Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC announces Samura Kamara’s running mate for June 24 election

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 March 2023:

Yesterday Monday 13th March, the 2023 Presidential Candidate for the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party – Dr. Samura Kamara, named Chernor Ramadan Maju-Bah MP as his presidential running mate for the forthcoming elections, taking place on 24th June 2023.

Dr Samura made this announcement at the party’s headquarters at Old Railway Line in Brookfields, Freetown, after a unanimous endorsement by the party’s National Advisory Committee.

The party’s choice of presidential running mate was made out of five women and six men who had expressed interests and campaigned for the number two position in the party’s hierarchy.

Also appointed yesterday, was the man who will lead the APC campaign strategy – Mr Komboh Kamara was endorsed as National Campaign Chairman.

Speaking after his appointment as running mate, Chernor Ramadan Maju-Bah spoke directly to those in the country whom he said may be planning to rig the elections. “Those who may want to tamper with the popular will of the electorates, think again! We will protect our votes and ensure that every vote counts,” he said.

Chernor Bah also had this to say:

“What else can I say? Thank You Allah! Thank you our President to be, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, for trusting me with this huge responsibility of running with you in these very critical elections. There are so many other competent, experienced APC members you could have called upon but you chose me. I do not and will not take this for granted.

“I accept this vote of confidence, this honour, this privilege with humility. I am immensely grateful to you and I assure you of my indivisible commitment to the cause of the APC and to your vision for the development of our country.

“Through you, please permit me also to extend profound and sincere thanks to our former Chairman and Leader, former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and his former executive. His able and loyal deputy, now our Chairman – the ever- wise Honourable Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray; I am deeply grateful! The legendary National Secretary-General, now our deputy chairman, Alhaji, Ambassador, Dr Osman Foday Yansaneh; thank you very much! Along with our distinguished former chairman and leader, you have set a very high bar of service; and throughout these years, we benefitted from your wise counsel and strong support. We, therefore, owe it to you to continue to work together to bring victory to our party and solace to the people of Sierra Leone. I shall not let you down.

“To our Honourable Members of Parliament, you trusted me and stood by me throughout these difficult years, I am deeply grateful!

“To the legal team, the TIIEMC and the good people in the ITGC, thank you for your immeasurable work. Immense thanks also to our esteemed National Advisory Committee (NAC), national and lower-level executives and to our extraordinary supporters, more particularly my dear women and vibrant youths. We are grateful and depend on you to redeem our nation from this uncaring SLPP government.

“To Comrades former flagbearer aspirants, I salute you for your selflessness in coming fully on board to support our brother and Comrade in the interest of our party and country.

“To the former running mate aspirants, it could have been any of you because you are all competent to serve in this critical position. Unfortunately, there was only one slot for only one of us. Our creator destined that this time it is me, so, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your interest in serving our party and country and for raising the momentum amongst our supporters.

“I implore you to kindly maintain the momentum as you join us in the national call to redeem our country. Every single one of us has resources, energy, experience and a vision regarding how you wanted to support our presidential candidate, I beseech all of us to pull together in pursuit of our common goal of winning the June 24 election.

“Finally, special thanks to my wife and family for standing with me throughout this journey.

“The task ahead is daunting, the opponent is fierce, desperate and worried but I have no doubts that Dr Samura Kamara will lead us to victory on June 24 and he will lead this country out of this current hardship.

“Already, he has demonstrated the required stamina, hard work, competence, experience, vision and empathy. However, we all have a responsibility to support him to hold our country together, to maintain the peace while at the same time, ensure that our victory is not stolen so that together, we would build back our beloved Sierra Leone.

“And for those who may want to tamper with the popular will of the electorates, think again! We will protect our votes and ensure that every vote counts. That job should start now and with Action and Commitment.

“In the struggle of the APC, there is Victory. Thank You, God bless you, God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone.”

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