Dr Sylvia Blyden has been rearrested and detained

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 04 June 2020:

Last Friday, 29 May, she was out on bail amidst jubilation from family and friends. But yesterday, she was rearrested and sent to prison detention for allegedly breaching court’s ‘sub-judice’ rules.

Sub-judice rules make it illegal for anyone involved in a trial to comment publicly about the case in question. Supporters of Dr Blyden say that she has not broken any rules, as she did not comment on the case itself.

“Dr Blyden has done nothing wrong. She was rearrested after posting several messages on social media about her inhumane treatment in detention, as well as her strong criticisms of the Bio-led government, which was the reason she was arrested a month ago in the first place – exercising her human rights and civil liberty,” a source close to the family told the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

After spending over three weeks in police detention without charge, Dr Blyden was charged to court last week to answer to a ten-counts charge – ranging from seditious libel against the president to perverting the course of justice.

Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden was last Friday released on very stiff bail terms and conditions, set by Magistrate Hannah Bonnie, including the presentation of two sureties who are property owners in the Western Area of Sierra Leone – with each property valued at 500 million Leones (about $50,000); and for each surety to produce their passport, the conveyance document and valuation certificate of their property.

Appearing in court yesterday, state counsel requested that Magistrate Hannah Bonnie should revoke Dr Blyden’s bail, based on what he said was Dr Blyden’s violation of the court’s sub-judice rules – posting messages about the case on social media, an allegation she denies.

It is not clear whether her lawyers will now seek further appeal for bail and on what terms. The case continues.


  1. Surprised analysis there by Mr Alusine Fallay. I really don’t understand what Mr Alusine Fallay is trying to say to me. Has Mr Alusine Fallay recognised what I have been saying to him all along, how popular, powerful, diligent, charismatic, fair, descent, caring, honest, hardworking and potential APC presidential candidate, the APC Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer is? It seems to me, Mr Alusine Fallay is slowly turning his attention towards the APC and positioning himself to be a supporter of Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer and the APC in 2023. It’s interesting.

    As far as I know, Mr Alusine Fallay has never been a supporter of any APC member. I have never noticed him supporting anyone in the SLPP other than President Bio and the Bio SLPP. Prove me wrong Mr Alusine Fallay. As I have always said, there are champions in all our political parties who a potential presidential candidates and are candidates who embrace democracy and the rule of law. Individuals like Chief Sam Sumana, Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer – Mr Alusine Fallay’s favourite, Dr Sylvia Blyden, Dr Francis Kai Kai and Mr Tamba Lamina to name a few. Finally, I applaud and respect Mr Alusine Fallay’s new direction in acknowledging that there are champions in Sierra Leone other than President Bio and the Bio SLPP. God bless Chief Sam Sumana, Dr Sylvia Blyden, Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer, Dr Francis Kai Kai, Mr Tamba Lamina and Mr Alusine Fallay.

  2. In my personal opinion, I believe that Sylvia Blyden’s biggest blunder apart from the corruption allegation that was levied against her, by her former deputy to have stolen a portion of the $12 million that was donated by the international community for the eradication of Female Genital Initiation was when she tried to politicize the coronavirus epidemic by insisting that the government MUST release private information of patients because of the propaganda messages that the APC party members were spreading on social media that our First Lady had contracted the disease through her son who arrived from London.

    She took it to a different level by promoting a conspiracy theory that the most powerful and popular APC party mayor of Freetown Aki Sawyer must be tested because she was at a meeting with Prince Charles of Britain, even though the mayor had already satisfied the government protocols for a 14 days quarantine. The final straw was when she endorsed and collaborated with the “SERIAL MAMMY CURSER” who is destroying the moral fabric of our society by insulting all the women of Sierra Leone and also destroying our youths by inciting violence.

    For the sake of her mother, Sylvia Blyden should have condemned those type of behavior because all around the world it’s a taboo to insult innocent mothers because they are always precious as was evident in the uprising that is currently taking place around the world when George Floyd a 46 years old grown up man called his dead mother to save his life from his murderers. I hope and pray that Dr. Sylvia Blyden will decide to use her doctorate degree to save lives rather than using her so-called journalist degree as a APC propaganda machine as a distraction to the people of Sierra Leone during this difficult and challenging times.

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