Dr Yumkella unveils plans for the development of Sierra Leone

Alan Luke: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 February 2018

NGC Presidential candidate – Alhaji Dr Kandeh Yumkella met students at the University of Sierra Leone in Freetown yesterday, where he spoke to them at the Ajayi Crowther Amphitheatre about the importance as a people of “forging unity in a divided nation”.

Dr Yumkella delivered a rousing speech, in which he made a veiled reference to the ruling APC Party, warning students that there were people in the country, who wanted Sierra Leone to revert to a one-party state.

He reminded students that one-partyism was responsible for plunging the country into a decade long and devastating war.

In his concluding statement, he told the students that it was necessary for them to be fully engaged with the political process, to prevent a return to a one-party state. He urged them to ensure that they go out and vote on 7th March 2018, in order not to be disenfranchised.

Dr Yumkella and his presidential running mate – Mr Andrew Keili and other NGC officials left Freetown to arrive at the Port Loko College, for the official launching of the party’s Manifesto and Social Contract with the People of Sierra Leone.

Yesterday’s double events at academic institutions, underscore the importance of education to the NGC.  The party is committed to declaring an ‘Education Emergency’ immediately on assuming office, if it wins the elections.
The NGC delegation was met by a cavalry of okada riders and crowds, as they entered Port Loko. Dr Yumkella, Mr Keili and the Party Chairman – Dennis Bright, spoke to a packed auditorium where they unveiled the party’s manifesto.

The manifesto highlights the goals which the party wants to achieve in the next 5 years, as well as  clear strategies for achieving these. This will form the NGC’s programme as a government.

The party is keen to ensure that its manifesto commitments are understood by the people of Sierra Leone, hence it has ensured that it is written in clear and simple language, which can be explained in very simple terms.

Another, feature of the manifesto is to demonstrate clearly to all Sierra Leoneans, that irrespective of what part of the country you are from, the NGC programme of government is an inclusive one.

Yesterday was another eventful and successful day of campaigning for the NGC  party, which followed another successful campaigning in Freetown last Sunday.

The NGC party’s success is overwhelming, considering it was formed less than a year ago. It has attracted hundreds of thousands of supporters across the country.

The elections momentum is now firmly with the NGC, as its campaign heads to the Presidential Debate which is taking place in Freetown tomorrow, Thursday 15th February 2018.

Dr Yumkella is expected to perform very well, given his oratorical skills and huge experience in economic development and nation building. All eyes are now on tomorrow’s national and presidential debate, ahead of the March 7 general and presidential elections.

About the author

Alan Luke is the Interim Publicity Secretary – NGC UK&I


  1. We can’t wait to see that amazing event and the successful debate between these gentlemen that are seeking to rule this fine nation. Waiting to see again the reflection of the outcome. Good luck…..

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