Former president Koroma and others issued travel ban

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 September 2020:

The Attorney General of Sierra Leone – Anthony Brewah, has issued travel ban on the former president of the country – Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, along with scores of ministers and senior public officials who served under his government before his ruling party was voted out of office in 2018.

The Office of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice in Freetown, yesterday informed the Inspector-General of Police to stop those listed from leaving Sierra Leone by air, sea or land.

The list which includes names of ‘law firms, schools and dead persons’ has become a subject of derision and lampooning on social media by opposition supporters, accusing the Bio-led government of ineptitude and sloppiness for allowing the list to be published without due diligence and care. But supporters of the government say that “there is a method in the government’s seeming madness which will soon be revealed”.

Some opposition supporters are arguing that the Attorney General has no legal powers to ban those accused of corruption – including the former president from travelling, without seeking a court order.

But opposition supporters are being reminded of a precedent set by the Koroma government after winning the 2007 elections and then went on to order a travel ban on former ministers and senior government officials, suspected of maladministration, abuse of office and corruption.

Koroma went on to establish a Commission of Inquiry but failed to produce a Report and recommendations for action against those he had accused of being corrupt .

This is the list of persons and establishments that are now subjected to travel ban, following the publication of the government’s Commission of Inquiry Reports and White Paper response to the Commission’s recommendations:



  1. Mariama Jabbie, when an expression is used please try to view it within context and no more, otherwise things can quickly spiral out of control. You brought religion which is dangerous and my statement was not made within that context. Presumably you’re a Christian – so be it, I wish you well. I use forceful language to emphasise how I feel, which is a subjective notion. If you feel differently, it is your prerogative, I cannot mitigate it. Once again do not bring religion into this forum to disturb the equilibrium which it offers for all of us to let off steam. Religion is a personal, spiritual concept. Let us keep it that way. Many thanks for taking the time to respond to me.

  2. The living persons of the dead persons, which there are, shall answer and recompense for the deeds of the dead and where applicable repossession of inheritances of the living from the dead as identified, which explain the inclusion of names of culpable living and dead in the reports.

    • And you seriously think its that easy huh? Its easy to see, your SLPP world is made up of illusions and misconceptions. Might be much easier to build yourself robotic spacecraft made of paper and plastic that will transport passengers to outer space and back, than to foolishly try to retrieve money from families with wide-opened eyes that grew up in abject humiliating poverty, that are basking in the knowledge of its inherent value, power and worth (lol) Good luck trying to remove delicious grilled tomatoes and roasted lamb, sautéed with garlic and onions out of the mouths of a pride of hungry merciless majestic Lions!(lol)

  3. Frankly speaking, I am a bit baffled at the exhibition of some exuberances, emanating from a few gullible forumites, who to a certain degree, appeared to have been sold out and highly convinced that the Bio regime is SERIOUS about the fight against corruption now that former APC regime officials are being asked to repay millions of missing funds from their administration. I mean what logic there is in exonerating a notorious armed robber, simply because he/she decided to name other armed robbers, who happen to have been robbing the same bank?

    Hello, is the cliché ‘charity begins at home’ familiar to anyone? As we speak, multimillion dollar mansions are being erected all across Freetown, majority of the owners are current regime officials who happen to have been in power in less than 3 years. Does the Bio regime actually thinks the citizens of Salone are that stupid and blind? Why wait until after 5years or 10years to go after someone that has stolen millions of our meagre resources? Is the Bio regime oblivious of the fact that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? Come on folks, give me a break!!

  4. Gentlemen – Vienna Una tormenta – It means there’s a storm coming, Brace yourselves for elimination because you have already been examined, weighed and measured on the crooked scales of the criminal SLPP cabal and have nefariously been found wanting. The day of reckoning is not too far away, yet it is preceded by the worst season of nerve-racking thunderstorms your naked eyes have never witnessed in Sierra Leone.

    A merciless storm of revenge has already been set in motion, and it is twirling and spinning menacingly on its way faster than a Neutron star towards the vulnerable, weak and innocent, intent on wrecking havoc, shattering hopes and dreams and destroying lives and livelihoods. But take heart, storms have been known to come and go, this is not the first, neither will it be the last. My advice to you who are afraid that have been falsely accused is to remember that the doors of our lives are ever-revolving, what goes around comes around so there’s nothing to fear in our little topsy-turvy backwards Sierra Leone.

    And remember in critical times like these, do that which is most paramount – firsts things first – Get your children and family members to safe undisclosed locations out of harms way – Do not underestimate the barbaric tendencies of a shady crooked old traumatized solder with a corrupt mindset and evil, devilish heart that harbours and nurtures stale grievances. Now lastly, I would like all my brothers and sisters in the APC to stand strong in these difficult Covid19 times of trial, when men who were born in the same country as yourselves have been transformed into werewolves in broad daylight thirsting for human blood – FEAR NOTHING! STAND FIRM! Hold the line! Remember this – every man has “Three Days To Fight – His Day, His Children’s day and Grandchildren’s day. Ya heard!

  5. Sahr Matturi, ex-Minister of MEST – Minkailu Bah, gained great experience of the antics and thieving of Ghost Teachers and Ghost Schools. The AJ and ACC are ready to deal with the continuing corruption of Ghost Ministers. He’s only 4 months deceased so after 10 years of chewing on the juicy bone of MEST Minky will not give up his old ways so quickly.

  6. The Bio government should not relent to any distraction or pressure. Corruption has to be crucified or completely disabled. Drastic, uncompromising measures have to be taken; if it means tripping some people from behind so be it. The Attorney-general is the number one law enforcer in the country and he has the power to even block a material witness from leaving the country let alone hardened criminals. This is common in the world’s well established democracies like Britain and the United States. If the list of those barred from leaving the country includes dead people, this should not be declared strange for the dead have been known to execute strange things and disappear to the spiritual world before they are caught. Have we forgotten ghost workers in government who have helped to drain the nation’s budget?

    I wonder: Is the Attorney-general related to the late L.A.M.Brewah, who was Attorney-general in the early days of the Siaka Stevens era? If he is, he is showing the same traits as his relative in terms of toughness. L.A.M.Brewah was one of those who stood up to Albert Margai, his tribesman, and opened the door for Siaka Stevens to become Prime Minister. He believed together with other Mende people, that Albert Margai had dictatorial tendencies which were not good for the nation. Little did he know that Siaka Stevens would be worse.

    • Mr Sorie – Jesus was already crucified for our grievous sins. We do not want to disable people or TRIPP them from behind. THAT IS GROSS VIOLENCE. I am sure you do not want that to be done to you or anyone else. CORRUPTION HAS TO BE ERADICATED OR STEMMED from society just like a plague, so that others who would like to walk or drive in that LANE will think twice and DETERRED from taking such destructive lane.

      CORRUPTION embodies EVIL. It tramples on the well being of ALL citizens BUT ON THE MOST POOR AND VULNERABLE ONES, and it works against prosperity. It promotes violence and keep PEACE AT BAY. Such a nation can never prosper or grow; and such people who are so SELFISH, GREEDY AND DANGEROUS TO THE OVERALL HEALTH OF A NATION, SHOULD BE STOPPED. Not by VIOLENCE like what you are suggesting but by LEGAL ACTIONS. It is a nation of laws and RULE OF LAW MUST PREVAIL.

  7. These two paragraph are the most important
    ‘But opposition supporters are being reminded of a precedent set by the Koroma government after winning the 2007 elections and then went on to order a travel ban on former ministers and senior government officials, suspected of maladministration, abuse of office and corruption.

    Koroma went on to establish a Commission of Inquiry but failed to produce a Report and recommendations for action against those he had accused of being corrupt’.

    So why cry foul play now when you did the same during your tenure and failed to produce any thing to back up the accusations levied against the then Tejan Kabbah government of corruption. Please give to Ceaser what belong to Ceaser, LONTA.

    Mr editor can you please tell us which of our former leader once said’ Education is a privilege not a right’? and under whose tenure the word ‘GO-SLOW’ in school was coined.

  8. I really don’t know whether there is a postmark in heaven or hell, or any social media platform in the heavens, or even an email address to forward this order to the dead Accused. The Angels guarding men like Dr Minkialu Bah, must be wondering what the hell is going on in Sierra Leone? Have Bio and his men lost their marbles? If you ever wonder why our country is under-developed look no further. This Attorney General, was supposed to know his brief to his finger tips and due to his ineptitude and stumbling, have once again proven to the Sierra Leonean public, that Bio is leading an incompetent government, of which some of his ministers don’t know how to organise a wedding party.

    They might forget the flowers or the cake. Never mind the wedding ever taking place in the first place. Because they might have got the date wrong! Now the die is cast, the APC members that are accused should show us what they are made off. To defend themselves. If anyone of them is found guilty of stealing from the state, they should be punished. If innocent all the better. Defend Yes. Vigorously I bet my life. When Sorie Ibrahim Koroma, the former vice president of our country, a good friend of my father’s confided in him about the prospect of nominating Major General Momoh to succeed Stevens in 1985, he was clearly on two minds. He felt that by right he was supposed to succeed Stevens. At the same time he was honest with himself, because the odds were stacked against him. But my father told him just do it. Because you know Mr. Koroma, you know what our party, the APC party is capable of doing if you don’t toe the line.

    THAT IS THE TYPE OF APC PARTY I GREW UP TO KNOW. MORE LIKE THE PRESENT ONE IS THE DILUTED FORM. BEFORE, MEN WILL SHAKE IN THEIR BOOTS JUST AT THE MERE MENTION OF THOSE THREE LETTERS – APC. No one knows that better than Bio with his selective justice. After the Paolo Conteh and Dr Blyden testing of the water cases, and seeing no reaction from the APC, he’s gone for the full hug. May we have peace in Sierra Leone.

  9. Dead persons added to that list? People who shall in one way or the other be in heaven or hell depending on what they did in this world? Ridiculous! TBC.

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