Desperate SLPP using school children and public servants to galvanise party political advantage – Op ed

APC Media Unit: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 March 2023:

The APC is aware of a certain leaked Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) Memorandum, mandating civil and public servants to participate in a “Thank-You” float parade in respect of Government’s purported achievement in enacting the Gender Bill.

The Gender Bill was enacted through a multi-party and multi-stakeholder process including opposition MPs who voted in favour. Also, Civil and Public servants are paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund or by various other funds established for and on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone.

This is why the APC is very concerned that the GoSL would force the operations of the state to a halt by compelling government employees to participate in a ‘float parade’ to thank the government. This is a blatant politicisation of the public and civil services, as well as a reckless waste of their productivity.

Further, it is disappointing that a government that claims to prioritise education could be so desperate to the point of conscripting pupils during school hours to boost their deflated political posture.

We hold the government fully responsible for the suffocation and exhaustion which innocent pupils were exposed to during that ill-fated partisan march past. This forced march is identical to another incident in Bo, again by this government, that led to the hospitalisation of hundreds of school going children.

While we strongly condemn this reckless and desperate actions by the SLPP government, the APC urges the Bio-led government to ensure that adequate medical services are provided to the victims.

Meanwhile, we extend our sympathies to the affected children and thank the women of Sierra Leone, our Members of Parliament and our bilateral and development partners for the support they collectively gave to the Gender Bill.

For More Information please Contact: APC Media Unit: +232- 78 849-998/76-629633

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