Chinese citizens campaigning for ruling APC – is bad for Sierra Leone democracy

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 February 2018:

Disturbing images of Chinese citizens, openly campaigning alongside leaders and supporters of the ruling APC, have raised questions about the legality of some of the electioneering practices being adopted by the APC party in advance of polling taking place on March 7th.

The Chinese government have been accused of bankrolling the APC election campaign, after the recent decision of the IMF to suspend over $240 million loan agreement it had signed with the Koroma government.

The Koroma government is accused of using public funds for electioneering, whilst poverty grows and the country remains at the bottom of the global human development index.

These images of Chinese citizens imported from China to openly assist the ruling APC party at next month’s polls, come as Sierra Leoneans holding dual citizenship are being told by the ruling APC that they cannot fully take part in elections in the country of their birth – Sierra Leone.

This is what political commentator Sankara Kamara, thinks about this ugly political development, questioning whether the ruling APC can be trusted to hold free and fair elections:

The sight of Chinese nationals openly and illegally participating in Sierra Leonean politics, should have provoked enough popular anger to demand the arrest and deportation of the political pirates involved. 

If the ruling APC claims victory after the presidential election in March, the Chinese intrusion into Sierra Leonean politics can legally warrant a nullification of the election results. 

Ernest Koroma’s APC government is so shamelessly unpatriotic that it sees nothing wrong with selling Sierra Leone to racist Chinese, a strain of treachery that will ultimately turn Sierra Leoneans into foreigners, in their own land.

All over the Asian continent, from the Arab World to China, racism against Africans is pungent.  Black people are invariably treated with contempt.  Why is the APC so lacking in national pride?  

A black man’s intrinsic humanity is not even recognized in Asia, let alone enjoy the luxury of  participating in Chinese politics. From the Arab World to China, Black people are seen as sub-humans, fit only for exploitation and other forms of abuse.

The Chinese colonization of Sierra Leone has begun, thanks to Ernest Koroma’s hatred toward our country.  A country can be colonized without being militarily assaulted.   A more powerful country like China, can colonize a banana republic like Sierra Leone, by buying Freetown’s politicians and putting them on Beijing’s payroll. 

Working in collaboration with their agents in the Sierra Leone Government, Chinese adventurists can complete the modern-day colonization of our country,  by resettling thousands of Chinese citizens in “pacified” Sierra Leone.

That is how China has been steadily colonizing Sierra Leone without assuming the militaristic postures, which the Europeans displayed during the scramble for Africa.

Ernest Koroma’s hatred of Sierra Leone is unfortunately backed by the total lack of nationalism in the country’s mentality. Otherwise, how can an election year come to pass, without even a murmur of nationalism from voters or the opposition? 

While extreme nationalism can be dangerous, the total absence of national pride can be similarly threatening to a country’s existence.

The two unpatriotic idiots – Ernest Koroma and his appointed presidential candidate Samura Kamara – have chosen to insult every conscious Sierra Leonean, by allowing the infiltration of our politics by Chinese political pirates.  Is Ernest Koroma a Sierra Leonean at heart?

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  1. I have always believed that the APC government and the Politburo of the communist party of China have the same ideology. The biggest mistake Sierra Leoneans will ever make is to give APC another term because President Koroma has already elevated himself to the likes of the late chairman Mao Zedong of China or current President Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

    The current APC manifesto shows that they have plans to be in power until 2035. May the Almighty God avert that scenario since we are currently the third hungriest country in the world.

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