected a Judge of the International Criminal Court, ICC, in The Hague, The Netherlands for a nine-year term – 2021 and 2030.

Addressing Justice Samba, President Bio said those appointments should serve as encouragement for other women, especially for girls in the country.

He said that even though the process that led to her appointment at the 19th session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC was tough, her emergence as winner should give hope to the country.

Justice Samba, who many believe to be a patron of the ruling SLPP party will now play a crucial role in determining the outcome of election petitions and constitutional interpretations brought before the Supreme Court for adjudication.


  1. One of the greatest achievements of the Trump presidency was the appointment of federal circuit judges and most importantly federal appeal Court judges. He appointed more judges in four years, than his predessor Obama appointed in eight years. The majority of Tump’s appointed judges hold more Conservative views than Trump himself. Compared to some of them, Trump is more of looney left Liberal. Trump does not see himself that way. Indeed in Trumps eyes, apart from your educational achievements, being Conservative, or considered to be one, is one of the attributes in Trump’s hire scheme for such life held position.

    And here is the catch, they have the power to rule on election disputes. Trump knew what he was doing, or he thought he knew what he was doing. So when he lost the presidential election to Biden, and went on to challenge the November’s presidential elections results, in front of his federally appointed republican judges, he had a rude awakening. The institution of the United States is set up against any would-be wanna be dictators. He and his lawyers were asked to provide evidence of election fraud, and since there was none, the mostly Republican judges threw his cases out one at a time, across all the states he challenged.

    So when we say we want our country’s justice system to be independent, this is the sort of independence we are aiming for, where rulings are made without any fear or favours. If our justice system is fully independent, we will not have had the RUF, Minah, Bash Taqi, and corruption in our country. For example, can you imagine, Bio losing an election, goes to court and with no clear evidence, and the Justice Samba rule in favour of an APC candidate? That is where we want our country’s justice system to be Respect the rule of law. Independently minded, in interpreting laws of the land according to our constitution. When it comes to dispensing of justice, whether to individual citizens, or the state against individuals, our country should be a beacon of hope in West Africa.

  2. Is it any surprise that God chose to be invisible to mankind. Some people are so obsessed with the desire for power that they are prepared to challenge even God Almighty for his power.

  3. There you go – one by one all the pieces that have been craftily designed by the inept, criminal SLPP Cabal to solidify the pillars of authoritarian rule in Sierra Leone are falling silently in their rightful places. HUSH…HUSH…Children hold your lips – not a word of protest should be heard coming from you regarding the SLPP’s newest puppet dangling, and balancing on a string being controlled by the man in State House.(lol)

    • But Stargazer is it really possible for a puppet swinging,swaying and dangling on SLPP strings to inspire young girls and women towards the enviable heights of success and greatness as the Old Soldier is now saying? Not at all, a puppet like Justice Miatta Samba may appear independent but she is not, and therefore she totally lacks credibility. Consider this: a hunter’s merciless guard dog cannot make friends with the prey – it’s mission is to chase, hunt, seize, subdue and kill. Who is it that has ever seen a talkative parrot that was quietly locked inside a cage for decades refuse to come running at his Masters bidding after being set free?

      Listen, for this woman to become an inspiration to young girls she must strive to selflessly spend time to teach them problem solving skills, help them set realistic goals, motivate and empower them to achieve their dreams – empty rhetoric like those coming from the Old soldier will not suffice. Lastly Justice Samba should strive to lead by example by being herself; I mean seriously, is that her REAL hair or an artificial WEAVE.(lol) My Goodness, Madam that office you are holding is a highly revered one; trust me lady, it won’t diminish you to appear natural and self assured, instead of looking superficial and inauthentic in the eyes of young girls and women.(lol)

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