Elections 2018 – Sierra Leone decides

Mustapha Momoh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 March 2018:

Today, the eve of presidential, parliamentary, local and mayoral elections in Sierra Leone, Freetown – the capital city was calm, peaceful and serene. It was indeed a cooling off day for the political parties and their supporters.

Ordinary Sierra Leoneans went about their daily hustle and bustle unhindered and uninterrupted by political campaigning. People were out in the markets shopping for food items and basic consumables. Others went to work.

The spirits of most residents in Freetown and her municipality were high, as people prepare to cast their votes tomorrow to elect the next set of leaders that will take the nation to the next phase of development for the next five years.

People were at the ‘Ataya bases’ – local drinking dens, where young people especially, come together to share their thoughts about the Sierra Leone they want to see in the next five years.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 7, 2018, the people of Sierra Leone will decide. But today the eve of elections, Freetown has been very quiet and peaceful.

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  1. I do hope the peace seen in Freetown on the eve of the general election will continue today, the election day. I would very much like to see this happening in Sierra Leone where everything is going on as calm as peace itself.
    The world is watching Sierra leone and trying to get something worthy which could help financial institutions and investors to come again. The country cannot live with a hazardous and bad administration which has run the country down.
    I am sure we will enjoy tomorrow, having chosen the right person and not only a talkative. GOD BLESS SIERRA LEONE AND HER PEOPLE.

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