Civil society groups call for High Court Judge led inquiry into killing of youths in Makeni

LEGAL LINK, CAN and NACFOHRD: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 July 2020:

Three leading civil society organizations working for the advancement of the rule of law, democracy and human rights in Sierra Leone – LEGAL LINK, CAN and NACFOHRD, are deeply concerned over the disproportionate use of force by the security agencies on protesters at Makeni City in the early hours of 18th July 2020, resulting in many injuries, collateral damage and the death of at least 5 youths of the township.

It is no gainsaying to opine that such state of affairs will gravely affect the public image of the country not only at the national and regional levels but also at the global level.

And as civil society organizations that defend the rights of vulnerable groups in society including marginalised youths, we take the greatest exception to this unprofessional conduct of the Security forces and call for a judge led inquiry to look into the handling of the entire incident at Makeni city, Northern Sierra Leone by the Ministry of Energy, local government and the security forces.

It could be recalled that similar protests have also occurred in time past in Kono and Kailahun over the removal of generator plants from their town ship to other regions of the country. But unlike the ugly incident that occurred in Makeni, no fatalities were recorded in the above two  townships transfers.

What then went wrong in the handling of the Makeni situation?

Surprisingly, despite the increased condemnation and outcry from the public over the video clips showcasing brutal and excessive force by the Security forces, we note with utter consternation, the apparent reticence and the lack thereof by the top Management of the security forces in Sierra Leone to officially condemn this barbaric and unprofessional behaviour of subordinates, over their execution of brutal and excessive force to harmless youths in Makeni that were merely agitating for energy security of their township.

This outright complicity at the top is not only worrying but reveals without doubt, the degree of impunity and non-accountability that prevails within the law enforcement architecture in Sierra Leone.

Such complicity we further maintain, invites a possibility for the applicability of the principle of Command Responsibility on the leadership of the security forces to be held vicariously liable for the atrocious acts of subordinate officers against the vulnerable civilian population on that fateful day.

It could be recalled that various specialized trainings on the UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials have been organized in time passed by the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone and the Independent Police Complaints Board to help the Sierra Leone police in particular understand how to manage such riotous situations including their application of the use of force to restore law and order.

As had always been emphasized, the UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials dictates that, even when provoked, the ‘repelling force to be used must be ‘equal, reasonable, proportionate and necessary in the given circumstances’.

Against this backdrop, while we condemn the acts of the few disgruntled protesters who reacted in uncivilized ways, pelting stones at the police and burning tires on the streets, we vehemently and unequivocally condemn the over-reaction of the Security forces in unleashing brutal and excessive force over unarmed protesting civilians.

Noticeably also, is the fact that, even when the tensions had de-escalated, the callousness and unprofessionalism of the security forces became much more apparent.

Video clips recorded by on lookers at the Makeni township show complicity and a conspicuous pattern of torture and brutal display of force on poor and vulnerable households.

We therefore want it to be known by the  leadership of the SLP and the Military that the right to freedom of torture as provided under the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT) to which Sierra Leone is a signature is a non-derogable right (Edgar omnes), and a per-emptory norm of Customary International Law.

This means that under no circumstances can it be justified to torture any human being in a democratic society needless to talk about youths and children.

All the police were mandated and required to do by law on that fateful day at Makeni city was to effect arrest on all alleged rioters, investigate and charge perpetrators to court for public order offences as enshrined under the Public Order Act of 1965.

That the security forces decided to embark on a frolic of their own and acted outside the remits of the law by overtly  executing brutal and excessive force on harmless  protesters in such scale and magnitude, amounts to a violation of not only the UN Convention Against Torture, but also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the African Youth Charter, the UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, the right to freedom from torture, inhumane and degrading treatment and the right to freedom of Assembly and Association as enshrined under Chapter 3 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone.

Majority of Sierra Leoneans interviewed by us are particularly worried over this ugly state of affairs which is seemingly becoming the new normal in the country.

While it may be true to say that a great deal of effort has been made to tackle corruption in the country under president Bio’s watch, the same cannot be true for police brutality, lawlessness and excessive use of force. As a matter of fact, the spate of unlawful killings and excessive use of force displayed by the security apparatus seem to be increasing at a geometric progression.

Listed below are a few scenarios where extrajudicial killings by the security apparatus have taken place in the country since the beginning of the 2020 calendar year:

Pademba Maximum prisons… 31 Killed; Makeni …5 Killed; Lunsar …1 Killed; Tombo … 2 Killed; Loko Masamah..1 Killed; Mile 91….1 Killed; Tonko limba……1 killed; Grafton…..1 killed

TOTAL number of  deaths- 43

All of the above alleged extrajudicial killings by our security forces depicts an ugly state of affairs that have the proclivity of not only undermining the peace of the country but also foreign direct investment which our nation needs so badly at this time.

On the issue of prior public engagements with community stakeholders, we hold the view that the Ministry of Energy failed in carrying out due diligence as well as demonstrating an open, proper, inclusive and adequate dialogue and sensitization with community stakeholders in a bid to help them fully understanding the rationale for government’s relocation of the city’s backup generator to another region.

No doubt, if such  constructive  engagements had existed prior to the removal of the generator plant, this would certainly have ensured everybody’s participation in Makeni city, thereby dissipating tensions and potential conflict that may have arisen over the removal of the generator plant on that fateful day.

The insensitivity of the Ministry of Energy as well as their poor management of community relations became more apparent when they decided to nocturnally attempt to remove the 1.65 Mega Watts backup generator in the late night of 17th July 2020 from the electricity station in Makeni.

If indeed proper consultations had been ensured as opinionated by the Ministry of Energy in their press release, then why remove the generation plant at night? Such odd timing only fed into the suspicion already created by the lack of trust and inadequate community stakeholder consultations on the issue.

As a consequence of the above and in order to deal with this ugly state of affairs and give a deadly blow to the scourge of police brutality, violence and lawlessness in the country, we strongly recommend the following measures forthwith:

1) That President Bio establishes a Judge – led inquiry that is independent, fair, robust, and credible to look into this unfortunate incident, determine the extent of the impact, compensation to victims families and those that should be brought to book or bear the greatest responsibility for such grave human rights violations that occurred. Preferably, we recommend the appointment of a Supreme Court Judge of high integrity, probity and experience to lead the Judge – led inquiry.

2) That as an interim measure, we urge the leadership of the Security forces (SLP, Military) and the government of Sierra Leone to take full responsibility for the excesses that have occurred, ensure the unconditional release of all detainees and hold constructive dialogue with the leadership of the local government  administration of Makeni City as well as local community elders and stakeholders so as to determine how victims can be medically treated and or compensated for violations of their fundamental human rights.

3) That all those security officers who pulled the trigger on unarmed protesters including their commanders must be investigated and prosecuted.

4) We unreservedly call for the investigation and prosecution of the Resident Minister, ABOU ABOU whose earlier inciteful remarks cannot be unconnected to the fatal incident of July 18 at Makeni city. In our view, his inciteful statements of violence calling on the police and the military to meet with stiff resistance any riotous behaviour by youths, fomented mistrust and heightened tensions between youths in Makeni and security forces, consequently leading to fatalities on July 18 2020 in Makeni city.

5) We outrightly condemn IGR’s recent report using Makeni and Bo as contrasting case studies in understanding a variety of rhetoric underpinning the socio political landscape of Sierra Leone.
While we respect the independence of Civil Society Organizations in their designing and implementation of programmes, we however condemn those research works and surveys that have the proclivity to inadvertently heighten the divide and awaken political tensions between and amongst the various regions of the  country.

6) We demand an unreserved apology from the Minister of Energy to the victims’ families over his apparent lack of leadership and oversight in ensuring adequate and inclusive community engagements before the taking away of the backup generator from  Makeni city.

7) We further demand the payment of Full compensation by the Ministry of Energy to the victims’ families as an acknowledgement of their complacency and show of regret in the entire saga.

8) We also call on the Government of Sierra to undertake affirmative development programs that will help youths in Makeni and further suppress tensions and perceived bias towards communities and peoples in the North by the government.

9) We call on the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Energy to develop a strategy that will guide the transfer of energy generation plants from one locality to another. Such a strategy Must not only require adequate consultations with key stakeholders in the community but also takes into consideration the ethno, political and regional ramifications in a bid to prevent a reoccurrence of the Makeni saga.

10, Finally, government should endeavour on the long term to improve on energy access and security by widening the energy mix and investing in renewable energy sources so that every district in the country will be energy sufficient, thereby ultimately reducing the need for transfer of thermal generation plants from one locality to another.

In conclusion, it is vital to emphasize that, ours is a democracy and not an autocratic system of government. Turning a blind eye therefore to these increased spate of police brutality, lawlessness and extra- judicial killings that have taken place in the country will not only defeat our shared values but also undermine our human rights credentials, socio- economic, political and developmental aspirations as a nation.

Signed: Rashid Dumbuya Esq – Executive Director, LEGAL LINK; Thomas Moore Conteh – Executive Director, CITIZENS ADVOCACY NETWORK (CAN); James Matthew – Executive Director, National Centre for Human Rights and Development (NAcFOHRD).


  1. We are calling on the international body to look into the 43 people who have been killed by the SLPP government of President Bio

  2. I wondered when will we stop evil and hatred mind for one another. In my personal belief, whether any of us practices a religion or not, I do not think any of the four(4)revealing books from God, ever preaches about hate and violence. I can understand that we do read so many books, especially the political links. But sometimes, I do really encourage you to spare some of your time, read some of these religious books like the Holy bible and some verses in the Quran. Brothers and sisters, it does not matter whether you study the Arabic language or not, trust me there are some translations and transliterations for you to understand, the words of your Lord. You don’t want to die developing “grudge and hate in your mind”.

    I do not care how much you do hate this president, but he will live as long as God wants to. The whole world is watching, and you have to realize that, not only Sierra Leone experienced civil war before! Can’t we copy from Rwanda?. H.E. Paul Kagame was left alone to remain in power forever. Do you know the reason why? Ask one of their citizens to explain. If the APC party loses the 2018 poll with the decisions of the Sierra Leoneans, does that meant, they don’t have to give a chance to the man in power to rule? Bio SLPP will not rule this country or stay as a life chairman forever. Currently, have a look at what happened to Burundi brother. N’kurunziza was called by his Lord. In your own imagination, was he ready at this time to answer the call?. Sierra Leone let us unite and build the country together and stop hate.
    You won’t end good if you always practice this kind of illusive attitude, God will not pave your way for you. Bio was destined to rule this country by God not by man, if you go against that well you are in problem with God.
    Mighty God protect this country.

    • Strange is it not,that those unscrupulous SLPP parrots who have been the biggest advocates for using excessive,unbridled violence against unarmed innocent citizens as a means of repressing and subduing the aggrieved masses are soaring in the political skies unabashed once again dubiously singing a different tune? Yesterday they were ruthless beastly hangmen with nooses around the necks of our people,today all of a sudden they have become overtly transformed into spiritual disciples of Islam and Christianity. Impressive isn’t it! (lol) Answer – why has our stony-hearted President still not offered a word of sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives in the Pademba road prison riots and in Makeni where they slaughtered our unarmed youths viciously like weed-whackers cutting down dry unwanted grass just because of a cheap replaceable ordinary generator?

      Monsters have been known to come and go in Sierra Leone…some were colossus giants,others prickly thorns as sharp as razors and some with strange powers,appearing as thin as the strand of a woman’s hair but this monster we are dealing with today strangely is a wicked little dwarf that spills and drinks the blood of the vulnerable and the innocent.

    • Thanks for your posting Mr Brima seasay. Sometimes people that claim to be religious are more evil than people that don’t practice any religion. The Taliban, Boka Haram that are killing women and children in northern Nigeria, the Islamic State in west Africa, the catholic priest that abuse young men, the pope failing to condemn the genocidial regime of Nazi Germany, the catholic priest that turned away Tutus and Modreate Hutus that took refuges in his church. The barbaric behaviour of Islamic state in Iraq, Syria. President Bio claimed to be religious. But under his watch he has the dubious record of spearheading the most civilian deaths out of control and trigger happy unaccountable to none police force.

      I know in one of your postings you revealed you lost members of your family in the senseless civil war.sorry to hear that. My grandmother was locked up in a house and burnt to death by RUF rebels. And she was already suffering from dementia. Who on earth can do that to a fellow human being? The last time because of Stevens government policies of divide and rule we slept walk into a civil war. Personally I don’t hate Bio, but I will not keep my mouth shut and allow him to pursue the same poilices of brutality and political suppression that took our country back to civil war. Man is made in the image of God. May God grant us peace in Sierra Leone

  3. The present Bio-SLPP government is in line to break all the records for bad governance in the history of Sierra Leone. Within two years in office it has been accredited with the record of incarcerating and killing of the citizenry with impunity; and it even brags and boasts about this horrendous achievement. Adherence to the constitution only materializes when the issue in contention is in the domain within which there is an unobtrusive passage by lawmakers in a parliament mostly occupied by sycophants; otherwise, the constitution is just a worthless compilation of irrelevant parables that can be easily bypassed with minimal deliberations.

    Further, the eradication of the scourge of corruption, which is one of their most publicized policies is on the contrary within grasp of their credentials. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is merely a gango institution designed to suppress the previous APC government officials whilst masquerading the Bio-SLPP’s treacherous activities in fleecing the meagre resources of the nation. Mr Francis Ben Kaifala, the subsequently imposed head of this institution is just a puppet on a string remotely controlled from State House by the undisciplined and deceitful President. This nefarious situation in the country apparently seeks to emulate an archaic and primitive system whereby there is one law for the ‘indians’ and another for the ‘cowboys’. And if left unabated will consequently lead to the GENOCIDE of the vulnerable and unarmed citizens of the country.

    The theft of over 50,000 bags of rice assigned to the school feeding programme – and donated by the People’s Republic of China – is just one of many illicit activities in which the Chief Minister, David Francis, is evidently implicated in. In actual fact, the Chief Minister later admitted that he had sold a larger proportion of this consignment for the purchase of a bus for his local football team, Kamboi Eagles. The critical question is: even though such a case of great magnitude has been withdrawn from the courts by the ACC, without any substantive reasons, will the Chief Minister repay his share of the loot? In other words, will the Chief Minister take the decent and honourable steps to refund the rice of those poor struggling children? What a shame, or the lack of it!

    • Absolutely on the level and well said…my brother from another mother the’illustrious’
      Alimamy Turay;keep on shining big bro,illuminate,outshine and dazzle like the glorious stars of Majestic heaven.

  4. I personally believe that the blood of our youths will always be in the hands of the leaders that are lying to them and playing on their vulnerability in order to perpetuate violence against our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of our security forces who are sacrificing their lives to protect and defend lives and properties of our nation. No killing is pleasurable but the last time our country faced total destruction and thousands of lives lost was when our police officers were overran by lawlessness .

    The people that spread lies in Lunsar that SALCAB was installing 5G network in order to kill them have blood on their hands. The people that spread lies in Makeni that EDSA was taking the standby Generator to Bo town and left them in complete darkness also has blood on their hands. Finally, above politics, the Almighty will judge us by our intentions. May the Souls of deceased Rest In Peace.

  5. A talking point that regime supporters and PAOPA extremists have been postering around is that, APC never accepted election defeat of the 2018 election, hence the party is holding the country to ransom by not allowing the current SLPP government to function. In light of this, let’s zoom into this callous claim to see if at all it deserve some merit. Now, when it comes to the issue of not accepting defeat, the truth is most major opposition parties in developing nations around the globe never fully accept election defeat. In Sierra Leone, since returning to democracy, the SLPP party have had 2 election defeats, 2007 and 2012; to date, core supporters of the party strongly believe that they never lost those elections. So is there any difference if core APC supporters are feeling the same about 2018 elections?

    In looking at the ransom claim and violence, let’s reflect on the 2018 election results which declared SLPP wining the presidency along with 49 parliamentarian seats with the APC winning 68 (a majority) of the parliamentarian seats. Upon results announcement, SLPP supporters went on the rampage attacking APC supporters, beating and vandalizing their properties, mainly in the South East. Nothing came out of that. Next, the SLPP party hijacked the speakership position in parliament, despite being the minority. Next, armed security personnel were ordered by the SLPP to forcefully drag APC MPs from the wells of parliament while observing a peaceful protest against the motion to remove 10 of their colleagues, which subsequently happened – overturning the 2018 elections results against the APC.

    With SLPP having total control of all 3 branches of the government, the APC party was basically left as a limbless individual, with the SLPP determined to obliterate and totally annihilate, focusing next on their former APC officials with a one sided commission of enquiry. As time progressed, while the president was busy traveling around the globe almost on a weekly basis, the core extremist PAOPA led by Lawrence Leema ratcheted the pressure towards the opposition, monitoring the communication airwaves, ready to alert CID to arrest or harass anyone criticizing the SLPP government. I could go on and on listing the many aggressive and repressive moves machinated by the SLPP which have resulted to violent outcomes, which in most cases the APC only reacting towards PAOPA aggression.

    • Thanks Young4na, I like your debating skills, pretty much you hit the nail on the head. Even so-called mature Western democracies have their problems with election dispute. To this day the debate whether Trump was helped by his Russian buddies goes on. Usually, the losing party will challenge the results, as we witnessed in the US presidential elections in 2000, in which the courts, ruled in favour of president Bush. So in most cases the winning party is allowed to govern. The losing party will live to fight another day. The difference in Sierra Leone, is no one trust the judicary. Over the years, all three arms of government have been fused to one. Especially under predident Bio.

      All powers are concentrated in the hands of one man. He rule by edicts. The president knows best. Even his ministers behave like circus animals in a freak show. They listen to his orders. He stops consulting experts, becsuse he knows everything that is good for the people of Sierra Leone. He builds a cult personality. The cabinet ministers around the table, are just there to take notes and orders. Their very survival and money making tricks, now depend on how much they are able to convince the new pharaoh of Sierra Leone, that only they, stand between him and the opposition parties lynch mob banging at the gates of State House. So the independence of the judiciary and the electoral commission, in any democracy is a must. No ifs or buts. May God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone.

  6. Having began to follow the issue, my point is that Citizens should always adhere to law and order.

  7. Difficult and scary stuff for President Bio and the Bio SLPP. President Bio and his Bio SLPP have loads of inquiry to face in the killing of vulnerable and marginalized Sierra Leoneans, in just two years plus since becoming President. Not good.
    The bye election violence, the attack on the APC headquarters, the teargasing of Chief Sam Sumana and his entourage on the streets of Port Loko, the almost breaking of the arm of Dr Kandeh Yumkella on the streets of Kassierie, the recent violence in some areas of the country, the massacre at Pademba Road Prisons, the assassination attempt on Chief Sam Sumana and the brutal wounding of his security guards and now the attack on peaceful citizens in Makeni asking to leave their generator alone.

    The list is not yet concluded in my view. Can you imagine how difficult it is to live in PAOPA country? I hope the International community and especially the UK look into this gross injustice and help put the breaks on tyranny against the most vulnerable and marginalized in Sierra Leone. God bless the UK, the International community, the Johnson Administration and the Republic of Sierra Leone. Vivre la repulique et les peuples de la repulique Leonais.

    • One side leaning and not talking about the other side of the story is troubling. We all know the way African politics goes; to be frank with you brother, not only Africa but the whole world the word” DEMOCRACY” is dead – don’t believe my word. Talking about bye-election violence in Kassirie, brother Sahr Matturi, you were not there or present at the scene, were you?. All what you saying was narrated to you by hearsay brother. Chief Sam Sumana was not gassed in port loko, neither our intelligent brother Dr. KKY was hurt by SLPP supporters at all. Some APC thugs tried to use the opportunity to harm (KKY) because, they blamed him as the cause for their defeat. Now, I don’t want to go back to 2012 campaign and what happened to the then candidate (Bio), when his head was bandaged, an injury caused by APC supporters. He nearly died. They had to fly him to Ghana for treatment, but none us mentioned that in our articles, when criticizing.

      Sometimes let’s talk about the late Maj. Tom Nyuma, when he tried to mess with APC – what happened?. During the 2018 presidential campaign when the then presidential candidate (Bio) currently president of Sierra Leone, was viciously attacked in (KAMALON), his opponents Dr.Samura Kamara. Up to date, S.K. has never condemned that attack. Sahr Matturi, why don’t you mention that in some of your comments? Criticizing about the incident that occurred on the 29th April 2020 in the maximum prison known as (PADEMBA ROAD PRISONS). I am personally against taking any innocent lives that you were not or unable to create. Tt is an illegal and immoral act. We are asking the Almighty God, to rest both the incarcerated inmates and the on-duty correctional officers who lost their lives in perfect peace, Amen.

      I would like you to do a research about the 1967 massacre, though at the time, Brima Sesay was unborn. We have a lot of history to talk about. I was dismayed and could not believe it, when I read a comment here on this noble platform, when someone was praising a murderer’s actions toward his country. Somebody like “Alias Mosquito” Sam Bockarie, Cpl Foday Sankoh and some others. I personally do nott want to predict on their faith and how God Almighty is going to handle their actions towards taking innocent lives. These guys were condemned by the whole world and they deserve not credit or praise. May God guide and protect Sierra Leone.

  8. I am personally appealing to my fellow Sierra Leoneans to calm things down, not to create inflammatory situation in this country any more. My fellow Citizens, I am pleading to you kindly let’s send encouraging messages to our brothers and sisters that have lost their loved ones. I can’t imagine how I can explain this to you, we all been in war before and some of us know, how it looks like; very ugly my friend. I was there and do not like to witness another. A God fearing person won’t like to take an innocent life, but at the same time, we gat to understand that challenging gov’t has a severe consequence.

    Now people using the resident minister’s own words “we will kill you” even though thats what he was not planning to. That’s why when opening your mouth, if there’s nothing good coming from it, its better to keep quiet. Now APC thugs created this mess hiding behind the scene, all kinds of violence they used in the 70s, but this time around it won’t work. Last week, a fellow brother wrote “Makeni sitting on time bomb”. In most cases, some of these violence creators are not even within Sierra Leone. Brother Ali, thank you so much for your contribution, indeed this president has to stand like a man, and defend this nation that’s why he was elected. If Makeni don’t have trust in him, we do.

    We also have to acknowledge that, one day the same particular individual thats talking on this forum, will run for office in this country sooner or later. Be careful what you say, it might hurt you in the future. It is easy to face your gov’t with a peaceful demonstration, but not to go destroy and loot gov’t buildings, all this is to damage the image of the president. Amongst you all, when EBK fired your sitting elected Vice president in 2015, who had the gut to come out and demonstrate for his illegal actions? EBK did whatever he liked with no regards, but none of you said a word.

  9. Earth majestic our dearest mother,formulaic in style;gracefully abounding in her impressive futuristic and simplistic solutions for the purposes of elevating and enhancing standards of livings for all of mankind;Earth majestic that weaves and tirelessly spins days and nights into reality like a weavers beam,our lives have become a horrific dream it seems..we are walking on the edges of razors,traumatized agonized hostages we have all become to constant furor and endless political clamor; indoors in the darkness afraid,and outdoors in the glorious light petrified.Earth majestic our leaders and gaffers have become transform into ruthless murderers,SLPP informers that resembles weasels that blow loud annoying whistles can be seen running aimlessly everywhere fleecing and milking the system dry.

    Earth majestic our society has become totally pessimistic and altruistic;the SLPP is slaughtering and butchering innocent citizens that refuse to yield,like unwanted cattle…our beloved Sierra Leone has now become the new Cambodia a more gruesome,spine-chilling form of “THE KILLING FIELDS” now exists here. Earth majestic,ontogenetic Covid 19 is killing our people and Maada Bio is hell-bent on matching its vicious strides boot for military boot.

  10. While it is commendable for legal link and citizens advocacy network calling on President Bio government to order a judge led inquiry, it is hard to emphasise how, given this government track record when it comes to human rights abuses. It may just turn out to be a tall ask. These people are ready to klll anyone that threatens their power base. Yes they have been reminded of their international obligations, and the use of force by this happy trigger armed forces, which by law is supposed to protect the public. Rather in situations like this they rather close ranks than institute an investigation on the unnecessary killing of armless youths.

    The only people this government listen to are the international donor communities. As a leader, if this had happened to any civilised country , heads will be rolling.The pilice nevet, mind the president will brief the public as to what is really going on in Sierra Leone. It is only two years to his presidency, but Bio is on record to be the president that preside over the killing of the most number of fellow Sierra Leoneans in peace time in our country.

    Abu Abu Kamara,the residents minister for North, whose only qualification for office, is his unshakeable belief in street thuggery, will be laughing his head off, for the mere fact he thinks he can do any thing, and get away with it. The mafia don. The untouchable. So far as the enforcer of this president, he is shielded from such fate. But we use to have idiots like that in the form of Sam Bokari or Musquito, or Doe, Foday Sankoh, Rambo, who during their prime in power, think they were untouchable, but we know how they ended. You will harvest what you sow. TIME IS ALWAYS ON THE SIDE OF THE RIGHTIOUS. THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE GUN, WILL DIE BY THE GUN. May God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone.

  11. My heartfelt thanks to all those who are actively engaging the government with the issue of seeking justice for vulnerable citizens that may not have the power to speak for themselves. I’ll leave you with a quote from Desmond Tutu: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

  12. Bio you have to act like a president of the country, APC doing everything they could to unseat you, don’t let that happen. They looted all our surviving lives, transfer all our wealth abroad for their families. Bio defend us as a former military officer. Thanks

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