Yumkella pledges to reduce corruption and create jobs for young people

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 March 2018:

A New York Times story published today – 6th of March 2018, – less than twenty-four hours before polling, has described Dr Kandeh Yumkella as the presidential candidate in tomorrow’s election in Sierra Leone who will change the face of the country’s politics. According to the New York Times, Dr. Yumkella has pledged to reduce corruption and create more jobs for young people.

His message has resonated among young voters in Sierra Leone, a country that is said to be among the most dangerous places in the world for people ages 15 to 29, according to the World Health Organization.

Its mortality rate in 2015 was 671 deaths per 100,000 young people, the highest in the world, the agency reported.

Dr. Yumkella has blamed a lack of jobs and schooling for many of the nation’s woes, including high pregnancy rates among teenagers.

He said that Sierra Leone needs to help young people make meaningful contributions to the country and to ensure that girls receive the education necessary to empower them.

“It is time to change Sierra Leone’s narrative from what we are known for to what our people want to be,” Mr. Yumkella said.

Read more here:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/06/world/africa/sierra-leone-presidential-election.html

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  1. I wonder why Yumklla didn’t help our country when he had the opportunity working for UN for all those years. I think he’s just another selfish brother who did nothing to improve our country but only to come back home and retire as a president. God is not sleeping.

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