Former President Koroma fires back at President Bio’s reckless accusations and finger pointing

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 June 2023:

With less than a week to go before presidential and general elections are held in Sierra Leone,  President Bio has changed his campaign tactics in a desperate attempt to win the hearts and minds of voters, as he seeks a second term mandate. He is now attacking the former President of Sierra Leone who was also the leader of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party – Ernest Bai Koroma.

Speaking at a campaign rally last week without citing any evidence, President Bio accused the former President of promoting terrorism and instability in the country and called on Koroma to keep out of national politics.

Although former President Koroma has not been seen or heard campaigning publicly for his opposition APC, yet he is regarded by President Bio and many in the ruling SLPP as the fierce and unseen hand that directs the APC’s election campaign strategy.

Threatening to strip former President Koroma of his Elder Statesman status, Bio said: “If you fail to behave like an Elder Statesman, we will reduce you to nothing,” an insult the former president is not taking lightly.

Responding to Bio’s allegations in a statement published yesterday, former President Koroma (Photo above) said:

“Good afternoon dear compatriots, it has been five years since I graciously handed over the reins of power to the then opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), under the leadership of the current president, His Excellency Julius Maada Bio. This was possible because at the end of my constitutional two terms, I conducted peaceful, free, fair, inclusive and transparent elections.

“I am a firm believer in democracy and as the president at that time, I knew I had the responsibility to protect the peace, security and stability of our beloved country, Sierra Leone. Therefore, even when there were objections to irregularities in the final results, we prioritised peace and allowed the smooth transition of power to the SLPP. I then left the capital city, Freetown, where I had lived for over 40 years, and retired to my hometown, Makeni.

“Unfortunately, the transition process in the All Peoples Congress (APC) was very arduous, and despite my desire to retire from active politics, I had the obligation to support the stabilisation and reorganisation of the party. Once it was obvious that the party was on the path of electing a new executive, I resigned from the position of Chairman and Leader.

“In the last four years, I have dedicated my time to supporting the noble efforts of institutions such as the African Union (AU), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the West African Elders Forum (WAEF), and the Brenthurst Foundation, in the quest to promote peace and democratic transitions across Africa. I am proud of what we have achieved so far, and I remain committed and dedicated to supporting processes geared towards achieving and maintaining peace, security and stability on the continent.

“However, back home, the situation has not been ideal, which is why I have refrained from commenting on national issues, to avoid my views being taken out of context. My desire has been to allow peace to reign, and for the democratic process that the country has embarked on since the end of the civil war in 2002, to evolve naturally.

“Having served our beloved nation for two consecutive terms, in the immediate post-conflict context, I understand the toll of violence and the destruction Sierra Leone has endured. The process of peacebuilding and reconstruction is very herculean, and there is still much work to be done to improve the lives of our people. It would therefore be devastating to allow our country to relapse into violence and instability.

“It is in view of this stark reality that, against all odds, I am compelled to make this statement because this is about a peaceful, stable, secure, and forward-looking Sierra Leone, and not about any individual or group.

“Fellow Sierra Leoneans, we should not be distracted; our focus should be on creating an enabling environment for citizens to exercise their civil and political rights peacefully.

“Instead of stoking the flames of division, hate and conflict, we should, as I always do, discourage and condemn violence in the strongest unambiguous terms. Political leaders and their supporters should refrain from making inflammatory and divisive statements and should show leadership and bring an end to the tension in the country.

“Let me use this opportunity to call on all champions and defenders of democracy, human rights, the rule of law and peacebuilding; especially those who have stood with us during the darkest moments in our nation’s history, including the United Nations, the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU), ECOWAS, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Governments of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Nigeria, Guinea and Ghana, to pay close attention to Sierra Leone.

“You should make your voices heard in the protection of peace, democracy, and the rule of law in our beloved nation. You should work with all parties to ensure that the current developments, and the concerns of all parties are addressed.

“I also entreat civil society, including faith-based organisations and the media, to maintain a non-partisan position, be more vigilant and proactive in de-escalating the political tension. They should also continue to promote social cohesion and contribute to a peaceful outcome of the elections.

“To the elections management bodies, the security forces and the judiciary, I kindly urge you to put country first, in carrying out your constitutional duties. Your work should respect the wishes and aspirations of the people of Sierra Leone. You have a duty to ensure that your conducts strengthen the confidence and trust of the people in the sensitive jobs you are privileged to perform for our beloved nation. This is a crucial period in our country’s history, and the safety and security of our people is in your hands. Thank You and may God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone.”

This is the statement published by APC yesterday in response to President Bio’s threats:



  1. I personally believe that Sierra Leone which was once considered the “PARADISE ON EARTH “ lost that status as a result of the formation of the APC party by late President Siaka Stevens. He was one of the “DISCIPLES” OR MINISTERS within the SLPP government but unfortunately became the “LUCIFER”, by his act of DISOBEDIENCE. He used his “SATANIC”powers to divide the two BLOOD BROTHERS, the MARGAI’S , who were the first and second Prime Ministers. He even fought against the INDEPENDENCE of our country.
    In 1968, when he became Prime Minister, POLITICAL PERSECUTIONS AND EXECUTIONS started by the killing of our top military officers , CRITICS AND PATRIOTIC members within his party. He became paranoid, so he invited INTERNATIONAL MILITARILY from GUINEA to protect him. He became the nation’s first President in 1971 and often referred to his Vice President, S.I Koroma , as “ AGBA SATANY” who implemented INTIMIDATION AND THUGGERY in our politics. In 1978 our country became a ONE PARTY DICTATORSHIP. Then late Bank Governor Sam Bangura was killed for opposing the hosting of the 1980 Organization Of African Unity summit , which later bankrupt our nation and made us one of the poorest countries in the world.
    In 1985, late Siaka Stevens handpicked late President Joseph Saidu Momoh, which unfortunately further led to the REBEL WAR that destroyed LIVES AND PROPERTIES for 10 years. Thankfully, the voters of Sierra Leone rejected that policy in 2018 presidential elections by electing “ the father of our democracy” President Julius Maada Wonnie Bio.
    Finally, Sierra Leone is a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY, so we are against any “INTERNATIONAL BODY” CONDUCTING OUR ELECTIONS, but they can always act as OBSERVERS which is the best practice around the world.

  2. On the eve of general elections, it soothes the soul to see the two main political parties – SLPP and APC – trying to throttle each other. They have been a curse to the nation for the better part of just over six decades.

    Let them fight it out to the end,and I and like minded Sierra Leoneans will move in to pick up the casualties ; some will end up in a political grave yard somewhere, while others will be permanently crippled. May Allah save us from these two monsters. They are “ogiri and kainda “. What’s the difference in the stench they give off?

  3. It’s about time Retired Brigadier. Dr. President Julius Maada Wonnie Bio who is the Commander -In – Chief Of the Armed Forces, and Fountain Of Honor, Chairman of the African Union APRM and the 2022 African Of the Year , to stand up and face this BULLY from President and the lifetime leader of the APC party Earnest Bye Bye Koroma. Currently, in the era of social media, Cyber bullying by INTIMIDATION AND INCITING messages are the biggest threats, even in the USA which is the MODEL OF DEMOCRACY around the world.
    All the NOISES and PROPAGANDA the APC are causing one week before the elections is not necessary, based on the fact that they had 5 years to prepare and the president also gave them 1 year notice for the June 24th elections. Even the judiciary gave them enough time to organize their party members and practice internal democracy.
    Unfortunately, they choose INTIMIDATION , TRIBALISM AND REGIONALISM to disenfranchise their own party members, who have sacrificed their lives and resources, which is the result of their current predicament.
    Now they are making our institutions SCAPEGOATS . Let them please MAN UP and face the voters with positive messages rather than creating PANIC before the elections which is one of their 99 tactics . The former lifetime leader and his handpicked stooge have already destroyed the APC party only to protect their SKNS for their LOOT during the 10 years plus extra illegal 1 year of MISRULE. This statement from the former president proves that BULLIES ARE COWARDS.

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